Mariatos, Phaedra Althea
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Mariatos, Phaedra Althea

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Mariatos, Phaedra Althea Empty Mariatos, Phaedra Althea

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Mariatos, Phaedra Althea 0c19d3512d37990d7cb6ae8820f6ee73_640

Name: Phaedra Althea Mariatos
The Greeks had an interesting way of naming their children. Phaedra, pronounced Fay-drah, means bright and it is incredibly apt. Her parents expected great things from their daughter and they made sure that they got them. The meaning could have multiple meanings from bright. It could be literal, as in a bright light or smart but it could also be interoperated as a star. However, seeing as she was expected to over-achieve in the academic section of her learning, in this case it would mean intelligent. Althea, pronounced Al-thea, is a Greek name like Phaedra but this time it means ‘healing herb’. This part of her name has no real relation to any of her traits so it is suggested that Phaedra’s parents picked it because they liked the name, not for any specific reason. And last but not least, Mariatos. Her surname, or at least part of it, is native to the Ionian Islands in Greece. –atos is part of a name specifically from the Ionian Islands and in this case her family is from Zakynthos. They’re original town was Alykes and although it has been a long time since her immediate family have lived there her extended family still own a few bars and tavernas and run them.
Gender: Female
Phaedra wasn’t exactly something her parents expected. Being the first of their offspring they wanted a male to succeed them and uphold the family name but instead they received a daughter. Despite wanting a son this didn’t stop the two from shifting all of their expectations from their first born son onto the daughter they had received which meant she had to receive high marks at school, marry young, have her children and look after her family. It was quite a burden for Phaedra but she seemed to be able to cope with it despite her gender and her mother was very proud of her for that. She was most definitely the neck. Her mother often told her: “The man is the head, (referring to the head of the family) but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.”
Race: Human
Phaedra does have a bit of Doxy blood in her but no one can really figure out why but most of her family find it easier to leave that part of their history alone. The genes are miniscule and don’t even had a big effect on her genetic material. Her grandmother speculates that it makes the woman in the family far more beautiful than the males but it’s not taken seriously as her grandmother isn’t exactly the sanest person in the world but she’ll tell you otherwise. Apart from that they’re all relatively human thanks to years of blood dilution from marrying other people and bearing more children.
Blood Status: Pureblood
In Greece, Blood Status is very important but there aren’t any radicals like there are in England. The boundaries between blood are firmly set and despite the difference there is no real hostility towards any one without the purest of blood. Of course it is preferred for you to be a full-blood wizard or witch but it doesn’t make you less of a member of the magical community unless you’re a squib. Squibs are dealt with much the same way as they are in Britain. They are shunned and sent to the mainland to live a Muggle life. Often their memories are wiped and they are denied even knowing about the existence of magic. That might be akin to what the Death Eaters wish to achieve but the Greeks are much more thorough. Her lineage has even been proved as she had traced her family tree back and the line hadn’t been sullied by anything other than pure, making her family an exception in the Wizarding world. How many others could say their lines weren’t nigh on perfect?
Age and Birthday: Twenty-Two; April 4th 2001
Conceived in July 2000, there was no doubt who Phaedra’s father was. At the time her parents were relatively young and knew nothing about how to deal with a child. But because of their status and poweress on the small Greek Island they managed to employ a few women to look after Phaedra and do all of the more difficult tasks with her mother watching so she knew how to do them herself. Phaedra’s birthdays were big events on the island. Her father was an entrepreneur and was well respected. All of those willing to attend the events were invited and Phaedra would be pushed into a dress every year and forced to dress up like a lady and pander to the guests. Over the years she got better at it but she rarely believed that it was her party. She always felt as if it was just a ball her parents threw for their own amusement and social benefit, not because they cared about their daughter and wanted to celebrate her birth.
Former House: Attended a Greek School
Despite her objections, her parents sought to send her away from the island during the harsher months of the year. They would always bring her back for the summer but during those long months away from her family when they’d refuse to reply to her mail, instead sending monthly packages by owl. That was what hurt her the most. The odd thing was that they didn’t send her far. She had received an Owl of acceptance from Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Salem and Hogwarts but her parents turned them all down; seeking instead to send her to the school on the mainland. She didn’t quite understand why she had to go there but she suspected it was so she’d have a hire magical ability than those in England, France, America and wherever Durmstrang was. On the mainland at the private magical institution they start from eight years of age and go right through until they’re twenty-one. Additional classes could be taken but Phaedra took them as extra coursework and often stayed for a while during the summer.

The school itself is situated near Polygyros and three other small towns. It is in a rural part of Greece near Thessaloniki and is a lot smaller than Hogwarts. Because of this it is often overlooked but what Europe doesn’t realise is that it produces more talented Wizards from one generation than Hogwarts do across decades. But thankfully this is overlooked. However, that’s not something Phaedra has seen. She’s yearned to go to a normal school and despite being out for only two years she doesn’t feel like she’s accomplished a lot. This isn’t necessarily true though as she is incredibly talented, just as her parents wanted her to be.
Canon or Original: Original; April, 2010
Play-by: Jessica Stam

Height and Weight: 5’10, 9st 13lbs
Phaedra towered over her siblings for a good decade. She has a short torso compared to her heads which are long and are often compared to a spider’s in the way they move. Think of the woman in the fishnet tights curling her leg around the wall for the gullible male to fall for. She’s the type of woman that can be imposing yet breakable at the same time. Her weight fluctuates but usually not in a good way. She finds it difficult to keep any weight on and people, some who don’t even know her, will occasionally comment on her skeletal appearance. It is a sore spot for her and she refuses to talk about it. She doesn’t purposely diet to keep the weight off but she has an overactive metabolism which means in order to balance her weight out she needs to eat more than the average person but what makes this even more difficult for her is that she has never had much of an appetite much to the chagrin of her aunt that does nothing but cook all day to feed the whole family.
Hair: White-Blonde
She was born with a mop of pure white hair. It was unusual for a child of Greek origins to have such pale hair but no one questioned it or chose not to for their own safety. Her father’s wrath was ripe from the beginning as neither parent possessed the same colour hair as she did. Her hair stood out everywhere they went in the midst of dark skin and dark hair. She tends to keep it short and it falls perfectly as if it has been looked over for hours on end to make sure that every single piece of hair is in place. She rarely put things like flowers in it for decoration, deciding it better to keep it plain seeing as her hair is like a blank canvas. Her mother often likens her hair to snow. She says that when she was born the gods let snow cover her and turned her hair the perfect white. Although her father doesn’t believe the story it has been a long time since Phaedra has actually cared to listen to her mother speak about why her hair colour is the colour it is.
Eye colour: Blue-Grey
Unlike her siblings who later inherited the dark eyes of their parents, Phaedra had once again gained a colour completely unique to her. At this point everyone had begun to wonder whether she was actually her parent’s offspring and it worried them all to no end. Her eyes, meanwhile, attracted the interest of everyone from the children that played on the beach to the people who worked in the Tavernas. Even the tourists became fascinated with the pearly white Greek girl and she lapped up all of the attention she loved it. Her eyes would often change colour but no one in her family was quick enough to catch it. They did wonder what was going on with her but all knew better than to voice their concerns to her father.
Skin: White
By this point, her parents were convinced she was either some sort of strange snow beast or she was born without any colour pigments in her body. This wasn’t the case though but like her eyes the snow coloured skin also caught some interest as she never appeared to tan either. Her parents purposely made sure she spent time down at the beach in the water and sun bathing but she just would not tan. She’d burn, they could tell that much from the way she’d cry if they touched a sensitive spot but nothing was ever there. Her skin was like porcelain, so soft and smooth yet so obviously breakable. She definitely stood out around her family who were so obviously Greek. She just looked like a doll.
General Appearance:
Standing fairly tall, you wouldn’t say that you were looking at a Greek. Her pale, colourless skin except from perhaps the light flush of red that will occasionally rise to her cheeks is almost vampire pale yet her skin glows where as vampire’s tend to have a more grey hue to theirs. Her body is coloured with the same flawless white. It almost appears as if she has been wrapped in it. There is no change of colour and she does not tan at all. It was this that made her as much of a tourist attraction as the food and the beaches did. Her hair is white-blonde and is usually kept short as it is more of hassle to look after if it is long and it isn’t as manageable as short hair – occasionally though she will grow it out. Her eyes are much of the same colour, a blue-grey that sparkle when the sun reflects off of them. She has long legs that appear to go on forever even without high heels on but she rarely wears them anyway, preferring sneakers and flats.

She doesn’t usually cater to the weather. She’s had the Greek heat ingrained into her so she has an endless supply of shorts, t-shirts, sandals and dresses. She rarely wears coats and the English weather confuses her greatly as all they usually get in the autumn is a lot of rain. She loves bright colours despite the clash with her pale colour and has a strange fetish for having bracelets with some sort of animal on it. She doesn't like to wear a lot of jewellery if she can help it but will do so on occasion. One thing she religiously wears is a charm bracelet that she received as a present from her Defence against the Dark Arts teacher at the end of the seventh year. When she got it the bracelet only had four charms on it and every year since then he has presented her with a charm which she attaches to her bracelet even before she gets a good chance to look at it and reprimand him for buying her another expensive gift.

She isn’t someone who goes out of her way to look ‘sexy’. Her clothing choice is usually quite relaxed choosing light colours over dark but she does favour black over many other colours. The styles are quite harsh but work well. They’re cut in a way that makes the clothing look as if it was made to fit that particularly woman. She doesn’t like baby blue or pink on her as it seems to make her even more doll like. She prefers big bursts of colour that are unique to themselves. She often thinks of herself as a blank canvas that is ready to be painted every morning. Her clothes are designed in such a way because she’s had them made so. A designer on the mainland who has worked for the aristocracy for decades has always catered to the Mariatos and the team that makes up the brand now favours Phaedra over all of her siblings because she gives them the opportunity to experiment. Although she doesn’t really like the needles and standing up for hours on end so they can get the clothes right it is definitely worth it in the end because the pieces are beautiful.

+ Psychology.
+ Lie detector.
+ Improvisation.
+ Multilingual.
+ Metamorphous.
+ Healing.
+ Democracy
+ Survival Skills.
+ Archery.
+ Music.
+ Procrastinator.
+ Meekness.
+ Jittery.
+ Explosive Temper.
+ Naive.
+ Perfectionist.
+ Shy.
+ Forgetful.
+ Self-Abusive.
+ Stubborn.
+ Muggle Appliances.
+ Music.
+ Art.
+ Exercise.
+ Coffee.
+ Ice Cream and Chocolate.
+ Colour.
+ Writing.
+ Researching.
+ Cigarettes.
+ Loves her family – apart from her father.
+ Arguments or any type of verbal clash.
+ Unnecessary death.
+ Blood Prejudice.
+ Thunder Storms.
+ Being stuck indoors.
+ Libraries.
+ Plants that will eat you.
+ Aristocrats.
+ Divination.
+ Traitors.
+ Her father – Vitricophobia. (technically it’s step-father, Vitricophobia, but it was as close as I could get)
+ Spiders – Arachnophobia.
+ Heights – Acrophobia.
+ Fire – Arsonphobia.
+ Failure – Kakorrhaphiophobia.
+ Flying – Pteromerhanophobia.
+ Giant Staircases – Bathmophobia.
+ Toads – Bufonophobia.
+ Bats – Chiroptophobia.
+ Being laughed at – Gelotophobia
Patronus: Turtle – First cast Summer, 2016
The Defence against the Dark Arts classroom was musty and the heat was impossible to shake off. Several cooling charms had been placed on the room yet they seemed to have worn off a few hours ago. The room was like a greenhouse. One side was compete glass and it looked out to the ocean which didn’t seem that far away. If you were lucky you could go down there at the weekend and enjoy the heat of the sun. Phaedra was sitting at one of the desks. She’d shed the blazer that was part of the uniform long ago and she’d taken the thick tights off which were only supposed to be worn in the winter. The articles of clothing along with her shoes were left on the chair beside her. She was quite comfortable sitting in her shirt and skirt and it was the way she intended to stay. The Professor liked everyone to be comfortable when he was teaching. Even if it was one on one like it would be in a few moments, he wanted his pupil to be calm, collected and completely at ease.

The door of the classroom opened and Phaedra turned her head. She rose out of her seat and smiled at her Professor. He walked over and kissed her on each cheek before taking his robes off, leaving him in linen trousers and a linen top, both that would keep the heat off for most of the time. His dark skin was flawless and beautiful. His hair was sandy and lightened from the intense heat and light from the sun. He would spend as much time as possible on the beach but often it wasn’t as much as he would have liked. “How are you today my snow child?” he asked, smiling at her.

Snow child or anything that referred to her pasty skin was a nickname bestowed on her. Her Professor preferred snow child and thought it was an incredibly sweet endearment. She’d known him prior to her school years and both had a good relationship with one another. Phaedra nodded and pulled her hair back off of her face. She put it in a messy bun and picked up her wand. He smiled at her and flicked his wand at the desks. They moved to the sides of the room and the two stood opposite each other. He flicked his wand and a trunk whizzed over, settling itself on the floor between them. Phaedra bit her lip and he smiled encouragingly.

“Think of a happy memory, Phae. Anything from your first kiss to the time when your brothers were caught stealing bits of meat off of the lamb. Your aunt made put them on the spit after it was cooked.”
Phaedra laughed and he smiled at her. She remembered it well but she didn’t know that he had been there. She felt a little bad. She would have spoken to him had she knew. Swallowing, Phaedra thought back, a happy memory. The only one she could think of was the time she and her father had gone to help the newly hatched turtles make it to the sea. It was an exhilarating moment for her. “Have you got one?” he asked.

Phaedra nodded and he opened the chest. She swallowed and the Boggart rose up out of the chest. He had charmed it especially to turn into a Dementor. She had no idea how but he was a powerful wizard who wasn’t to be challenged – ever. She stepped back instinctively and her eyes flicked over to him. He nodded and made the wand movements. Phaedra lifted her wand and pointed it at the misty creature. She waved it and yelled, “Expecto Patronum!”

The Boggart didn’t even flinch. Phaedra fell back to the hard wood floor and tried in vain to scramble away from the creature that was quickly descending upon her. Memories started to appear before her eyes and she struggled to keep in the present. She could hear her Professor’s voice but it was being muddled by the screams that dwelled in her memories. Her eyes came back into focus and she could almost see underneath the hood of the creature. She fell onto her back and held her wand up. “Expecto Patronum!

A silvery light began to thread out of the wand and it wrapped around the Boggart. She heard the sound of a horse and saw a Zebra circling the creature. She scrambled back onto her feet and pointed the animal at the Boggart. She heard the laughter of her Professor and pushed it down back into the trunk. He slammed the lid shut and Phaedra fell to the floor. She swallowed and threw her wand away. That was enough for the day.

She felt someone sit themselves down beside her and she looked up to see the Professor holding out her wand. She took it and he smiled gently. “Never be without it, Phae.” He warned. “You have done well. I was worried about you for a minute there but you came out fighting. I’m proud of you.” She returned the smile and he kissed her forehead. “Your parents would be proud too.”
“I don’t care.” She said simply. “I really don’t care. I wanted to learn for my own sake and you obliged. I didn’t do it because it was another nice addition to my record. I did it because I need it.”
He smiled softly. “Well then that’s the only reason why you should learn. Because you need it and want to do it.”

Dementor Memory: Her father using the Cruciatus Curse and Sectumsempra on her.
The summer was full of life and the Greeks were once again catering for the tourists. They came in and out like clockwork and each time Phaedra was forced to be a sideshow for the selfish British and other random Europeans. She was sick of the treatment she was getting. Her parents would mock her if they knew of her gift. They’d tease her and then try to control it and use it for their own gain. She didn’t understand why her family could sometimes be so cruel. They had no reason to. They just didn’t understand why she was the way she was and it scared them.

Setting of at a walk, Phaedra left the taverna and tried to keep to the pathway which would cut off due to bits being unfinished and some of it because the head cracked and broke it. Something needed to be done and if anyone could do it her parents would but she doubted that they’d listen to her. She jumped off of the path and landed on the road. She listened out for the motorbikes and looked both ways before jogging across the street.

She then began to walk along the road, passing the restaurant that only seemed to make pizzas and then Montes the supermarket. She didn’t know where she was heading but she knew she’d run out of road soon enough. The further up you went the more likely you are to run into trouble but most of the owners of the villas were kind enough and would probably put her up for the night if they had a spare room. Rarely though, they’d be full and if Phaedra wandered up then she’d have to make her way back down into the town again back to her parent’s home near one of the bars.

Everything seemed to chill at the thought of going home. She’d arrived in an old abandoned track where little children would ride go-carts and their parents would cheer them on. It hadn’t been in working order for a decade and most of the carts were still there but their engines had been taken apart and everything from inside had been stolen by the guys that rode their motorcycles through town at insane speeds. Phaedra sat down on the bench and rubbed her arms. She knew the nights were cold but they weren’t this cold. It was as if the life and soul of everything around her had been sucked out. As if there was no happiness left in the world.

Phaedra exhaled. This wasn’t some weird gift at all. She couldn’t control the happiness of the world around her. Only the....

She whirled around, pulling her wand from her boot. She turned around and found the hooded creatures descending upon her, ready to torment her until she simply begged for death or something equally horrifying. She fell back onto the floor and scrambled to get away with no avail. The one in front flew above her and its hood fell back a bit, revealing the hole which would steal her soul away. She bit her lip and tried to think of the spell that would save her. She didn’t know it. Of course she didn’t know it! It was one of the spells she wasn’t learning. It was Expecto something... she’d read it somewhere. What was it though?

That was when the memories started.

Darkness seemed to wrap around her and she was plunged into a sea of despair. Images flashed before her eyes and each one invoked more of an emotional response than the last. The betrayal, the pain and the blood. It was all there and it was almost as if it was happening again, out of her control and it seemed as if she wouldn’t get away. She wouldn’t live through it like last time. Her screams grew louder and rang out in murderous bouts as her father’s voice rang in her ears.

“Father please! I will back before you know I am gone!”
“No you are not going.”
“But Apollo’s parents are letting him go! Why can’t I?”
friend’sfamily lost my respect long ago when they let their eldest marry a half-blood. You are not going.”
“But father-”
Enough Phaedra. Will you never learn? You are not going. That is my final word.”
“Yeah? Well it is not mine. I am going whether you like it or not!”
“Daddy, please!”
“Sectumsempra, Crucio!”

Eventually, the screaming stopped and Phaedra couldn’t move. Her muscles were tense and her bones ached. Her throat burned from the screams and she felt entirely defeated. It was there that she slept until morning when she would return home and ignore the screams of her mother complaining about her dress being covered in grass stains.

Boggart: Her father
Phaedra only encountered a Boggart by chance. It was in her third year and she hadn’t expected it. She had gone to visit her Defence against the Dark Arts teacher to ask about something they were due to be learning when she found a chest in the classroom that she hadn’t seen before. Out of curiosity she walked over and looked at the engravings on the 15th century chest. The wretched thing rose from inside the chest in one fluid movement. As soon as it reached the floor it took the form of her father and she only just managed to bite back a shriek of pure terror. At the time Phaedra had no idea what a Boggart was as she had yet to learn about them in class so she was scared and confused. She had no idea why her father was hiding in a chest and no burning need to find out why.

She walked backwards away from the chest and her father and if it was at all possible, her face darkened from porcelain to some kind of grey. She was truly terrified. But then, her father changed into something else. Instead of the man she had learned to fear she saw herself. She was...dead. Phaedra sucked in a breath and walked backwards. She felt something soft touch her back and she felt an arm snake around her waist. She heard that clear, familiar, reassuring voice ring out as a spell was spoken and her body was given life. She watched herself smile and wave a little before disappearing back into the chest.

Phaedra sucked in a breath and found her Professor looking down at her, his dark eyes filled with worry. “I’m sorry. Mother always said not to touch things that aren’t yours. It was just so beautiful I couldn’t help myself.” She said softly. In a flash she was wrapped up in his arms and she gripped the sleeves of his robes. Phaedra rested her head against his chest and his arms tightened around her as both of their eyes filled with tears that couldn’t be shed. Phaedra exhaled shakily and moved her hands to grip the front of his robes. “I’m sorry.” She whispered again.

“Never apologize to me.” His voice was surprisingly strong but there was definitely something he left unspoken. There was an undercurrent of emotion there that he couldn’t rid his voice of. He rested his cheek against the top of her head and sighed. “I’m just glad you weren’t hurt.”
“W-what was that?” she asked quietly, her voice muffled by his robes which were beginning to dampen from the tears escaping from her eyes.
“A Boggart. You shan’t do the practical part of that lesson. I doubt you wish for your peers to see what I did.” He murmured. “We like to keep our fears to ourselves.”
“But why was yours my death?” she asked, lifting her head to look up at him. He smiled softly and wiped her tears away with his thumbs and he cupped her face in his hands.
“Because I have looked after you since you were a baby. You were always getting yourself into trouble and I went out of my way to stop anything bad happening to you. I suppose after a while my greatest fear was seeing your hurt. Of course... I couldn’t always prevent it when it wasn’t something I could control. After the...” he paused and sighed. “I can’t let you get’ hurt. Not if I can prevent it.”
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“Just go back to your room Phae. Don’t get yourself into any trouble on the way.” He murmured before pulling away from her and making his way towards his office
“Nikos?” her call went unheard because the door to the office had already clicked shut.
There is a version of the Mirror of Erised in Greece and Phaedra has only looked into it once but once was enough. She doesn’t have any long-term goals. The only one she really had was to escape her father’s grasp and that is what she saw in the Greek version of the mirror. At first she saw herself alone but then someone else appeared. She couldn’t put a name to the face but neither could the image of the man be implanted in her mind. It was as if the mirror wanted to keep the identity of the person a complete secret and it was doing a very good job. Phaedra raised her hand and pressed it against the cool glass. The elder version of herself mirrored her stance and the man stood behind her covered her hand with his own one. Phaedra smiled slightly and two small children came into view. She bit her lip and ran from the room that the mirror was in. She closed the door behind her and slid to the floor with her back leaning against the hard wood. She exhaled slowly and closed her eyes. She leaned her head against the door and breathed out slowly to get her heart rate down. Ever since then, Phaedra has never trusted herself to look in any mirror that tells you your heart’s desire. It scared her far too much.

+ Greek Food
+ Freshly mowed grass
+ Ocean Spray
+ Wild Flowers
General Personality:
Phaedra could be likened to a flower. Soft and breakable but full of something that cannot be likened to anything else. That could hint to her porcelain appearance then the temper she has on her but who knows and frankly who cares. Phaedra is a perfectionist. She over-analyses everything and refuses to give up until she is completely satisfied although half the time she’ll still go back and nit-pick until she finds something else and turns the whole thing upside down over one problem. Because of this she is also very critical of herself or ‘self-abusive’ as listed above. This has probably stemmed from her father’s criticism of her since she was a child and it is more likely to be that than her random traits because although strange they do make sense if you think about it for a long time. She looks up phobias for her fears in life – also listed above. No normal person would do this but then again she’s not necessarily normal because she’s possibly the palest Greek you’ll ever find on the planet unless he or she is Albino. She’s terrified of failing and she has also listed a phobia for that too. She hates being stuck inside unless it’s a thunderstorm outside because those things are crazy!

She is kind, caring and all those things you want your kids to be. Phaedra’s personality is bubbly and she always wants to have fun even when she’s studying despite the fact that you have to literally pry her from her books which is a growing problem even now. She’s always willing to help someone no matter what the cost is but she is awfully blunt and will call someone out on all of their crap even if everyone else is letting them continue pretending that they are God. She tries her hardest to see the best in people but it is impossible where some are concerned, her father for example. Despite her addiction to studying she despises Libraries with a passion (it’s not quite a phobia though). She finds them stuffy, boring and a waste of time mostly.

Her personality changes quite a bit but the basis stays the same. She may wear mask after mask and change her hair colour making it look bright green with orange spots but she is still a shy, intelligent girl who could probably kick your arse at a debate. Phaedra, although she doesn’t like fighting of any kind, will battle if there is a cause to it. Something like fighting for a government doesn’t appeal to her. The government is problematic as it is. No, she finds that if you have something to fight for, like saving lives of children on a battle field, then it works better. Duelling for the hell of it and doing other such things is against her morale. The stuff above gives a better indication of her personality than I can describe and there is only so long I can prattle on.

Relationship Information:
+ Father: Andreus Mariatos; 45 – Phaedra’s relationship with her father is strained at best. Neither one has seen eye to eye and probably never will. Andreus has always had a hate for his eldest child that couldn’t be understood by anyone willing to. One can only speculate as to why he dislikes her so. Perhaps because she was born female instead of the male he wanted or because he was never satisfied with the work she presented him with. Phaedra has never understood why her father is the way he is where she is concerned but any love he ever felt for her during the time she was being carried by her mother disappeared when she began to look less and less like either one of her parents. At first he accused Althea of adultery which she adamantly denied – this was later proved by interrogation under veritaserum around Phaedra’s first birthday – but when he began to realise that the girl neither looked like him or Althea he started to resent her even more; finding any excuse possible to make her feel inadequate. Phaedra now chooses to ignore her father and vice versa. Neither contacts the other and a frosty silence stays unaltered between the two.
+ Mother: Althea Mariatos; 42 – Phaedra’s mother was the only escape she got from her father’s wrath. Her mother was the only one that could shake her father out of his rage but often she would pay the price for interfering. Althea treated Phaedra no different than she did her other children but she had high hopes for her eldest daughter. Phaedra’s siblings, in Althea’s eyes, would never amount to much and she had to rely on Phaedra to get herself off of the island to prove herself. Althea was the one that helped Phaedra get out of Greece a little while after she left her school on the mainland. Althea had put money into Phaedra’s bank account; enough to get her to England to start her own life. She had planned on putting a little in there every month or so but Andreus found out and soon put a stop to it. The mother and daughter bond wasn’t broken but they haven’t spoke in a few months. Althea will occasionally send an owl to Phaedra but she doesn’t allow her daughter to reply for fear of Andreus tracing it back to their daughter
+ Brother: Aristo Mariatos; 21 - Aristo was born a little more than a year after Phaedra and it was incredibly clear from the very beginning who the parents were to this child. There was no speculation anywhere on the island if Althea had been unfaithful or if they had been burdened with a child cursed to remain colourless forever. It would have been logical for Phaedra to be jealous of the love and attention Aristo got where as she was a tourist lure. But she was barely a year old and had yet to understand the position she was in. She and her brother had a bond from the very beginning but she never felt the way she should have around him. It was an amicable relationship between the two but there was no brotherly-sisterly love there because they were rivals as far as their father was concerned. That was how they remained for years. The two siblings fought over the spot for the highest test marks every year at school. Phaedra would always outdo him by a few points but on occasion they would be the same but that was very rare. It was only recorded twice but the second record of the two drawing was overruled when their father demanded a recount which ended up putting Phaedra back in the top spot. The siblings haven’t spoken in a long while and Phaedra left for England on bad terms with her brother. It is suspected that their relationship is irreparable but neither party mind as they have never had the companionship of brother and sister. Only of rivals.
+ Sister: Astrea Mariatos; 19 – Unlike her elder sister, Astrea was an underachiever but not horribly so. She had the intelligence to do well but never really cared much for her school work. Every year she would be in third place behind her elder siblings on the mark system but if one was to put her work and Phaedra’s work up next to each other you would see the difference. Astrea’s mind has always been in the clouds. She never had the focus or the will to do better like her elder sister did. Instead she dreamed of running away and sailing around the world which she eventually did. Phaedra and Astrea never truly got on as they were polar opposites but they’d find something to talk about if they were forced to converse by Althea who wanted her daughters to get along. They were on good terms for most of their childhood but never really had much in common.
+ Brother: Dorian Mariatos; 16 – Dorian is probably one of the only siblings that Phaedra actually has a good relationship with. With a grand total of six years between them you wouldn’t think that they’d have much in common but that’s quite the contrary. Dorian is a prankster by nature and does anything that’ll get him in trouble with his father but he is also very studious like his elder sister. The shame of it is that he doesn’t have the natural talent for it that his sister does. He’s not incredibly academic but he does try and has to work ten times harder than his other siblings who automatically know the answer of the question at hand. Dorian is a very, very smart boy but he struggles in school because of the supposed genius of the Mariatos family. All of his siblings are left alone to work out things that are way above their curricular level. Dorian isn’t quite there. He prefers to have someone help him through the tasks set and that is why he and Phaedra grew so close. Phaedra needed the companionship and Dorian needed help. Both were willing to oblige and are still on good terms.
+ Brother Damien Mariatos; 16 – Damian is the opposite of his brother. Although Phaedra can tolerate him she hasn’t really got the time for him. He, like Astrea, is an underachiever that does nothing with the intelligence he has. Instead he prefers to indulge in the pranking genes that he was given. He manages to get his twin into all kinds of trouble much to the chagrin of both Dorian and the teaching staff at their school. His parents are often rushing around trying to get rid of Damian if there are any large social galas but he always finds a way to sneak back in and ruin the party. Phaedra finds him rude, annoying and immature and she can’t stand her brother for those reasons and more.
+ Sister: Callidora Mariatos; 14 – The extent of their relationship is unknown as Callidora never really spoke with her sister or vice versa.
+ Aunt: Celene Mariatos; 40 – Standard Relationship.
+ Uncle: Eros Mariatos; 42 - Standard Relationship.
+ Cousin: Leonidas Mariatos; 20 – Standard Relationship
+ Cousin: Cyrene Mariatos; 17 – Standard Relationship
+ Cousin: Dacia Mariatos; 15 – Standard Relationship.
+ Professor: Nikos Galanis; 38 – Nikos is probably the only true friend she has although his motives have always been speculated. He has loved her unconditionally from the moment he met her and it is doubtful that he will ever stop loving her. Nikos is always looking out for Phaedra no matter what it cost him. He took a teaching position at the school he’d been out of for only three years just to make sure no harm came to her. He is always willing to listen to Phaedra but he finds it awkward sometimes when he wants to say something to her that wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate. He has a deep love for her that is now irrevocable as the age difference has lessened even more in his eyes. If it wasn’t for his status on her home island and the fact that he is a teacher then he would have asked her father for her hand long ago but he also sees that Phaedra’s love for him is purely platonic and brotherly, even if he doesn’t wish it to be.
Phaedra was born a warm April morning to Althea and Andreus Mariatos on the Ionian-Greek island of Zakynthos in the Mariatos family home in Alykes. She wasn’t exactly what her parents expected. It was tradition for a boy to be born first but Phaedra broke the tradition quite suddenly. So, as the firstborn all of the hopes and dreams her parents had for their children was pushed on her much to her dismay even at such a young age. She wasn’t raised by her parents the normal way. Even before she had a chance to really bond with her mother she was whisked off to nurses who would look after her until she was old enough to do it herself. For a while Althea would learn from the nurses and would try to help out herself but Andreus soon put a stop to that.

A year after Phaedra’s birth her brother was born and she was more alone than ever. Her team of nurses were taken away and she was given one nurse that would look after her 24/7 much to Althea’s chagrin as she still wanted to look after her daughter herself. If was around her third birthday that her sister was born and the woman looking after her was taken away all together and Phaedra was put into tutoring. By then she could walk and talk successfully and was already interested in the world around her. Andreus just needed a legitimate reason to get rid of his daughter so he could spend time indulging his son and his younger daughter.

Nikos Galanis was sixteen when Phaedra was born and at the time his family were quite wealthy and high up on the social scale of Greece and Zakynthos. By the time she was being tutored he was nineteen and nearing the end of his own education. But most of the time he would skip school and return to the island so he could tutor Phaedra himself. From there a bond was born and the two would spend insane amounts of time together. In Andreus’ eyes that meant that in a way Nikos and the rest of his family were turning their back on the ‘good’ part of the family as most of Nikos’ family indulged in Phaedra.

Christmases and Birthdays were awkward for Phaedra. She got an array of different things. Girly, glam and often very emotional things from the Galanis’ and then books after books after books from her parents. She’d usually get the reading material done in a matter of weeks but she’d spend hours looking over the things that Nikos and his family had gifted her with. Often the people running the tavernas or the kebab shops would give her something and even the people who walked up and down the beach selling Muggle movies that had been secretly recorded in the Cinemas gave her some of their wares. It was the jewellers and hat people that Phaedra really looked forward to seeing. The women with all the clothes loved dressing her up and her dress maker would pop in to say hello.

Phaedra had been psyched up for school since she was old enough to walk and talk so when her eighth birthday came around it was no surprise to her that when the school year began she was shipped off to the mainland where she would learn. She didn’t know if her mother was sad to see her go or not. Her father certainly hadn’t gone to Laganas to see her off and her mother had kept her tears away. Her youngest sister had only been a babe in arms so Phaedra guessed that her mother was distracted. She was doubtful though.
School Years:
The Greek school on the mainland has a peculiar way of producing genius’ right under the nose of the European Ministry. Starting from age eight the students will go through until twenty-one years of age. How early you start depends on your blood though. Although Greece is orderly people are still prejudiced and don’t expect ‘Mudbloods’ to be able to perform magic until eleven years of age which is when they are allowed into the school. Half-Bloods are accepted when they’re nine.

Phaedra went at age eight. Her father pushed for her to attend earlier but the school had denied it because of the limits on how young the children had to be. Plus, it was unfounded. The eight-year-olds could barely deal with being away from their parents – how could a seven-year-old? Despite this, Phaedra went along when one of her tutors needed to stock up on books or do some more research so she probably spent a year there anyway learning ahead of time which meant she was already at the top of her class. This did stump the Headmaster slightly but he never chose to comment, instead deciding to congratulate the girl and watch over her. He couldn’t quite understand why she spent so much time away from her family. She didn’t even seem to mind.

Finally, Phaedra went to school with the rest of the students her age. She donned the blue and white uniform (the colours of the flag) and looked like a painting the day she walked up to be sorted. The Greeks did it a different way to Hogwarts. At the very top end of the hall on a platform a stone bird bath stood attached to the floor with the intricate designs depicting all four houses. A small finger bowl with the same designs was sat on the rim and the student would have to drink the water. From their mouths the animal representing their house would dance across the room. The houses – the Athenians, the Spartans, the Cretans and the Olympians – had the same qualities of the houses at Hogwarts and Phaedra was put in the Athenian house; or...Ravenclaw. Athena’s Owl sprang from her mouth and flew across the table she was destined to sit at for thirteen years.

Divulging into exactly what happened during Phaedra’s school years would take too long and much work so I shall be blunt. Her years spent there were used to she could get acceptance from her father. Her intelligence caused him to reject her even further much to her dismay. During her years she made many friends that seemed to balance out her studying and nerdish habits with fun and games of their own. She learned a lot from Nikos who was determined to turn her into a one woman fighting machine for some reason only known to him. She graduated with an impressive 20 N.E.W.T’s – all ‘Outstandings’ after slaving over her course-work for months on end. She had her 12 core and added lessons as well as eight others including languages, arts and sports that weren’t up in the air.

Some students stay on for another few years after their thirteen to catch up on missed work or earn masters in whatever subjects they wanted. By her last year Phaedra had next to no social life so most of her masters were gained during her last year but bear in mind this is mostly all theory and practical exams done in controlled environments. There is no telling what could happen to her outside.

Phaedra has yet to enjoy the freedom of graduate life as she is wound up like a ball of string. She has had a little time to relax, though. When she returned home her desire to go to England and live there was as strong as it ever was. Her hatred towards her father burned like fire and she saw that place as an escape. Althea made sure Phaedra got to the mainland and from there the Greek backpacked across Europe for weeks on end. It is unknown how long she spent trekking across the western world but she stopped off in places she’d always dreamed of visiting. She left on bad terms with most of her siblings and her mother no longer writes to her for fear of her father tracking her down. The only one who contacts her is Nikos but that is to be expected in a way.

Phaedra arrived in England a few days ago and isn’t sure what to expect if she’s honest with herself. All she has are her worldly possessions and anything sacred to her such as the bottomless trunk which she actually filled. It must be a world record! Phaedra doesn’t know what to expect from England but she hopes new doors will be opened for her. There is enough adventure to last a life time and Phaedra plans on getting as much of it as possible while she still can!

Short Roleplay: *Looks at it. Scoffs. Wanders off to RP with real people and not on my own.*

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*Faints from your app* I confess i didn't read it all my eyes hurt from staring at my dear monitor.

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S'okay Mari. It is massive. Took me about a week and a bit to actually complete. I've told Matt that he's got to hit me with something, and/or not accept the apps, if I make a massive one again. That invitation is extended to you too! Razz

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Do I wish to know? Rolling Eyes I guess not... Razz
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