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LESTRANGE, matthew gregory

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Post by Matthew Lestrange Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:45 am

LESTRANGE, matthew gregory SMftm

Matthew Gregory Lestrange


    FULL NAME: Matthew Gregory Lestrange

    NICKNAMES: Sparky, Matty, & Skinny.
    Sparky is his only unusual nickname, given to him by Nemo Omara. His close and incredibly ridiculous friend.
    Matty, very rarely used unless a friend wants something.
    Skinny, the nickname bestowed upon him by the great Michael Tremaine. It pretty much sums him up...

    AGE: Twenty-Eight, August 12th

    ALLEGIANCE: The Order of the Phoenix.
    Matt, as an ex-slytherin and a Lestrange, had originally intended on joining the Death Eater's. Which he did, however after many years serving with the Death Eater Alliance he suddenly realized that he really didn't like it that much. And something inside of him broke, he didn't like killing for fun anymore. He didn't like what the Death Eater's were doing. So naturally, he "quit" and joined the Order of the Phoenix. Still carrying The Dark Mark and the infamous last name, it continues to plague him. Even after many years of serving with the Order and his friend, Jess Potter.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: A former member of Slytherin

    WAND: Scorched Birch, Dragon Heartstring, 11 1/2", very stiff. Good for defensive magic
    Matt and his wand share a very special bond. An almost eery bond where they seem to be able to communicate through thought and feelings. Able to appear before Matt with a single thought his wand also holds the ability to warn Matt of approaching danger. And occasionally giving him a shock when he's being an idiot. Originally a gift from his Auntie, it harbours a spirit of a former lover or perhaps his aunt herself.

    PLAY BY: David Tennant


    HAIR COLOR: A very dark shade of brown on the top of his head. And an almost black shade when growing on his face.

    EYE COLOR: Normally Hazel, however they changed depending on his mood.
    Long ago, in a life that Matt can't remember and really didn't even happen, he had a daughter and a wife. His wife, a healer, had healed him after he had suffered an accident. She charmed his eyes to change colour along with his mood. Mainly consisting of blood red when angry, a light blue when in love, and a cheery orange when laughing. Although he has learned to keep them at his regular colour of hazel at most times.

    HEIGHT: 6' 1"
    Matt was not always this tall. In fact in his early school years he was one of the shortest in his house. And that did not help with his temper at all.

    BODY TYPE: Thin
    Matt has recently returned from a kidnapping and torture. He has not yet found the time to eat a decent meal that doesn't consist of 80% alcohol. He is however getting fed and thus keeps a fairly thin/well fed type of body. However he finds himself running lots and does like to keep himself in a physical state that allows that to be done rather well and in abundance.

    With the changing of face and the recent change of body type Matt had to create an entirely new wardrobe to fit his new physical features. Matt thoroughly enjoys wearing pinstripe suits and dawning glasses he really doesn't need. He feels that they make him look and feel a lot cleverer than usual. Not that he isn't clever, it's just sometimes very hard to get that across to people. He does still wear regular street clothes as he wishes.

    You can normally find Matthew wearing a dark colour or royal blue pinstripe suit. He has a pair of converse to go with every variation of suit possible. Along with a tie he will occasionally ditch he wears a long brown coat reaching to his ankles and the spectacles that make him feel smart.

    Matt likes his hair long but not incredibly long. Normally he flicks it upwards in the front. And on occasion he likes to "experiment with backcombing". His facial hair will vary. Depending on how long he's been cooped up inside. Sometimes he'll have a fairly good rate of stubble or even a beard and sometimes he'll be baby face.



    • Loyal
    • Brave
    • Friendly
    • Creative
    • Humourous
    • Cooperative
    • Organized
    • Clever
    • Compassionate


    • Insecure
    • Quick-tempered
    • Slightly Paranoid
    • Strange
    • Impatient
    • Cheeky
    • Cruel when needed
    • Jealous


    • Profiling
    • Making people laugh
    • Defensive magic
    • Cooking
    • Agility
    • Drinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Acting


    • The last name "Lestrange"
    • Frequent nightmares from his time underground
    • His friends
    • Potions work
    • Emotions
    • Independence at most times
    • His past
    • Children


    • Inclusion
    • Organization
    • Romance
    • Success
    • Writing
    • Singing
    • Alcohol/Drinking
    • Women
    • Drinking Games


    • Failure
    • Arguing
    • His Family
    • Tricks
    • The Future
    • Bullies
    • Exclusion
    • Ne'Os Emof

    -To earn respect

    -Twirls his wand between his fingers when in listening intently
    -Taps his wand on anything when thinking

    BOGGART: What his future holds for him.
    Matt's Boggart is an interesting one. It alternates between showing Bellatrix Lestrange and his father Rabastian, but not because he is afraid of them. He is afraid he will turn out to be too much like them. One of the reasons he left the Death Eater's.

    PATRONUS: Leaving the Death Eater's, being accepted into The Order.
    Matt, for a long time, had enjoyed the various acts of killing innocents and causing havoc. But after a while the feeling of joy he received from those acts deteriorated. He started feeling grief and guilt for killing the innocent people. So he got out as fast as he could, of course he could never be safe. But to get there, he joined The Order of the Phoenix and they accepted him after much time on probation and being monitored he now leads meetings whenever Jess is unavailable. That has been one of the happiest memories. His patronus takes the form of a Stallion, to symbolize his freedom from his family.

    DEMENTOR: Various memories
    Matt has various different memories he remembers when in the presence of Dementor's. One of the most painful memories is more of a feeling. The feeling of being tortured underground for unknown reasons. Not only is it painful physically but he does not even know why it happened. So the pain is mentally as well as he tries his hardest to remember it.


    Matt doesn't want the Death Eater's after him or the people he loves anymore. Too many people have been lost due to his decision to ditch the organization. His late wife, whom he completely forgets. His children whom he also forgets, and recently himself, he just can't remember.

    Matt is the kind of guy that, in general, most people are fond of. People enjoy his company because he appears to be fairly easy going and calm. However dragging the weight of the Lestrange name does get him down sometimes. It's always a treat to meet someone who doesn't judge him solely on his last name. Matt enjoys being silly and will do so quite often with friends. However he understands when the time is right for it and when he needs to be serious. A serious tone often follows him into situations involving bullies or family.

    However when a conversation gets heated Matt has the habit of losing his cool. On rare occasions he will have to leave the room entirely. It helps him to cool down and more and it more than often draws the confrontation to a close. Otherwise he see's an argument through to the very end whether he wins or not. However Matt can be the complete opposite of that at times as well. When it comes to romance Matt is your man. Able to give advice about women in almost every situation imaginable. Matt enjoys it probably as much as the female on the receiving end. Although he enjoys the occasional bar/club scene with a pal as well.

    Matt carries a heavy weight. A weight with him since September 12th, 20XX. The day he decided he was fed up with the way his life was going. The day that Matt decided he was going to do a complete U-turn and leave the life of the Death Eaters. The weight of the innocent's he murdered, the weight of the live's he's ruined, but most of all the weight of Lestrange. His family turned on him the instant they found out he joined The Order of the Phoenix. Even though it's not The Death Eater's top priority, Matt worries that they will find him again. Taking his life away from him once again.

    Matt had a family, a very functional and healthy family. However years ago that dream life was ruined by the Death Eater's. In mere months they kidnapped his wife and murdered her. Leaving only Matt and his twins. Sadly, Death Eater's got their hands on the twins as well. Matt's still unaware as to whether they are living or if the Death Eater's had them killed. This all happened years ago but Matt can still sometimes lose it because of the memories. If only for a brief time, Matt was a dad.


    FATHER: Rabastian Lestrange
    Matt's father never really did much caring for him. Matt was told at a very young age that he was to look after himself most of the time. And his father kept true to his word. As far as Rabastian was concerned, as long as Matt wasn't a goody goody he was fine. So Matt never really had a strong bond with his father, instead it was transferred onto his Aunt.

    MOTHER: Unknown Witch *Deceased*
    Matt never knew his mother. The only information he could scrape out of anyone was that she was a pureblood witch who dropped Matt off at the Manor and died inside.


    OTHER: Bellatrix Lestrange
    Bellatrix was Matthew's Aunt and his primary care giver. She appeared to have somewhat of a soft spot for the child after he had nearly killed a muggle whilst they were out in London. Giving him the most attention out of any of the older Lestrange family members. She seems to be the only Lestrange not entirely out to get him since his turn to the light side.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-class
    Matt receives anonymous funds into his bank account at Gringotts.





    Early Years:
    Since Matthew was six he's been taking care of himself. His father has always been far too busy with "other things" to give much attention to his son. However during a trip to London for a reason unknown to Matt, another child had caused Matt to drop the sweets he was eating. With a surprisingly powerful burst of magical energy a piano nearly fell on the child. And since then his Aunt Bellatrix has payed very special attention to Matt. Knowing, officially, that he was a magical child she began to teach him about the Dark Arts.

    Matt has repressed most of his childhood memories. None of them are appealing to him and he finds no nostalgic value in them. However he remembers seeing the first smile on his fathers face the day he received his Hogwarts letter. One of the few times he ever took him out on his own was to get brand new school supplies from Knocturn Alley, of all places. However at the time Matt was incredibly pleased to be in a place suck as Knocturn Alley. Exploring everywhere and enjoying the various dark objects in Borgin and Burkes.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Matt was an average student throughout his years at Hogwarts. As a Slytherin student, he of course had quite the attitude and an act for picking on other students; particularly Hufflepuffs. He fit in well with the other students but never acted up too much. Very good at hiding his various pranks and bullying, he was rarely caught. Once and a while however he would end up with a week of detention. He left the Gryffindor's alone, he knew where it was safe to cause havoc and where it wasn't. In true Lestrange fashion he was quite the kiss ass to the head of house.

    As the years passed, Matt matured. Instead of focusing on pranks and bullying he began to put more focus into studying and various other interests (girls). Of course he wasn't going to say no to the occasional hexing of a Hufflepuff in the corridor or a dungbomb in the girls washroom. But because his classes were getting more difficult and he wanted to pass with a fairly decent score on his OWL's and NEWT's he definitely studied more.

    Matt never really had any big relationships at school. Sure he was a fairly popular guy in his house, Slytherin. But he wasn't exactly the romantic type at the time. He didn't have many relationships but a lot of them barely lasted a few months. He became known as a relationship ruiner and by his seventh year he had been single for three years. He didn't mind, Slytherin girls were not his type anyway.

    When Matt got out of Hogwarts he knew he wanted to be a Death Eater like most of his family. But wasn't sure what else he had wanted to do. He had thought about all the different options. And he got excellent scores in as many classes as possible so he could be ready to go when he decided. Eventually he found himself working in The Department of Mysteries. And after many months of hard work and the mysterious disappearance of the Head of Department at the time, he found himself as the Head of the Department. To nap a position that powerful fresh out of Hogwarts was definitely making people uneasy. It was also around this time that he would meet his late wife Emmanuelle.

    After years of dating he eventually proposed. Merely days after this proposal The Department of Mysteries was such down from the Ministry. So Matt was out of a job and Emmy was having to support the both of them on a Healer's wage. After the wedding Emmanuelle revealed to Matt that she was pregnant, with twins. Matt was overjoyed, he was still out of a job but his family was loaning him money to keep them going. They disapproved of Emmy but Bellatrix somehow convinced them to look past it. No matter how evil his Aunt was she always had that soft spot for Matt.

    However, at this revelation of Emmy's, Matt began to question the safety of his family. He was unsure if belonging to the Death Eater's was the best option for him as a family man. A family that would not be raised into the Death Eater's. It was during an ultra sound at a muggle hospital that Matt finally snapped. He realized how horrible his life was and how horrible he felt about his entire life. Breaking the news to Emmy, he had them go into hiding. In a matter of 9 years Matt had joined the Death Eater's, gotten married, realized he was going to be a father, decided to leave the Death Eater's, and then went into hiding.

    Matt's son and daughter where born 7 months later. Still in hiding he was cut off from most of the wizarding world. As it turned out, they were not hidden well enough. Death Eater's found Emmy one day. Holding her for ransom initially, the ransom being himself. Matt refused, he had his children to look after. After much conversing with Khaat Lupin, Matt's close friend, he admitted defeat. It was doubtful that he would be able to try and take her back. So instead he would turn himself in. The Death Eater's however, had a different idea. As payback for leaving them they killed her, right in front of Matt. Matt escaped, but not before receiving extensive facial damage. Resulting in the surgery that would cause Matt's eyes to change colour with emotion.

    As more weight was added to what was already on Matt's shoulders he took his children and went to live with in Germany. Which explains one of his many great absences from Potter's Army The Wizarding World. Matt was distracted by the death of his wife however, and again their hiding spot was faulty. His children were kidnapped, both of them. Matt hasn't seen them since that day. Adding the weight that would break Matt and send him spiraling downwards into hell. Returning to visit Khaat for only a short period of a month to tell her to watch out for everyone.

    Matt ran off, he wanted to escape his past. He found escapes in drugs and alcohol. Spending most of his time in Rio he entered a drug trade. It always starts off with Marijuana but that lead to his experimentation with various other drugs. Finding an even greater and more potent escape in Heroine it became his main addiction. After a year of this he realized how horrible things were when he nearly killed an entire group of muggle addicts he was with. The drugs had a side effect, they caused incredibly large bursts of magical energy from Matt. It may have been specific to Matt or not. Matt hasn't looked into it.

    Matt returned again shortly to speak with Khaat again. He had received muggle help for his addiction but he wanted magical help as well. The scars from needles were visible as she almost instantly agreed to help him with his issue. Months later Matt was back to normal and attending the wedding of an old muggle friend. He was kidnapped, and that's the last thing he remembers up until his life now. His primary goal is to discover who kidnapped him and why. And the cause of the incredibly large scar on his back. Whilst continuing to carry the weight of everything with him, he has found a much safer escape. His friend Nemo Omara.


    YOUR NAME: Matt

    RP EXPERIENCE: 3+ years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Incredibly old member

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Silas Wayne, Alphonso Song, Scott Bagman



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Matthew Lestrange
Matthew Lestrange
Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin

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Post by Matthew Lestrange Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:24 am

You know, someone could probably move this...

It's just a replacement to my old app.

LESTRANGE, matthew gregory Tumblr_oyip5qmUoz1sj8jevo1_500
Matthew Lestrange
Matthew Lestrange
Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin

Number of posts : 6872
Occupation : Head Boy

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I could. And I will. :3
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