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Khaat's Toybox

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Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Mar 30, 2023 1:56 pm

So, I have a whole PA world of NPC folks, and I lose track of them soooo bad if i dont write them down. Then trying to hunt for where i used them last to get all the deets is a pain in the arse. So, I'm making a freaking list. So if you wanna borrow one of the folks out of my toybox, feel free to snatch 'em up. Just please remember to put 'em back when you're done. rofl

Simone (Salazar) Donohue nee Grant--65--Edward's second wife. PB Emma Thompson
Maurice Salazar--Simone's first husband--deceased--former wizarding ambassador
Lena Greco nee Salazar--Simone's daughter--has 2 sons and a daughter--runs dance school in Paris with Enrico
Enrico Greco--Simone's son-in-law
Guy Salazar--Simone's son--has a son and a daughter--diplomat in South Africa
(I-Dont-Freaking-Know) Salazar--Guy's wife
Mateo Salazar--Maurice Salazar's father--Spanish--deceased--former wizarding ambassador
Bronwyn Greenway--Mateo Salazar's mother--Irish--deceased--former chef
Lucien Grant--Simone's older brother--deceased--died in boating accident--was 5 yrs older than Simone
Sinjin Grant--Simone's father--deceased--worked in Centaur Liason Dept. in Ministry of Magic
Naomi Grant nee Davies--Simone's mother--deceased--
Jeffrey Burnstein--wizarding psychiatrist
Sarah Burnstein--Jeffrey's wife
Giles--owns hidden upscale, wizarding tailor shop(Giles' Garb) in Venice that also outfits for custom mission wear. ie, wizarding version of James' Bond's
      Q but for fashion.
Diana--Clive's partner in the shop
Daniella Sardou--Michael Tremaine's steady flame--Minister of Magic equivalent for France.
Tom Gelding--chief bad egg
Suzanne Gelding--Tom's wife--Ruby Tyler's mama.
Reginald Gelding--ghost--deceased first husband of Suzanne
Elliot Gelding--Tom's 20 year old son
Nigel Elliot Sigworth--age 74--wizarding specialist healer who's skills outmatch Robert's. Lives and works for Lee Shepherd in NY--Ian
   McKellen pb
Sybil Sigworth--Nigel's wife, deceased
Francine (i-don't-have-the--foggiest)--nee Sigworth--age 52--lives in Dorcester
Neville Sigworth--54--lives in Blackheath
Owens--runs Paris headquarter daily operations
Zoe--american chef from new orleans, works 1st shift at Brian's.
Nicky--jamaican chef--works second shift at brians
Shannon--housekeeper, nicky's wife
Molly--Nicky and Shannon's daughter--age 4
Lizzie--chef at Sparks
Archangel--Khaat's eagle
Fudge--bowtruckle (real name was Leonard, but abbey renamed him fudge. why? who knows what 3 yr olds do anything?)
Pip--Pygmy owl
Sergio--Angus's childhood friend--fighter--lives in Romania
Ana--Sergio's wife, fighter--former longtime flame and hookup of Angus's
Claire Belby--Jonathan's wife--Marcus's mum---she and Jonathan own Honeydukes
Otto--Michael's plaid ottoman that thinks it is a cocker spaniel
Faline--smaller floral footstool--Otto's mate--thinks shes a cocker spaniel too.
Snidely--Michael's hat rack--thinks its the butler. Currently having an affair with Michael's post box
Beulah--Robert's cranky teapot. She bites. Literally flips her lid at people if she gets truly irked.
Gabriel--"Gabe"--alchemist--former organization member--deceased wife's name was Taffy
Mira--Miranda--Gabe's niece--wants to do what michael does
Finn--Angus and Ruby's border collie
Andrew--American--nurse, physical therapist, former Unspeakable/Auror
Rosaria--Edward's housekeeper in Tuscany
Swift--Robert's hippogriff
Basil Donohue---Edward's older brother (deceased)--Angus killed him in self defense
Gloria Donohue--Basil's wife (deceased)--Angus killed her in self defense too
Patrick Donohue--Basil and Gloria's oldest son--Angus's cousin--works in the donohue winery
Cora Donohue Smythe--(deceased)--Patricks younger sister
Wynn Donohue--Patricks' brother--disabled from playing pro quidditch. spends half his time in tuscany and the other half in Alsace
Antigone Donohue--Tiggy--Patricks' sister--artist--painter.
Anise Hawthorn--Angus' and Ruby's foster daughter--16--werewolf, daughter of Phoebe.
Ginger Hawhtorn-Anise's sister 16--werewolf
Phoebe Hawthorn--(deceased) human--Ginger and Anise's mother
Dennis Hawthorn--werewolf--Ginger and Anise's biological father
Evie Donohue--Evan's daughter.
Tara Donohue--Evan's wife
Faith Donohue--Evan's younger daughter
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Khaat's Toybox Empty Re: Khaat's Toybox

Post by Ruby Lyne Tyler Sun Jul 07, 2024 8:41 pm

Ruby Lyne Tyler's tracker (with permission)

Jessica Darkangel - Wife of Jack Darkheart, mother to Dean, Albert, Tiffany and Jasmine.
Jack Darkheart- first stringer - husband- father(see above)
Kaden Phoenix - (where abouts unknown)
Jessie Tyler - Werewolf- brother of Ruby Tyler, now Donohue
Yu, Long -  Fiance of Jessie Tyler- Japanese transfer to the ministry-  first stringer.
Aria Barnett-  Transfer from own team, New Orleans branch.
Radagast Albus Barnett- father of Aria, Ezra and Archie, married to Imogen Aurora Mayweather.
Ruby Lyne Tyler
Ruby Lyne Tyler

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