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Amadora Althea Lunel

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Post by Guest Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:05 pm

Name: Bubbles!
Gender: Well it’s either one or the other…
Age: Teen
How you found Potter's Army: I’m already using this .. (:
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Elijah Krum, Robert Andrew Dent but he’s not really doing a lot atm

Amadora Althea Lunel Isla-fisher-picture-2
Name: Amadora Althea Lunel
Gender: Female
Race: Human - Werewolf tendencies
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Year AND Age: Sixth Year, Sixteen
Preferred houses: Any. Preferably Ravenclaw.
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Isla Fisher

Height: 5’4
Hair: Red
Eye colour: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
General Appearance: Amadora is small and slight which means she is often overlooked by those around her. She is a healthy weight and has soft red curls that fall to her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark brown that is often compared to chocolate or the bark of an willow tree and she wears a leather chocker religiously around her neck that holds a mood-stone in a ring.

Dora’s clothing choice differs depending on the weather and her moods. She would gladly pick skinny jeans, converses and a band t-shirt over a prim and proper dress. She was always more like her father in the sense and would go for comfort rather than fashion which would irritate her mother to no end.

Dora also has a little crescent shaped scar on the back of her hand which she received after an encounter with a werewolf when she was younger. She didn’t get the affliction though because the werewolf was killed long before he could change her so instead she received the scar and a few ’wolfish’ habits.

Defence Against the Dark Arts - Like her father before her, Dora is particularly talented in the subject which. She enjoys the feeling of power against darker aspects of the wizarding world and has always wanted to make her father proud of her so she put more effort into that subject than anything else because she knew he loved it and she shares that love of the subject with him.

Potions Dora has a knack for potions that seemed to spring from her paternal grandmother as both of her parents were hopeless at the subject. She spends most of her time trying to find ways to make some potions more potent and can often be found down by the Game Keeper’s hut amongst the Pumpkins, taking notes on her finds and she notes these down in a journal her father gave her before his death.
Skilled Duellist Dora inherited her mother’s short fuse which descended from her maternal grandmother and as well as mastering various hexes, Dora is a good duel partner for anyone willing to learn more. She spent time with both of her parents learning from them what she could and memorising spells from the books in her aunt Hermione’s house.
Can speak with animals After her father’s death, Amadora spent a lot of time outside with animals in the local area and soon developed a way of understanding them and communicating with them. It started off slowly and she would be able to hear a horse or a badger moan about their day and then she would be able to tell them short stories before she ran out of words that she was able to translate and then after a while she was able to speak fluently with them.
Memories Amadora remembers everything that has happened to her in such clarity that despite the fact she tries to suppress and forget them, they come back like she is in a pensive or living in the moment. When she returns to the present she finds herself waking up after fainting or she is in the middle of a panic attack.
Pessimist Amadora lost her father, the one person in the world that she felt she could trust the most and because of this she feels as if after the death of her father, anything that can possibly happen, bad mostly, will happen and will happen worse than she previously thought. She never looks on the bright side and focuses on the negatives before the positives and can be called out on it often.
Clumsy Dora isn’t the most coordinated person on the planet and is forever tripping over her own feet, table legs and can even be seen tumbling down the stairs in the mornings. Dora could give the clumsiest person in the world a run for their own money as she can be stood motionless and go to walk but she falls over almost instantly. As she grew she grew out of the trait but it came back with vengeance and is now watching her feet as she walks.
Long walks,
Playing the Guitar,
Making potions,
Dark Arts
The Daily Prophet,
Motto: The scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal
General Personality:
Amadora keeps to herself. She isn’t social at all and is a bit of a wallflower. She is a night owl and when she is speaking with someone she is usually blunt and that can be interoperated as arrogance but it isn‘t the case. She sticks to what she believes in but also thirsts for adventure. She literally wants to be swept off her feet but would rather be fighting on one side of the war than sitting in school and ‘learning’. She is stubborn and gets herself into some bizarre situations and despite keeping to herself she is very charismatic and can talk herself out of things.

Amadora is also a very selfish creature and when she wants something she does almost anything to get it. She can use her cunning and intelligence and often puts it together and does something that no one would expect to come from the shy redhead in the corner hiding behind a book.

Family Information:
Mother: Maggie Lunel (Missing - presumed deceased)
Father: Avery Lunel (presumed deceased - body never found)
Siblings: Lucien Lunel, Antoinette Lunel
Amadora was born in Paris, France in December 2004. From there her parents moved out into the country and she grew up around horses and other animals, forming an iron-clad bond with them. She wasn’t close with either of her siblings or her mother but was extremely close with her father. She was the youngest and the favoured one out of the three and for that her brother and sister resented her.

Around Amadora’s sixth birthday she unknowingly went out on a full moon night to get flowers that only bloomed then. She was in the forest by her home when she heard a howl of a wolf. She turned and saw a werewolf hovering over her. She was struck by the large animal and was thrown into a tree. The wolf dragged her back by the leg and sunk its teeth into her arm. But before she could be infected with Lycanthropy her father killed the wolf. He cradled her in his arms and took her back to the house. She was scorned by her mother and siblings after that and got the name Wolfy from her brother because of her werewolf tendencies and the need to look at the moon every time it was full.

When Amadora was nine, the Lunel’s moved to Scotland where Antoinette and Lucien went to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons. Amadora was still young so she wasn’t allowed to go but she watched as her family slowly changed.

Her parents began to argue more and more often and her father would ask to sleep in her room instead of her mothers. Her mother was never at home it seemed and Avery was busy away being an Auror so Amadora was left to her own devices.

A year or so later, her father’s death was reported in the Daily Prophet and her mother’s missing persons add was in the back of the newspaper. Amadora was left all of her father’s money and her brother and sister were left nothing. Amadora gathered her things and quickly sold the house and everything inside of it before flooing to the Leaky Cauldron where she had lived ever since until she was accepted at Hogwarts.
Amadora’s first year was hard for her. She was sorted into _______ and she quickly learned how cruel young wizards and witches could be. Without her father’s kind words of love and support and letters from her siblings constantly badgering her for money, Amadora became the subject of ridicule among her peers.

That continued through her years until she was steadily forgotten by those around her. It was during those years when she perfected her skills and really learned how to communicate with animals properly.

Dora melted into her books and spent an impeccable time in the Library and Astronomy Tower. She became used to her solitude and never thought to question it. She always dreamed of what would have happened if her mother hadn’t left and if her father stayed but that never helped with her school work so she took on a bitter, guarded persona that helped her work through the depression that she had spiralled into.

Now, in her sixth year, Dora hopes to finally bring back some rational thinking into her life and plans on joining the ranks of the Death Eaters or possibly the Order of the Phoenix depending on what they have to offer.
She is stupidly talented due to having no reason to socialise and could probably perfect any spell or potion on the first cast/brew. It all rests on what path she chooses to go down. The path of darkness, or that of light.
Short Roleplay:
Amadora’s cheeks were stained with tears of anguish and rain water as she stared down at the gravestone that bore her fathers name. They hadn’t found the body, nothing was left. She hadn’t been told what exactly had happened but she couldn’t go near anyone who knew without being put in the care of her elder siblings or some foster family.

Amadora’s screams of fury echoed around the graveyard and she fell down into the mud. Her hair was dripping from the rain and her clothes were getting coloured with the mud and grass she was kneeling in. Amadora put a hand on her father’s gravestone. She traced the wet engraving with her finger and felt fresh tears spring into her eyes.

It was at that moment that the little girl changed into a dark and dangerous person. It was when all innocence was washed away with the rain into the storm drains. It was when she understood that the world wasn’t fair and there was only one thing you could count on: that you would die.

Amadora broke down and cried out, begging her father to come home to her. She didn’t care about her mother she just wanted her daddy back. She wanted him to hug her and tell her that it was going to be alright. She wanted to go home and cuddle up to him. She wanted him to read her stories and sing her songs again. He wanted her father home with her. She wanted to be able to touch his warm skin and know he was alive. But life wasn’t like that.

“I love you daddy..” her words were washed away by the rain and the wind. They fell on only rotting corpses and ancient stone of the graveyard. But still she sat there, begging him to come home. Begging, pleading but always there was nothing.

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Post by Matthew Lestrange Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:50 pm

Shocked This is amazing!!!

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw

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