Aubrey, Brynnley Camilie
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Aubrey, Brynnley Camilie

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Aubrey, Brynnley Camilie Empty Aubrey, Brynnley Camilie

Post by Brynnley Aubrey Thu May 11, 2023 8:23 pm

Name:Brynnley Camilie Aubrey
Age: 15
Hogwarts House: Slythrin
Blood Status: pureblood
Member Name: Cecilia

Playby:Adalaide Kane
Appearance:Brynn possesses captivating beauty. She has a heart-shaped face that is complemented by delicate and well-defined facial features. Her complexion is fair and radiant, exuding a natural glow. Her eyes are enchanting, likely characterized by their expressive nature and a captivating gaze that draws people in. They may be a shade of deep blue or perhaps a mesmerizing green, reflecting her emotions and lending an air of mystery to her overall look.
Brynn's hair is undoubtedly one of her standout features. She has luscious, flowing locks that are rich in color and texture, cascading in loose waves.In terms of her build, Brynn possesses a graceful and slender figure, accentuated by her elegant posture and poise.

Mother: Evon Aubrey
Father: Elijah Aubrey

Good Qualities:Smart, loyal, strategic, flirty
Bad Qualities: pureist, rude, trouble maker.
Likes: Getting her way, Potions, flirting, quidditch, snakes
Dislikes: Muggles, Classes, getting dirty.
Fears: spiders, death.
General Personality: Brynn, a fifth-year Slytherin student, possesses a complex personality with a mix of positive and negative qualities. She is undeniably intelligent, with a sharp mind that allows her to excel academically and strategically. Her wit and cleverness are often admired by her peers, and she uses her intelligence to her advantage.
Loyalty is one of Brynn's admirable traits. While she may come across as self-centered at times, she fiercely protects and supports those she considers close to her. Her loyalty extends to her house, and she takes great pride in being a Slytherin, valuing the traditions and heritage associated with it. Brynn has a flirtatious nature, finding enjoyment in charming others, regardless of their gender. She possesses a natural allure and is skilled at using her charm to manipulate situations to her advantage. However, this flirty behavior can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or hurt feelings, as not everyone may appreciate her advances. Unfortunately, Brynn's negative qualities can overshadow her positive ones. She can be purist in her beliefs, harboring prejudices against Muggles and displaying an elitist attitude. This pureblood supremacy can lead her to be rude and dismissive towards individuals she deems beneath her.
Furthermore, Brynn has a tendency to stir up trouble, often seeking excitement and attention. This mischievous nature can create friction with others and lead to conflicts. Her aversion to getting dirty and disliking classes might contribute to her desire for excitement outside the traditional confines of school. Beneath her confident façade, Brynn harbors fears, particularly arachnophobia and a fear of death. These fears may occasionally chip away at her self-assured demeanor, revealing a vulnerable side to her personality. Overall, Brynn's general personality can be described as intelligent, loyal, and strategic, but also rude, flirtatious, and occasionally trouble-making.

Rumors Known About Character:
  • has a snake for a pet
  • flirts with guys to mask her true sexuality.
  • is related to voldemort
  • speaks parseltongue

Early Years: Brynn's first eleven years were undoubtedly characterized by a privileged and sheltered upbringing as a pureblood witch. Growing up as an only child, she received undivided attention from her doting father, who indulged her every whim. The word "no" was likely foreign to her vocabulary, as her desires were often fulfilled.
Her family, being purebloods, would have instilled in her a sense of superiority and the belief in their pureblood heritage. This upbringing likely contributed to her purist views and prejudices against Muggles, which would have been reinforced by her father and the pureblood circles they associated with. As a young witch, Brynn was introduced to the magical world and its customs from an early age. Her father sent her to exclusive magical schools to ensure she received the best education tailored to her pureblood status. During this time, Brynn discovered her affinity for magic and exhibited signs of her flirtatious nature, even at a young age. Her ability to charm and manipulate others might have become apparent, and she may have used it to her advantage even before her time at Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Years:First Year: Brynn entered Hogwarts with a mix of excitement and trepidation, eager to explore the magical world and establish her place within it. She was sorted into Slytherin, the house that aligned with her family's pureblood heritage. Despite her initial confidence, she faced challenges adapting to the rigorous academic demands of Hogwarts. However, her sharp intellect and resourcefulness allowed her to excel academically, earning her the respect of some of her professors.

Second Year: Brynn's second year at Hogwarts brought new adventures and obstacles. She delved deeper into her magical studies, particularly focusing on potions, which she discovered she had a talent for. Her flirtatious nature continued to flourish, and she reveled in the attention she received from her classmates. However, her behavior occasionally earned her a reputation as a troublemaker among certain teachers and students.

Third Year: As Brynn progressed into her third year, she found herself taking on more responsibilities within the school. She may have joined various extracurricular activities, possibly including the Slytherin Quidditch team, where she thrived on the competitive spirit and the opportunity to showcase her skills. Her strategic mindset and determination made her a valuable asset to her team, and her successes on the Quidditch pitch earned her recognition among her peers.

Fourth Year: During her fourth year, Brynn began to explore her identity and personal relationships more deeply. The rumors surrounding her flirtatious behavior and her true sexuality intensified, causing speculation and gossip among her classmates. This year marked a period of self-discovery for Brynn as she navigated her own emotions and feelings, trying to understand who she truly was beneath the facade she presented to others.

Adult Years:

Brynnley Aubrey
Brynnley Aubrey
Fifth Year Slytherin
Fifth Year Slytherin

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Aubrey, Brynnley Camilie Empty Re: Aubrey, Brynnley Camilie

Post by Jack Dyllan Fri May 12, 2023 12:31 am

Sorted! Looking forward to her causing some trouble!

Jack Dyllan
Jack Dyllan
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