Bates, Victoria Morgana
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Bates, Victoria Morgana

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Bates, Victoria  Morgana  Empty Bates, Victoria Morgana

Post by Victoria Bates Wed Jun 07, 2023 2:17 pm

Bates, Victoria  Morgana  OGC.e6822280e556ed00ef8a4ed27d702b8d?pid=1.7&
Victoria morgana Bates
Name: Victoria Morgana Bates
Class/Species: Witch
house you pick

Nationality: French
Father: Norman

Playby: Elizabeth Gillies
Hair: Blue
Eyes: dark brown
Build: skinny angular
Skin: pale
Overall Appearance: Victoria Bates, possesses a stunning and distinct allure. Her piercing, azure eyes captivate those who meet her gaze, shimmering with a mix of intensity and mystery. Victoria's lustrous, dark brown locks cascade down her shoulders, framing her delicate features with a touch of effortless elegance. Her hair, sometimes styled in loose waves or pulled back in a sophisticated updo, adds versatility to her overall appearance. Standing at a graceful height of around 5 feet 8 inches (approximately 173 cm), she carries herself with an air of confidence, commanding attention whenever she enters a room. Victoria's beauty is an amalgamation of grace, charm, and an alluring aura that draws people towards her like moths to a flame.

Good Qualities:Intelligence: Victoria possesses a sharp and agile mind, showcasing exceptional intellectual abilities. Her quick thinking and problem-solving skills enable her to navigate complex situations with ease.
Charm: Victoria exudes a captivating charm that draws people towards her. Her ability to engage in meaningful conversations and make others feel at ease contributes to her allure and charisma.
Resourcefulness: When faced with challenges, Victoria has a knack for finding innovative solutions. Her resourceful nature allows her to think outside the box and adapt to difficult circumstances, making her a formidable force to reckon with.

Bad Qualities:Manipulative: Victoria's charismatic persona often conceals her talent for manipulation. She can exploit the emotions and vulnerabilities of others to further her own agenda, using her charm and wit to bend situations to her advantage.
Deceptive: Victoria is skilled at masking her true intentions, often leading others to underestimate her or fall victim to her carefully crafted deceptions. Her ability to wear different masks and maintain a facade adds to her enigmatic nature.
Impulsiveness: At times, Victoria's actions are driven by her impulsive nature, making her prone to making reckless decisions without fully considering the consequences. This impulsiveness can lead her down dangerous paths and exacerbate her downward spiral.
Likes:Power and Control: Victoria finds satisfaction in gaining power and control over her surroundings. The feeling of influence and dominance resonates deeply with her, driving her to pursue it relentlessly.
Intellectual Stimulation: Victoria is drawn to intellectual challenges that push the boundaries of her knowledge. Engaging in thought-provoking conversations, exploring complex concepts, and unraveling mysteries ignite her passion for intellectual stimulation.
Art and Aesthetics: Victoria appreciates the beauty in various art forms. Whether it's visual arts, literature, or music, she finds solace and inspiration in the expression of creativity and the emotions they evoke.

Weakness: Victoria despises any display of weakness, both in herself and others. She has little patience for those who lack strength of character or resolve, considering them unworthy of her attention or respect.
Conformity: Victoria rebels against societal norms and despises the idea of conforming to expectations or being confined by rules. She values individuality and freedom, disliking anything that attempts to stifle personal expression.
Betrayal: Given her manipulative nature, Victoria is particularly sensitive to betrayal. She has a deep-rooted aversion to being deceived or having her trust shattered, viewing betrayal as the ultimate offense that warrants severe consequences.
Losing Control: One of Victoria's deepest fears is the loss of control over her own destiny. The idea of being at the mercy of external forces, whether physical or emotional, terrifies her, as it threatens her sense of power and autonomy.
Abandonment: Victoria fears being abandoned or left alone, as it taps into her vulnerabilities and exposes her to a sense of emptiness. The thought of being rejected or forgotten by those she cares about is a haunting prospect for her.
Failure: Despite her ambition and intelligence, the fear of failure looms over Victoria. The idea of not living up to her own expectations or falling short of her goals instills a sense of anxiety, pushing her to extreme lengths to avoid such outcomes.
General Personality: Victoria exudes an enigmatic allure that hints at a complexity beneath her seemingly composed exterior. She possesses a captivating ability to employ subtlety and charm in her pursuit of her goals, utilizing her intelligence and wit to navigate the intricacies of her endeavors. With a natural inclination for intrigue, Victoria is adept at operating in the shadows, always maintaining an air of discretion that keeps others guessing. Her tantalizing presence draws people in, leaving them simultaneously captivated and wary of her elusive nature.
Flaunting an undeniable confidence, Victoria effortlessly maneuvers through social situations, effortlessly adapting to any role she needs to play. Her flirtatious demeanor can be both alluring and disarming, allowing her to manipulate situations to her advantage. She possesses a shrewd mind, capable of crafting intricate plans and employing strategic maneuvers to accomplish her objectives.
Victoria's determination knows no bounds, and she possesses a tenacious spirit that fuels her relentless pursuit of her mission. Her methods may at times be morally ambiguous, but her unwavering commitment to her cause is undeniable. She operates in the shadows, carefully concealing her true intentions while skillfully weaving a web of influence.
In essence, Victoria's complex character combines the qualities of deception, discretion, allure, and confidence. She is a master of manipulation, with an uncanny ability to adapt to any situation and do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Her enigmatic presence and tantalizing persona make her both a captivating and formidable force to be reckoned with.


Victoria Morgana Bates was born to Norman and Evelyn Bates on a fateful evening of May 30th, under the luminescence of a full moon. Her lineage, steeped in magical ancestry, carried an intriguing secret—a muggle ancestor nestled three generations back on her mother's side. As an only child, Victoria received undivided attention and nurturing, fostering an environment that nurtured her innate brilliance and potential.

During her formative years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Victoria blossomed into a remarkable young witch, demonstrating exceptional intelligence and aptitude across all her classes. Her thirst for knowledge was insatiable, reflected in her outstanding academic achievements. With ease, she earned multiple Outstanding Wizarding Levels (OWLs) and exhibited great promise as she embarked on her sixth year, eagerly anticipating her upcoming Newt examinations.

However, Victoria's journey at Hogwarts took an unexpected turn. The weight of newfound freedom and peer influence seemed to have an intoxicating effect on her. Drawn to the allure of rebellion and seeking solace from the pressures of her bright future, she found herself increasingly entangled in late-night adventures, mingling with a more adventurous crowd, and pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

What started as innocent escapades soon took a darker turn. Victoria's thirst for excitement and thrill led her to flirt with danger, experimenting with forbidden spells, and engaging in mischievous pranks that often landed her in detention. Yet, with every act of defiance, the line between harmless rebellion and potentially destructive choices grew thinner, threatening to consume her youthful innocence.

Haunted by the consequences of her actions and the potential damage to her once-promising future, Victoria found herself at a crossroads, torn between the remnants of her former self and the allure of the darkness that beckoned her further. As she navigated her way through the intricate halls of Hogwarts, she sought to reconcile her yearning for adventure with the realization that her choices had consequences she could no longer ignore.

In essence, Victoria's transformation from a brilliant and ambitious young witch to a troubled soul teetering on the precipice of her own abyss was a gradual evolution influenced by the alluring call of rebellion, the intoxicating freedom of youth, and the profound lessons learned from the consequences of her choices.

Alias: Cecilia
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Bates, Victoria  Morgana  Empty Re: Bates, Victoria Morgana

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Jun 07, 2023 9:37 pm

She looks okay to me, and she seems like a clear Slytherin to me. So unless you object, I'll sort her to Slytherin. Smile
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