CUFFE, Mason
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CUFFE, Mason Li9olo10

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CUFFE, Mason

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CUFFE, Mason Empty CUFFE, Mason

Post by Mason Cuffe Tue Mar 28, 2023 4:16 pm

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Mason Thomas Cuffe

FULL NAME: Mason Thomas Cuffe
]NICKNAMES: Doesn't have any real nicknames. People tend to call him just Mason.
AGE: 16
ALLEGIANCE: Dark Follower
WAND: Willow, phoenix feather, 11 inches + inflexible  [
PLAY BY: Gregg Sulkin
HAIR: He has brown hair, which is straight. It is not very short and is not very long either.
EYES: He has brown eyes. 
COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Quite tall, he is 5'10".
BODY BUILD: Slim but he has some muscles too few
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Some girls may find him attractive, and there are girls who don't find him attractive. Mason is handsome, but it doesn't mean he's a nice boy. He wears most of the time shirts and jeans, also leather jackets. You of course can see him in other clothes too if needed. He most of the time wears sneakers or other shoes like that. He doesn't like to wear suits very much. Mason tends to go to parties wearing jeans, a shirt, and shoes. Ties are not his thing either, but if he really needs to, he can wear them.
~ Sneaky
~ Ambitious
~ Sarcastic
~ Competitive
~ Outgoing
~ Unforgiving
+ Being Independent
+ Being quite mature
+ Active
+ Actually is a smart guy but he doesn't want to show it out all the time
+ Being Adventurous
+ Playing guitar
+ Lying
- Being nice and friendly
- Honesty
- Loyalty
- Never thinks before doing something
- Cute & pretty girls
- Parties
- Trusting others fully
- Girl who has blonde hair, is pretty, cute, brave, even a little bit smart, loyal to him, honest most of the times -- he falls do easily for this kind of girl..
~ Being good at persuasion
~ To be intimidating
+being noticed
+cute & pretty girls
+playing guitar
+likes being adventurous.
+to what ever he likes
+to do things her way
+Caring about his little sister (People really don't know about it)
-being unnoticed
-ugly and fat girls
-piano sound
-dislikes it if people don't do like he wants
-getting rejected by girl
-gets bad grade in some lesson
-Being honest with people
trusting everyone who she knows-being grateful
-being friendly and nice
-His little sister gets hurt or is bullied.

FATHER: Barnabus Cuffe (Pureblood)
MOTHER: Havana Tew (Pureblood)
SIBLING/S: Michelle Cuffe, fourth year Slyterhin student. (Pureblood).
OTHER: Doesn't know much about them
RACE: Werewolf
PET/S:Owl named Sneaky.

Early Years: Mason Thomas Cuffe was born on May 22 to Barnabus and Havana's first child. One year later, his sister was born. His father didn't like very much the muggle borns and halfbloods, and so Mason began to hate them too. Even more than her father did. Her mother, on the other hand, didn't have anything against them, and her sister became like her mother. Years passed and Mason became more and more stubborn. He never listened to his parents, always doing everything his way. Parents tried to convince him to be not so selfish, rude, cold, and so on towards people around him, but they couldn't change him. One day, they gave up and let him be like he wants. They almost could have lost him already. He said if they don't stop it, he will leave them and go live with his relatives. His parents didn't want to let it happen. His parents always gave him what he wanted and when he wanted it. They have always been quite a healthy and wealthy family. He is quietly taking care of his sister, and even if he doesn't say out loud that he cares about her, he does. When he was 11, he got a letter from Hogwarts. It was no surprise at all.
Hogwarts Years: The first year, he didn't make many friends. It wasn't easy being rude and cold. But by the end of the school year, he had a couple of people who he could call friends. The second year went much better, he made a few friends, most of them were purebloods and Slytherin like him. Also, his sister came to school, so she watched over him, actually helping him when he needed it or just looking after him. (She still does this.) In the third year, he began using smart girls to do his homework and also made some more friends (Even if he didn't really need them, he was good at his homework, he was just lazy to do it and also he wanted to spend his time on other things). The fourth year went by quickly, he doesn't remember much about it. His fifth year ended up being great. He passed his NEWT's with good grades, mostly O's, with a couple E's. It's currently his sixth year and so far this year has been a bit eventful. He ended up being bitten by this one werewolf. So he is one of them now. He just hasn't told anyone about it yet, not even his own sister.

RP EXPERIENCE: In english sites almost year soon
HOW YOU FOUND US: *Looks around* I have like 7 female chars here alreadyMAIN CHARACTER: Jessica Wendorf (I guess it was that now)
PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to do a male and also some one who was pureblood.
Mason Cuffe
Mason Cuffe
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin

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CUFFE, Mason Empty Re: CUFFE, Mason

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Mar 28, 2023 8:58 pm

Ok, Krissu. He looks fine. I'll sort him to Slytherin for you. Smile
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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