Werewolves, Wolfsbane, Animagi and The Moon. Oh my!
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Werewolves, Wolfsbane, Animagi and The Moon. Oh my! Li9olo10

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Werewolves, Wolfsbane, Animagi and The Moon. Oh my!

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Werewolves, Wolfsbane, Animagi and The Moon. Oh my! Empty Werewolves, Wolfsbane, Animagi and The Moon. Oh my!

Post by Maddie Kane Wed Apr 05, 2023 12:00 pm

Werewolves, full moons, wolfsbane, Animagus. Maddison had fallen asleep sitting at a table in the hufflepuff common room after she and Mason had parted ways the night before. It started because she wanted to know as much as possible as she could about Masons ‘condition’, but everything kept leading her thoughts down the same path.
An Animagus was a witch or wizard who could transform at will into an animal. It was said to be a very tricky bit of magic kin to taking a midnight stroll in the forbidden forest. According to the text she had read on the subject the process took over a month to complete, if it were done correctly.
Amongst the books she had opened there was also some parchment with splatters of ink and a list of things she would need.

1 leaf from the mandrake plant
1 small crystal phial that receives the pure rays of the moon
1 hair off her head
7 silver teaspoons dew from a place that neither sunlight nor human feet have touched
1 chrysalis of a Death’s-head Hawk Moth
A dark quiet place.
1 electrical storm
1 place to hide.

Amato Animo Animato Animagus

She had also scratched out the ingredients needed to brew wolfsbane potion

Black Quicksilver, pulverized
Giant moonwort.
Myrrh, pickled in carrow spider ichor.

Some of the things on the paper would be easy to find and obtain, like the leaf and the hair. Other we’re going to be difficult to find. It was while pondering this that she had fallen asleep only awaking to the sound of the other students stirring getting ready for class. Drool on her face causing the pages her head rested on to stick to her.

With a sigh Maddison packed up her belongings and headed to get ready for the day. Once she was dressed in her typical school uniform and her hair was pulled back off her face the girl headed to her first class of the day, transfiguration. Inside the classroom she found an empty seat and resumed her reading from the night before. She didn’t notice the class had started until the Professor stood in front of her desk clearing his throat, to get her attention. Sheepishly she closed apologized glancing at her neighbors book to see where they were supposed to be.

After Transfiguration she had some free time until her next class. So, the girl found a spot in one of the long hallways under a window. Sitting on the ground she braced herself against the cold stone wall and returned to her potions book looking for the page about the wolfsbane potion once again.
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Maddie Kane
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