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Vitani Lea

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Post by Guest Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:32 am

Out Of Character:
Name: Kayla
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen
How you found Potter's Army: Google search. :]
Any other characters on Potter's Army: None.

In Character
Vitani Lea Vimagecopy
Name: Vitani Olivia Lea
Nicknames: V, Vee, Olive (only among close friends, hah)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Year AND Age: Year 6, 16 (As of September 2020)
Preferred houses: Ravenclaw. Maaaybe Gryffindor, if not Ravenclaw.
Birthday: December 22
Canon or Original: Original, of course. :]
Blood Status: Half-blood.

Height: 1.5 metres (5' 2")
Hair: Waist-length, black.
Eye colour: Blue.
Skin: Caucasian.
Other distinguishing features: Has lots of freckles! :]

Sets high standards for herself and is very hardworking and serious when it comes to important tasks (like homework, ballet, or cleaning). To strangers and newly-made acquaintances, she is quite reserved. Speaks little of herself in a positive manner, often lacks confidence in herself or in her appearance, and has a great amount of self-loathing. Greatly respects her professors and other forms of authority. Can be surprisingly and suddenly witty despite being so reserved. Around closer friends, her humor tends to be less subtle, and she is prone to rambling or ranting when she feels her reputation is secure; in the presence of good friends she takes on a more carefree nature rather than her usual skeptical, pessimistic and collected attitude. She is quite cautious and never disregards consequences, but all the same enjoys adventure. Stubborn, blunt, honest, and not overtly sentimental. Does not believe in the conventions of society or the media.

Skills: Flexible (physically), hard worker, quite intelligent, balance, rational thinking, comforting others, baking! Very Happy
Weaknesses: Pessimistic, worrier, low self esteem, takes things too seriously, stubbornness.
11:11 wishing, abandoned house exploration, amélie (the movie), anna bessonova, antique rope beds, ballet, band-aids, bicycle baskets, bonfire night, braces, buffalo hot wings, claddagh rings, daguerreotypes, dancing, feather down pillows, flowers around the house, freckles, french bread, italy, itching bug bites, jumping on trampolines, liverpool, minestrone, organic food, ornithology, paul, people watching, perfect strawberries, picnics, rhythm gymnastics, rope swings, rushmore (the movie), snow, sun dresses, swimming in cold lakes, turkey stuffing, urban decay, v for vendetta (the comic mostly, the movie was okay.) wine, winter cold, yoga and pilates
Dislikes: Being picked up by the under arms, summer heat, slugs/snails/worms/sharks, peanut butter/watermelon/onions/tomatoes, nail polish smell, men who wear too much cologne, the words "gay" and "retarded" used as synonyms for "stupid", ignorant/rude/disrespectful people, high heels, preconceived notions of "femininity".
Family Information:
Vitani was born into a family of average wealth; her father Dave (his side of the family containing many witches and wizards) is the owner of a small bookstore in Liverpool, England, and her Italian Muggle mother Isabella "brings home the bacon" after a long day at one of Liverpool's most luxurious French restaurants. Her mother always said that what she cooks at home (traditional Italian dishes) is from the heart, and it is her wish to save that for her family. That is not to say that she does not put effort into her career, as she does it very well and with great pride, but it is her belief that tradition should be kept among the family. Her father is most well known as a polymath and lover of all sources of knowledge. At a young age Vitani would spend countless hours in his cramped store sitting among the piles of dusty, ancient tomes with her nose buried inside some kind of book. Vitani's father gave her a love of reading, a down to earth personality, and a very realistic view of the world.
In the summer of 2009, Vitani would have had a baby sister. After eleven long years of being an only child, she longed for a sibling more than anything. A relatively lonely and reserved girl, she believed that a sister who loved and cared for her would allow her more confidence and a new friend.

Background: In July 2009, Vitani's dreams of new kin were shattered with a miscarriage that almost claimed her mother's life. Heartbroken with the loss of her future sibling and the sickness of her mother, Vitani withdrew from the real world into a shell of emotion. Her father cared more about her mother than anything else. Vitani could barely contain herself from exploding with the anger that built up as he discussed her mother's health and the nearly unaffordable hospital bill, pampered and ran all around the house for mother, and ignored Vitani's own hurt and disappointment. Instead, at one point when her emotions became too out of control, she discovered her hidden power. One night as the family set down to dinner, her father had the misfortune of setting his daughter off with some comment about how Vitani was feeling "lately". With her outburst of feeling Vitani then pushed the kitchen table halfway across the livingroom without laying a finger on it. Her mother and father saw it as something dangerous and contemplated homeschooling in an attempt to shelter Vitani and perhaps rid her of this power, and V herself became frightened and somewhat ashamed of her power, and began trying to control in in an attempt to make her parents proud of her. Plans of home-based education were pushed out of their minds when Vitani received her acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry nearly two months later. Both Dave and Isabella thought of it as an opportunity for their daughter to learn to focus her abilities, if not nullify them.

Short Roleplay:
Paul was still snoring against his pillow when V was shaken from her sleep. He always had this unique and soft little wheeze that he made when sleeping. It was a delicate little snore, and it was something more appealing to a woman as the accepted noise to make while sleeping. Paul had said before that Vitani held the habit of producing a snore loud enough to keep him from sleeping, and she was always the type of person to doze off once her head hit the pillow, but Paul was remarkable in being able to sleep in any situation. Neither airplane seat nor bare floor hindered his sleep. Vitani reached over and planted her lips only lightly against Paul's forehead, but he did not stir in the least. A gust of wind picked up some papers on the floor and scattered them to new locations across the room. V waved her hand at the window and it slid shut, yet its sound did nothing to wake Paul.

After a few minutes, Vitani decided to pry into Paul's privacy. She rolled off the bed and onto the floor, neither of them far apart from another, and crawled towards Paul's desk. She didn't dare try to levitate the laptop across the room; she knew she was able to, but there was always the factor of dropping it unexpectedly for a variety of reasons. Once it was nestled on the bed in between her legs, Vitani unfolded the computer and it went to humming with a press of a button. Then appeared the dreaded screen. V looked over at Paul, who had shifted onto his side, his arms cradling a pillow in place of Vitani.

"Paulie." with her words she realized how dry and disgusting her mouth felt. But he looked so serene in his sleep, and Vitani decided to put her best effort into hacking his computer. She tried every inside joke she could remember, but neither "buffalo" nor "misterpickles" allowed her access to the computer. Then she had an epiphany. Detergent, the name she had suggested for a cat that Paul had adopted when they were in their middle teens. Vitani considered her password-guessing skills superior and would have challenged anyone else to perform such a task with such success. Then again, she had known Paul for all of her life, and she hardly let the details of their childhood slip her mind.

She didn't snoop around his documents as much as she might have liked to; all she saw was a few unfinished digital drawings saved in one folder and a text document with a schedule about some deadline. When her email website had finally loaded, a soft moan came from behind her, and Paul leaned up in bed.

"Morning, love."

"Mmrh," Paul grumbled and rested his chin on Vitani's bare shoulder. His arms were warm around her upper abdomen, and she knew she was blushing. "Wha.. How did you get on..?"

"Face it, Paulie. I know you better than you think."

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Vitani Lea Empty Re: Vitani Lea

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:41 am

ACCEPTED and sorted into RAVENCLAW.

Love the roleplay at the end. Great stuff! I'll get back to you on the telekenetic stuff. Did you draw the picture yourself? It's awesome! Love it =))
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Post by Guest Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:59 am

Yes, I did do it myself! :] Thanks a lot.

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