Bates, Trisha
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Bates, Trisha

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Bates, Trisha Empty Bates, Trisha

Post by Arthur Yorke Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:00 pm

Bates, Trisha MV5BMTcyNzY4MDg5MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjg0MjcyNA@@._V1._SX412_CR0,0,412,600_



    FULL NAME: Trisha Alice Bates

    NICKNAMES:  Tris, Bates

    AGE: 15.
    Birthday: April 16

    Potter's Army
    Scotland (Her homeland)
    Kinghorn - where she was born/lives
    Her House at Hogwarts
    Good Spirits (See History)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: CoMC, Transfiguration, Charms
    Yet to take her owls; No grades of note

    WAND:  Blackthorn, Thestral Tail Hair, 12 inches, Swishy (Said to be good for Charm work)

    PLAY BY: Sasha Pieterse


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Blue-gray


    BODY BUILD: Thin, Athletic

    Tris definitely cares about her appearance and avoids going out when she looks bad. This is mostly because people alienate her anyways, so she wants to avoid giving them another reason to do so.

    Hair – Tris's hair is blonde, past her shoulders, and often pulled back into a braid (never a ponytail). Her hair is nearly impossible to straighten, so instead she emphasizes her curls or ties it up somehow. Because she cares about her appearance, she would hate if she were running late and her hair ended up looking a mess.

    Eyes – Her eyes are rather large, and round. They're blue-gray and tend to change colors depending on what she's wearing. Sometimes they can even appear somewhat green. Some people – her grandmum on her dad's side for example – say her eyes can see straight into someone's heart. Tris isn't so sure, though, because she often trusts the wrong people. The only folks she seems to be able to understand easily are ghosts.

    Face – Tris generally has a clear complexion because of the care she puts into her looks. She has a heart-shaped face and a bright smile. While she avoids wearing copious amounts of makeup, she never leaves her room without mascara – her eyelashes are slightly blonde naturally, and she thinks they look odd without it. She would never wear much eyeshadow, because she thinks girls look right strange with colored eyeshadow. (“Why on earth would someone want their eyelids to be bright blue? Or green? Mental, they are.” – Tris on eyeshadow) She usually wears eyeliner and blush, but avoids coloring her lips too much. (Her father and brothers wouldn't take kindly to that!)

    Body – She's rather short for her age. While Tris is thin and athletic, she's not exactly twiggy. She plays Quidditch as a method of clearing her mind, and wants to join the house team for her fifth year. Tris has a birthmark on the back of her right shoulder, between the shoulder blade and where the shoulder connects to her torso. It looks, in her opinion, like a swirl. She had no idea why it happened or how. But it's there. She also has a scar on the knuckle of her left thumb where her thumb connects to the back of her hand. It's from a rather embarrassing accident with PVC pipe (it pinched the skin while she was helping her father build something). She doesn't understand that she's really pretty – another reason why she puts effort into how she looks on the outside – but hopes that people like her for the inside more than her outer appearance.



    1.    Loving
    2.    Handling spirits as well as humans
    3.    Sports (Quidditch, as well as Muggle sports. Mostly Quidditch, though)
    4.    Athleticism
    5.    Strong Minded (When she sets her mind to something, she would hardly rest until it's been accomplished)
    6.    Attentive
    7.    Intelligent 
    8.    Curious
    9.    Adventurous
    10.  Giving
    11.  Compassionate
    12.  Good sense of humor
    13.  Creative
    14.  Quick thinker
    15.  Able to focus easily
    16.  Neat
    17.  Musical
    18.  Writing (Grammar, storylines, etc)
    19.  Good at having responsibility and being a leader (She's good at being a team member, but is willing to be in charge if she feels she understands the needs and jobs necessary for those who would report to her)
    20.  Level headed (in regards to anything except love. She hasn't experienced that yet, but she imagines she would be more quick to act than to think were she involved in such a thing)
    21.  Organized
    22.  Strong sense of her values and morals
    23.  Can laugh her way through the rough times (doesn't get discouraged easily, nor depressed)
    24.  Care of Magical Creatures/Ghoul Studies
    25.  Transfiguration
    26.  Charms
    27.  Memorizes things easily
    28.  Cooking
    29.  Working under pressure
    30.  Loyal
    31.  Singing
    32.  Easily controls her temper (she's almost never angry, or if she is she won't show it)
    33.  Solving puzzles or mazes.

    [+/-] Kind-hearted
    [+/-] Quiet
    [+/-] Questions everything
    [+/-] Becomes exceedingly invested in relationships (Be it her own friendship or romance, or that of friends or even book characters)
    [+/-] Sarcastic
    [+/-] Conscious of appearance
    [+/-] Perfectionist
    [+/-] Competitive
    [+/-] Independent
    [+/-] Pacifist

    1.    Allergic to animals with fur
    2.    Has trouble trusting her instincts, even after all these years.
    3.    Self Conscious
    4.    Low Self Confidence
    5.    Stubborn
    6.    Can't seem to start conversations with boys (especially those she's interested in)
    7.    Shy
    8.    Has a rough time making friends
    9.    Worrisome
    10.  Adores sweets
    11.  Know-it-all
    12.  Gets injured easily (Clumsy)
    13.  Compares her life/romances to that of characters in her books
    14.  Spends more time in her books than the real world
    15.  Guys with crooked smiles and a sense of humor
    16.  Public speaking (less so when she's comfortable with her knowledge of the subject matter)
    17.  Over-thinks most everything
    18.  Judging character (mostly applies to humans. Spirits are easier to understand)
    19.  Trusts quickly (which leads to her getting hurt now and again)
    20.  Romance (She once had an encounter with a ghost who became nearly dark because they were trying to make contact with her ex husband – her true love – and the ghost in question knew that the darker spirits had the most power and could contact people more easily. She understands that love can make people do incredibly dangerous and sometimes asinine things)
    21.  Impatience
    22.  Uses self-deprecation as a shield sometimes when feeling awkward
    23.  Arithmancy
    24.  Herbology
    25.  Has a hard time blending in (because of her family and her looks)
    26.  She's not sure someone can love her. (See Mirror of Erised)
    27.  Naive
    28.  She has a weak stomach when people are injured
    29.  Can be meek at times
    30.  Predictable
    31.  Skeptical
    32.  Solemn
    33.  Withdrawn most of the time


    1.    Muggle devices
    2.    Movies/Music
    3.    Sweets
    4.    Crafts
    5.    Reading
    6.    Sharing knowledge
    7.    Boys
    8.    Puns
    9.    Wit and Sarcasm
    10.  The idea of True Love/Prince Charmings (fairytales and the like)
    11.  Writing (fiction as well as songs and true stories)
    12.  Instruments (She plays cello, piano, and violin)
    13.  Books about anything and everything (especially fiction)
    14.  Cheesy romances
    15.  Aurors/Ministry workers and representatives (Anyone for the good side, basically)
    16.  Folks who put the time in to understand her and befriend her
    17.  Holidays (To be able to return home and see her family)
    18.  Ghost “Hunting”
    19.  Libraries
    20.  Cooking
    21.  Proving people wrong (about her, about Muggleborns, about things they think they know, etc)
    22.  To her, Amortentia would smell like Tangerine, Lavender, Vanilla Extract, and Parchment
    23.  Flowers
    24.  Hot cocoa
    25.  Traveling
    26.  Gathering information
    27.  Puzzles
    28.  Halloween – it's her favorite holiday, and she rather wishes that the Wizarding community dressed up like she used to at home

    She doesn't feel any specific way about:
    1. Darkness
    2. Small places
    3. Exploring
    4. Being alone (she often does her best work while she is alone, though she doesn't prefer it to spending time with others.)

    1.    Large animals (They scare her)
    2.    Cold Weather/Snow
    3.    People who claim to know everything but actually don't
    4.    Show-offs
    5.    Purebloods with bad attitudes
    6.    Poetry
    7.    Being Idle
    8.    Negative energies (in regards to people as much as spirits)
    9.    Death Eaters
    10.  Being told who to be
    11.  People who alienate her before they get to know her
    12.  Jumping to conclusions (It just gets her into trouble)
    13.  Being corrected (because it means she doesn't understand something very well)
    14.  People reading her writing before she's edited it a few times.
    15.  Her laugh (It's a bit loud, and if she laughs to hard it becomes silent and awkward)
    16.  Liars/Traitors
    17.  Girls with no morals
    18.  People with no sense of humor
    19.  Arithmancy (It's her worst subject)
    20.  Silence
    21.  Being embarrassed (she blushes easily, and obviously)
    22.  Aggressive people
    23.  Surprises (she jumps. Or, if she's tickled, she makes this embarrassing squeaking noise.)
    24.  Knowing that people spread rumors about her
    25.  People who pick on those who cannot protect themselves
    26.  Cheaters (in relationships or in general)
    27.  Shopping
    28.  People who are bossy
    29.  Insects
    30.  Guys who flirt just for the sake of flirting
    31.  Being used
    32.  Profanity
    33.  Drinking (it makes people act like fools)
    34.  Looking a mess

    1. Graduate with excellent NEWTs and OWLs. Preferably top of her class.
    2. Gain a position in the Ministry as a go-between for humans and spirits.
    3. Be the most informed in her subject of choice (in this case, the assisting and dealing with of ghosts and dark spirits).
    4. Have a large family like her own.
    5. Save at least one family from a daemon or dark spirit.
    6. Become Chaser for the Ravenclaw House Team.

    1. Matches songs to her feelings or opinion of her life at the time (She would probably make a very good musical director for a film)
    2. Dives into a book when she's upset or frustrated. This also happens when she's confused or wants to understand something. She'd rather understand everything than lack knowledge about anything.
    3. Messes with her hair – pushes it out of her face and the like. Mostly, this happens when she's bored or has nothing to do.
    4. Because she used to bite her nails and wants to avoid starting again, she often fiddles with her hands.

    BOGGART: Failing her family on a ghost “hunt”. This would involve a dark spirit of some sort injuring or possessing her loved ones or the family they're trying to assist. (However, most times the family in question isn't present when they're trying to contact the spirits)

    PATRONUS: Her brightest memory was when she learned she was a witch – through her Hogwarts letter at age 11. It explained why she could see ghosts so easily, and why her family couldn't. It meant they finally let her join them on their “missions” and she could help people.

    DEMENTOR: Sitting at home worrying about her family while they were on investigations without her. Although she was with her grandparents, she was still focused on if things were going well for her parents and older siblings.

    VERITASERUM: She has never shown her writing or musical talents to anyone for fear that they will make fun of her for that as well. She also is concerned that she won't take the criticism well and make things worse.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her greatest wishes (besides those mentioned in goals) are to be the Head of a Department at the ministry regarding her dream job, and to have someone show her that she's worthy of true love. (She doesn't believe strongly that she isn't worthy, but isn't sure that someone can. She's been an outcast for so long that she doubts someone could see past her story and the rumors someone might make about her to grow to love her)

    Beliefs – Tris has no religious beliefs, but also wouldn't go about talking about said lack of belief. She feels that followers of Voldemort share many of the same traits as the dark spirits she's encountered. Likely, she believes, some of those could well have been dead Death Eaters (Not that she has proof, mind you.) People who cause pain just for the sake of hurting others (like daemons and Death Eaters), Tris thinks, should be stopped. While she won't judge others quickly (Because she dislikes that everyone judges her), and she doesn't jump to conclusions easily. She believes that evil isn't born, it's made.

    If you don't know Tris, she's shy and rarely speaks, except in class when Professors ask questions. She will never initiate conversations with people she doesn't know, or if she's not sure if the other person wants to talk to her in return. Instead, she will try to make eye contact or maybe go so far as waving to someone, but that would be if she were feeling particularly bold that day.

    Once she feels comfortable around someone, she will allow herself to be a bit more relaxed. She likely doesn't get to being outgoing or silly, but she has a good sense of humor and takes jokes well. She doesn't, however, take surprises or pranks well. Those are some of the few times her temper gets the better of her, or she gets angry.

    She IS -
    --An Intellectual
    --A lover of food and cooking
    --Aware of people's opinions of her

    She IS NOT -
    --Strong (muscularly)
    --A rebel
    --Good at drawing

    She DOES -
    --Prefer conversation to debate
    --Try to convince herself she's imagining someone liking her (even when there are signs)
    --Like answering questions in class to earn points for her House
    --Care a lot about how she looks
    --Take advice gratefully
    --Love children
    --Believe food can erase barriers between people
    --Quote her favorite things often

    She DOES NOT -
    --Negotiate her way out of things
    --Lie to her friends or those with authority over her
    --Flirt openly
    --Try to skirt the rules
    --Take criticism on her writing well
    --Like spicy food
    --Hold house prejudices

    She HAS -
    --Spent most of her time in the library
    --Spent more time with her family than with friends
    --Gone on Ghost “hunts”
    --Been made fun of, along with her family
    --Two elder brothers who look out for her even more than her dad
    --An older sister who taught her almost as much as her books
    --Conversed with the castle ghosts about contacting spirits outside of Hogwarts

    She HAS NOT -
    --Had a job
    --Been harmed by a spirit
    --Allowed a dark spirit to remain in someone's home
    --Had serious trouble in classes, though Arithmancy is the most difficult for her


    FATHER: James Bates (Owns a store in Kinghorn, where they live. Also is the lead of the investigative team)

    MOTHER: Annalise Bates (nee Vernet) (Works for the newspaper in Kinghorn as an advertising agent, as well as going on the investigations)

    SIBLING/S: (All of the below assist with ghost investigations as well)
    Older Brother – Connor (Six years older - age 21. At University in Edinburgh)
    Older Sister – Hayley (Four years older - age 19. At University in London)
    Older Brother – Michael (Three years older - age 18. Taking a year off before going to University)

    Grandfather (Father's side) – Dyten Bates
    Grandmother (Father's side) – Alyssa Bates (nee Hall)
    Grandfather (Mother's side) -  Henry Vernet
    Grandmother (Mother's side; deceased) – Skylar Vernet (nee Adams)

    BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class
    The Bates family has all that they need, but don't worry about what they could have. If they want something, they work hard enough to get it, rather than just wishing for it.

    PET/S: A hypoallergenic cat named Pandora (named for Pandora's box, due to Trisha's love of reading and history)

    --Ghost “hunting” equipment (K-II Meter, Laser Grid, Spectrum Reader, Camera, EMF Reader)
    --Her Journals (one for stories, one for music)


    Early Years: Tris was born Trisha Alice Bates to her parents James and Annalise. She is the youngest of four children – two older brothers (Connor and Michael) and an older sister (Hayley). They taught her the importance of family as well as how the opinions of others didn't matter. Even though they have said these things, her experiences in Hogwarts would make that difficult to accept.

    The family has no ties to religion, so they believe that when certain dark people die they come back as dark spirits. That people have a choice to come back. Trisha has always thought they were crazy – until they saw a ghost themselves. This was a year before Trisha found out they were a witch, when all became clear. No one else in her family has actually seen one, though they've been able to contact them through their ghost hunting methods. As Muggles, her parents, siblings, and herself had watched many episodes of the ghost searching shows and learned their ways. Creating their own team, Tris's parents and elder siblings had spent time investigating supposedly haunted residences.

    While her family was out at investigations, Trisha would stay with one of the pairs of her grandparents. When her grandmum on her Mum's side died, her widower made they vow to never search for her spirit unless she came forth to find them. He didn't want her disturbed. So to this day, Tris wonders if her grandmum is out there somewhere.

    Hogwarts Years: Tris was too young to join them at the time, though through her years at Hogwarts, she's studied them in her spare time and spent the knowledge trying to assist the families her family goes to help. She is able to contact them far more easily than anyone else in the group, so she has been allowed to join them even after her first year. After a few years at it, her classmates learned about her time at home and it caused her to be a bit of an outcast. Many people have ridiculed her for it, but she really doesn't care because what she does helps others, and keeps people safe.

    Her first year, she had yet to go on investigations so she was able to make a few friends here and there. Then when she off-handedly mentioned it, people started thinking she was strange for trying to contact them. This, of course, confused her because of the house ghosts floating around the castle. As it turns out, the rumor that spread was that she was affiliating with dark spirits and people actually became afraid of her. Attempting to explain that they were wrong, she started saying how her parents contacted them, and that just made things worse. Her third year was her loneliest, her forth very close behind. She hopes to make new friends in the coming years.

    She's been one of the best in her class for the first four years at Hogwarts, and intends to keep it that way, if not to become the very best. Over the years, she learned about Quidditch, and intends to try out for the House Team in her fifth year. She isn't sure that she's good at it, but wants to be allowed to be part of a team.

    Adulthood: N/A


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: Oh, just a bit...

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I've moved in.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Audriana Swan (I just have so much muse for her its crazy. She's quickly becoming my main charrie)
    (Also, Adrienne Reynolds and Carth Brownlowe)

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To work with another student who had more than just the one year ahead of her.


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Bates, Trisha Empty Re: Bates, Trisha

Post by Elijah Krum Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:11 pm

Bates, Trisha Enthralled-ScottPilgrim-Knives-amazing

Bates, Trisha Tumblr_inline_min6mlXygM1qz4rgp_zps3ab12948

So I'm just going to go and put her
in her groups now. I'm so satisfied
with this app. It's fantastic. I feel
as though I know this character
inside out and I'll go back and read
again in a bit. Anyway, congrats -
it's a Ravenclaw. :3

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