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Lestrange, Matthew Gregory App

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Lestrange, Matthew Gregory App Empty Lestrange, Matthew Gregory App

Post by Matthew Lestrange Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:07 pm

Name:Matty Boy
Age:That's for me to know and for you to find out (13)
How you found Potter's Army:I have many characters past and present
Any other characters on Potter's Army:Dane, Lou, and Thomas
Have your read the Plot?:Indeed I have
Have your read the Must read threads?: Yes I have

Lestrange, Matthew Gregory App Vlcsnap-433704
Name:Matthew "Matt" Gregory Lestrange
Blood Status:Pureblood
Year AND Age:23 and Graduated
Preferred houses:Ex-Slytherin
Canon or Original:He's a little bit of both
Play-by:Matthew Grey Gubler
Height:He is 6'1"
Hair:Black, it's usually messy but always looks good.
Eye colour:Green, although it changes on his mood.
General Appearance:
Matt takes care of himself. He always makes sure he looks his best no matter what. He is usually found wearing casual clothes but sometimes he wears a suite for certain occasion. His eyes are mainly green, but they change colour when his mood changes. When he's really happy they go a yellowish orangey, when hes mad they go a flaming red, when hes fatuated they go a pink, and when hes hungry for blood they go a black, when hes sick they go a very light blue. His hair is usually messy, but in a good way. But sometimes it will be curly a little bit, its all in the way he was made. Sometimes he'll wear a hat, but not always. Also he will wear a part of a suite when something just happens to be up or something along those lines.

Cheering People Up
Playing Guitar
Playing Piano
Playing the Drums
Writing/Telling Stories
His own temper
People Treating him like a child
Not having enough blood in his system
His Wife
His Family (Even though he only talks to his wife)
His Friends (He has only a few)
Writing/Telling Stories and Jokes
The whole evil side of his family pretty much
When people treat him like a child
Ancient Ruins
General Personality:
Matt, has MANY personalities. He could be cheering someone up from being sad. Then he could be as angry as hell. He generally is very nice although he will get very angry at times. He is very secretive and only shares his deepest secrets with his best friends. Matt used to be a part of
the Death Eater faction but left once he learned what they had planned.

He didn't want any part of that, and people never believed him. They all say, "He doesn't look or seem like someone evil" however Matt can be very evil at times. He is protective of his family and friends and will do anything for them. He gets involved in anything adventurous and is pretty much an adrenaline junkie even though he's a Vampire.

Matt is very smart (At Times) and usually is very wise as well. His advice has brought people out of a very deep stage of depression. He is a fun loving child at heart. He is very easy going and very fun to be around as state many times in this description.

Family Information:
Father-Rabastian Lestrange
Aunt-Bellatrix Lestrange
Cousin-Aminia Lestrange
Cousin-Elladora Lestrange
Wife-Emmanuelle Lestrange-Throne
Soon to be Daughter-Madison Lestrange
Soon to be Son-James Lestrange
"Adopted" Daughter-Sophia Granger-Lestrange
Matt grew up in an orphanage hating everyone in it. He wasn't the best baby when he was a child and was punished alot. This is what he thinks started up his whole "evil" faze. He never had anyone to love him so he only knew the emotion of Hate and Sadness really. He never got to do anything like the other kids cause they were all afraid of him. From when he was 3 to when he had received a letter for Hogwarts he was known as a very bad and very weird child.

You see like every other wizard child, weird things tend to happen am I correct? Well for Matt people started...dropping dead and...disappearing. But still, things where still weird. He just never liked anyone at that stupid orphanage. So he just decided to leave one day and then he was visited by someone called "Shacklebolt" after they had caught him.

He had been told he was a wizard and then immediatly grinned. So he wasn't strange, he was just a wizard. After he was told Shacklebolt gave him a sack of coins and told him it was wizard money and explained it to him. He then took Matt to a place called the leaky cauldron and let Matt get his books and other supplies.

Matt had gone splurging instead, he had bought things about Dark Arts and such. He ended up broke but stole another wizard families money and got the books he needed along with an extra something he'd use when he was older. (It's placed inside his vault in Gringotts) He then went back to the orphanage with a bag full of wizard supplies.

This part is only for Graduated Characters! If your character is a first year then you do not need to read this.

After Matt had returned to the orphanage they'd given him a ride to Kings Cross Station. Matt had read about how to get to the train in a book for muggle born children. He never knew his parents and really didn't care if he was muggle born or not, well at least not yet anyway. As he made his way through the barrier and onto the train he spotted a very pretty girl buts stayed away.

He got into his own compartment and sat on the train ride the whole way alone, there at Hogwarts...he wasn't the best student ever...well behaviour wise anyway. He was placed in Slythering but was the best in the year surprise to him. He had come to like magic like a fish to water. He was prefect and also Head boy while he was at it.

Now, Matt didn't have many friends except a group of Slytherins that he hung out with but never really liked. Matt pretty much lived at Hogwarts alone..now is the part of his true evil breakthrough. In his fourth year he had overheard a conversation about a Lestrange named Bellatrix. He then asked his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who she was.

He had replied "A very dark witch! The biggest supporter of You-Know-Who" Matt immediatly became interested. He then asked his Divination teacher to trace his bloodline for someone named Bellatrix. And luckily she found it, Bellatrix Lestrange was Matt's Auntie. Matt then spent that summer looking for her and eventually found her and she immediatly took him in. She taught him very Dark Magic but he still wouldn't join the Death Eaters.Finally he graduated will 11 OWL's and 11 NEWTS.

This is only if your character has graduated from school. If you character is a student then you do not have to read this

After Matt Graduated he went on to live with his Aunt for a while. She had more to teach him but never got to finish as he left to find a muggle job. It was a little phase of his, he needed to get started on earning money for a house if he was planning on living alone. He had casted a charm that made him have all the requirements to be a FBI profiler and lied about where he was born.
After a while and he gained some money he left and then went and got his own house. He decided he'd try and join the Death Eaters. He did, however he left rather quickly as he didn't really like their motive. He was then almost killed in a battle with one Nicholas Valantine.

He then went into hiding for a little while until he had his face changed and was unknown to the Death eaters. When he was in St.Mungos, he had met his future wife, Emmanuelle Throne. He then asked her out and a few months later he proposed. A week later he had learned he was going to be a dad.He then Joined the Order of the Phoenix and began operations with them. He then became friends with one Jess Potter and Andrian Potter. Then he had joined a little organization called the Confederation of Light. He had resented that idea but he did and regrets it deeply now.

He had never actually done anything with the CoL and it was disbanned after a few months. He then became friends with Sophi and Nikki Granger. Little did he know Sophia would soon be his own family. After a while he had talked to Samantha Emof and had apologize and befriended her and her husband an old rival, Ne'os Emof. His life had been going good after that, but then...it happened. Matt was having a party and was attacked my Sophia Granger, she was a vampire and turned him. Then the worst came Emmanuelle was kidnapped...

They had gone for a walk in the woods and then they where attacked by a group of Death Eaters. Matt has never been the same since...he was then attacked once again not to long ago. He survived but he was badly hurt and will never be the same again until he gets revenge.

Short Roleplay:
Matt sat in the kitchen of the Headquaters of the Phoenix staring into the fire. All the lights were off and the only light came from the burning fire. He had a quill and paper in front of him, he was going to begin a story. He had always loved to write, but he was drawing a blank. He glanced at his watch, it was midnight. He rarely slept after the accident and was never at home. Just then his cat jumped on the table, she had been staying at the HQ for a while. She just seemed to like it there. He petted her and then crumpled the piece of paper and threw it into the fire. He sighed and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. He just wanted to talk to someone right now, but he was the only one here. He took a drink of his brandy he had gotten himself and then refilled it. He then downed it in one gulp and sighed again. He waved his wand making the bottle of brandy go back into the cuboard and the glass disappear. He grabbed his traveling cloak, put the fire out and walked out the front doors of the HQ into the cold winter air. He brought the collar of his cloak closer and then apparated back to his house.

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Matthew Lestrange
Matthew Lestrange
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