Montclair, Wanda Melaine
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Montclair, Wanda Melaine

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Montclair, Wanda Melaine Empty Montclair, Wanda Melaine

Post by Wanda Montclair Mon May 15, 2023 5:03 pm

Montclair, Wanda Melaine OIP

Wanda Melanie Montclair
Name:Wanda Melaine Montclair
Nicknames: Melaine, Mel, anything else people close to her come up with  
Class/Species: Witch

Mother:Victoria Montclair nee Sinclair
Father: Benjamin Montclair
Brother(s): Sebastian Montclair (17)
Sister(s): Olivia Montclair(19), Penelope Montclair (14)
Grandparents: William and Mrgaret Sinclair, Charles and Evelyn Montclair
Aunts and Uncles: Henry Montclair, Isabella Montclair, Richard Sinclair, Catherine Sinclair
Cousins Alexander Montclair, Sofia Montclair, Emily Sinclair, Samuel Sinclair,

Playby:Maia Mitchelle
Hair: deep brown color. Can wear it long or short, curly or sleek.
Clothes: Wanda tends to dress in comfortable clothes when permitted, otherwise she comes ready to impress.
Overall Appearance: Wanda possesses a captivating appearance that effortlessly draws attention. Her deep brown hair, versatile in style, can be seen cascading down her shoulders in loose waves, or tamed into a sleek, sophisticated look. Wanda's expressive brown eyes reflect her inner depth and intelligence, hinting at the vastness of her thoughts. Standing at an average height, she possesses a slender build, which lends an elegant grace to her every movement.

When given the choice, Wanda prefers to dress comfortably, opting for casual attire that allows her freedom of movement and reflects her laid-back nature. However, when the occasion demands, she effortlessly transitions into stunning ensembles, displaying an impeccable sense of style. Wanda's fashion choices are carefully selected, paying attention to the latest trends and effortlessly combining comfort and elegance.

Overall, Wanda's appearance exudes a captivating charm. Her beauty is not just superficial, but a reflection of her multifaceted personality and the unique blend of confidence, intellect, and natural grace that she possesses.

Good Qualities:
  • Intelligence: Wanda possesses a sharp and analytical mind, making her an excellent problem solver and a valuable asset in academic pursuits.
  • Creativity: Her love for reading, poetry, and playing the violin showcases her imaginative and artistic side. Wanda's creativity allows her to see the world from unique perspectives and express herself through various artistic mediums.
  • Ambition: Despite her initial shyness, Wanda possesses a strong drive to excel. She sets high standards for herself and is motivated to achieve her goals, constantly pushing herself to improve and succeed.

Bad Qualities:
  • Impressionable: Wanda's easily impressionable nature sometimes leads her to be swayed by the opinions and actions of others, making it challenging for her to assert her own individuality and make independent decisions.
  • Timidity: While her shyness can be endearing, it often prevents Wanda from fully expressing herself and asserting her ideas or opinions, potentially hindering her personal growth and social interactions.
  • Association with the Pureblood Crowd: Wanda's tendency to associate with the pureblood crowd might create a barrier between her and individuals from different backgrounds. It can limit her perspective and contribute to the perpetuation of social divisions within her social circle.

  • Reading: Wanda finds solace in the world of books, where she can explore different realms, gain knowledge, and experience adventures through the pages.
  • Poetry: She appreciates the beauty of words and the power of poetic expression, finding comfort and inspiration in the rhythmic flow of verses.
  • Playing the Violin: Music allows Wanda to express her emotions and channel her creativity. Playing the violin is both a personal passion and a means of connecting with others through the universal language of music.

  • Conflict: Wanda is not fond of confrontations or disagreements, preferring harmony and peaceful interactions. She tends to avoid conflict whenever possible.
  • Close-mindedness: Wanda dislikes when people exhibit a narrow-minded perspective and are unwilling to consider alternative viewpoints or embrace diversity.
  • Disappointment: Wanda dislikes letting herself or others down, as she strives to meet expectations and achieve her goals. She prefers to maintain a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Fears: [list]
[*]Failure: Wanda fears falling short of her own expectations and not living up to her potential. The fear of failure can push her to work harder but may also create anxiety and self-doubt.
[*]Rejection: Due to her shy nature, Wanda fears rejection and being excluded or ostracized by her peers. The fear of not being accepted or valued can sometimes hold her back from forming new relationships or taking risks.
[*]Isolation: Wanda dreads the feeling of being alone or isolated, as she values human connection and companionship. The fear of being disconnected from others can drive her to seek acceptance and belonging.

General Personality: Wanda's shy and quiet nature often makes her appear reserved at first, but once you get to know her, you'll discover a thoughtful and introspective individual. Her intelligence and love for challenges drive her to constantly seek knowledge and explore new ideas. Wanda finds solace in the world of books, immersing herself in literature and losing track of time. She appreciates the beauty of language and artistic expression, often finding herself drawn to poetry and expressing her emotions through playing the violin.

Though she may have a few close friends, Wanda tends to gravitate towards the pureblood crowd, possibly due to their shared interests or her desire for acceptance. While her association with this group may limit her perspective, Wanda's good qualities, such as intelligence and creativity, enable her to form meaningful connections and contribute positively to her chosen social circle. Deep

Early Years: Wanda's childhood was marked by a mix of distant relationships and admiration within her family. As the dutiful daughter of a wealthy family, she was raised with certain expectations and responsibilities. Her interactions with her older sister were filled with admiration and a desire to emulate her. Wanda looked up to her older sister as a role model, finding inspiration in her achievements and seeking guidance from her.

However, her relationship with her brother and younger sister was more distant. While they shared the same upbringing and privileged lifestyle, personality differences and individual pursuits created a noticeable gap between them. Wanda, being shy and introverted, found it difficult to establish a deep connection with her siblings. Despite this distance, Wanda held a sense of familial loyalty and a genuine concern for their well-being.

Her childhood was characterized by the pursuit of academic excellence and the fulfillment of family expectations. Wanda dedicated herself to her studies, aiming to meet the high standards set by her parents. The dutiful daughter role came naturally to her, as she strived to fulfill her family's hopes and maintain their social standing.

Overall, Wanda's childhood was shaped by a mix of distant relationships with her brother and younger sister, while her admiration for her older sister and the dutiful daughter role played significant roles in her upbringing.
Hogwarts Years: First Year: Wanda arrived at Hogwarts, initially feeling a bit overwhelmed by the new environment. However, thanks to her intelligence and natural curiosity, she quickly adapted to the academic rigors of the school. Wanda found solace and familiarity in her small group of friends, whom she had met through her family's frequent social gatherings with the pureblood community. Together, they navigated the challenges of their first year, exploring the castle, attending classes, and forming a tight-knit bond.

Second Year: Wanda's intellectual prowess continued to shine as she delved deeper into her studies. She embraced the Ravenclaw ethos of knowledge and wisdom, eagerly engaging in intellectual discussions and participating actively in class. While she maintained her core group of friends, Wanda also started to interact with other Ravenclaws who shared her passion for learning and supported her academic pursuits.

Third Year: Wanda's third year marked a period of growth and self-discovery. She began to explore her own interests outside of academics and found an outlet for her creativity. Wanda joined the Magical Arts Club, where she could express her love for poetry and music alongside her friends. This club not only allowed her to cultivate her artistic talents but also introduced her to students from other houses, broadening her social circle.

Fourth Year: As Wanda entered her fourth year, she focused on honing her magical abilities and deepening her understanding of the magical world. Although she was not yet a prefect, she took on a supportive role within her group of friends, offering guidance and assistance whenever needed. Wanda's friendships remained strong, with her small circle providing a sense of familiarity, trust, and shared experiences.

Fifth Year: Wanda's fifth year brought new challenges and increased responsibilities. While she was not a prefect, she became a respected and influential member within her group of friends. Wanda continued to excel academically, maintaining her dedication to her studies. Her friendships remained a vital source of support, providing comfort and understanding during the more demanding moments of her Hogwarts journey.

Throughout her first five years at Hogwarts, Wanda's close-knit group of friends, initially formed through her family's connections in the pureblood community, remained an integral part of her life. Together, they navigated the trials and triumphs of their Hogwarts experience, providing each other with support, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging in an environment that can sometimes be overwhelming.

After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

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Wanda Montclair
Wanda Montclair
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Montclair, Wanda Melaine Empty Re: Montclair, Wanda Melaine

Post by Jack Dyllan Mon May 15, 2023 11:52 pm

Hi Cec! Your image was broken so I went in and fixed that for ya. Sorting her now!

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