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Robert Thomas Lupin

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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:48 pm

Name: Khaat Katrina Lupin
b]Gender:[/b] female
Age:I"m old enough to be your mother! (probably--lol)
b]How you found Potter's Army:[/b]BIng
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Just Khaat--so far
Have your read the Plot?: of course.
Have your read the Must read threads?: of course.

Robert Thomas Lupin Insert Picture URL here
Name: Robert Thomas Lupin
Gender: male
Race: Human, but was bitten by Remus once when Remus was "ill". Has never morphed into a werewolf, but the fear is always there that Khaat could really be a werewolf or that her children might be. (See info re: Khaat's necklace for more hx.)
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age:62
Preferred houses: former Gryffindor, a year ahead of Remus in school.
Canon or Original:original
Play-by: probably edward woodward or anthony hopkins.

Height:approx 6 foot.
Hair: short, straight, gray.
Eye colour:gray with green flecks--sort of like khaat's. they spark when he's really angry.
Skin:cauc., gets tan in summer w/ farm work.
General Appearance: Robert is extremely intelligent, and he has a charasmatic quality about him where people know he is always much wiser than he is displaying at the moment. He was the more practical and thoughtful of the two brother, and it led him to someitmes look like the wiser one because he didn't rush into things like Remus did. Robert is not the fighter that Remus was, but if moved to do it, he can be an extremely formidible force. Robert generally wears casual clothing--jeans or khakis or some sort of work clothing. He wears long sleeved shirts most of the time, but rolls the sleeves up halfway to his elbows always. He is very healthy, and, for his age, is very strong and muscular.

Skills: Potionsmaster. Master Healer. Defense Against the Dark Arts specialist.
Weaknesses: feels guilty about the distance he had from Khaat while she was growing up, when Remus was parenting her. Wishes he'd made the choice to be more involved in those years, but is trying to make up for it now.
has a fierce temper when it is finally raised
is a chronic insomniac.

Likes: is totally devoted to Khaat and her mother. Loves them dearly. (This could be equally a weakness.)
Loves strong coffee
likes honest, open and forthright people
Dislikes: weak coffee or tea
dishonesty or people that aren't open and forthright with him.
instantly dislikes anyone who would harm khaat or her mother.
Motto: (Optional.)
General Personality: Robert is a family man, and he is devoted to his quiet country life with his wife. He handles stress and crisis very well, and was by far the more unshakable of the two brothers. He is rock solid strong about almost everything. He relies on wisdom and practicality to keep him balanced.
H I S T O R Y Robert is a year older than Remus. He and Remus met Katherine when they were all gryffindors. Katherine dated both brothers, but eventually chose Robert because he was so rock solid strong and calming for her, and Remus had such a strong need to be a warrior, that Katherine felt she needed Robert's stable influence in her life. Robert recognized Khaat's tendencies to be out of the same "pod" that Remus was, and at the time, he chose to let Remus do most of the parenting of Khaat because he was hoping that Remus would teach her how to tame it. Now he regrets not being closer to Khaat when she was a child, and he and Katherine stay close to her now. He is very protective of her and her mother.

Robert owns and runs a farm in Cornwall, near a fishing village. He is a certified muggle pharmacist, and he provides them with that service at the apothecary he still works at. he also is a master potionsmaker and a master healer and has been providing those services along with midwife services to wizard families for between 40 and 50 years. He grows all sorts of crops on the farm, and he and his wife raise and care for both muggle and wizarding creatures on their farm. Remus kept a suite of rooms there and considered Robert's farm his home. After Remus's death, Khaat took over Remus's rooms, and most of Remus's posessions have come, over the years, to Khaat, from Robert.
Family Information: (List form is fine - immediate family is fine, unless other relatives are important to your character.)
Childhood: Robert grew up as the more quiet, literary child, rather than the little athlete that Remus was. Robert learned to take things in stride, and Remus fought them out. They grew up on a country area, but their pureblood parents taught them many wizarding things far beyond what Hogwarts provided.
Hogwarts: see above
Adulthood:see above

Roleplay:[/b] (Whatever your normal roleplay length is, don't do it extra-long or extra-short especially for this application. You can skip this if it's not your first character.)

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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