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A Birth day - Page 100 Li9olo10

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A Birth day

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Post by Khaat Lupin Fri May 26, 2023 12:08 am

"I think their evening with Dennis is a mixed bag," Angus said. "I think they'll enjoy being with him, but they were never close to him, so being with him without Phoebe is going to be different, and hard. And I think its necessary."

When Edward called for it, Carlo cleared the table and served coffee, tea, or espresso to whoever wanted it and then served the chocolate panna cotta. Angus took the time to simply enjoy his espresso and his dessert, savoring it He knew that Ruby didn't necessarily like espresso or some of the little elegant things that Edward had taught him to appreciate, so he was going to take the opportunity to enjoy it here while it was available. Still, it did feel like it was over entirely too soon.

"I'll be back," he told them. "I won't be long. I'm just going to double check on things." He excused himself and then got his baby sling and put Caprice in the sling to take her along. He wanted to make another little outreach of good will to the pack by taking Caprice so they could see that he had absolutely no fear of bringing his own child amongst them, that would continue to foster trust and friendship. Marcus went with him, as usual.

When Angus arrived at the makeshift camp, Ginger bounced up, seeing Caprice.

"May I?" she asked Angus.

"Certainly," he said. She took Caprice from the sling and showed her to the the others. When Dennis came close to take a look, Ginger looked at Angus and Angus nodded. Ginger put Caprice in Dennis's arms. He looked at Caprice for a moment and then looked at Angus.

"She will have her mother's blonde hair, but she will have your hazel eyes," he told Angus.

"You think?" Angus asked. Dennis looked up and nodded.

"I see her--years from now. She will be a lovely young woman."

"You see things?" Anise asked, wide eyed, looking at her father.

"I always have. I didn't tell you because not everything I see is so lovely," Dennis said. "I was hoping you wouldn't open your gift if I didn't tell you about mine. Ginger is like your mother. Your mother talked to frogs and toads like Ginger talks to birds. But you--you got my unfortunate seer's gifts."

"It isn't unfortunate," Anise frowned. "It can be useful. You should have told me truth instead of telling me that I was just making it all up."

"Perhaps you're right," Dennis said, as the others that came with him wanted to see and hold the baby. Angus allowed it. It was only for a moment or two, and then they put her back in his sling. Angus excused himself from them and finished his walk. He went to the burial plot, checked to be sure the site was properly prepared, checked on the place in the yard where the meal would be served, and then he checked on Rosaria and Carlo about the food and if they were in good shape. As he was going over the menu again with them, Robert came and took Caprice from Angus to check her.

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