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Cecilie Montez

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Post by Cecilie Montez Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:09 am

Name: Cecilie Emilie Montez
Age: 14
Class: Witch
Blood: Half

Mother: Cecilia Monetz, 36
Father: Michael Montez, 35
Brother(s): Carlos Monetz (twin to Carola), 11
Sister(s): Carola Montez (twin to Carlos), 11
Other: Aunts, Uncles and their children and so on.

Playby: Im Yoona
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 167cm
Build: Slim
Skin: Pale
Clothes: She is the girl who you see wearing dresses and skirts in her free time.
Overall Appearance:
CeCe has long brown hair what can be curly when she wants to be but mostly it's straight, she loves to straighten her hair. She has also brown eyes. She is someone who isn't that very tall but then again she isn't very short either, she is totally okay with her height, she has nothing to complain about it really. She has quite a slim body eve, she takes care of herself whenever she can. She might not always eat healthily or do that many exercises but she just has quite a fast metabolism.
She is the girl who you would see more in the dresses and skirts & blouses rather than wearing pants/jeans. She is quite a girly girl, even if she doesn't wear high heels that much. She just doesn't find them very comfortable most of the time. She can wear flats, sneakers and other shoes that aren't very high.

Nationality: Brittish Korean
Good Qualities:

  • Friendly
  • Calm
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Patient
  • Brave
  • Smart

Bad Qualities:

  • Bad at showing her emotions and feelings
  • Can be mean, at the times, when you are with her mean too.
  • Can't take criticism
  • Selfish at the times.
  • Trust Issues


  • Reading books
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate
  • Sleeping
  • Rain
  • Good grades
  • Cats
  • Nature
  • Color pink
  • Color Green
  • Animals


  • ]Spiders
  • Bad grades
  • Criticism
  • Bullies
  • Mean girls/boys
  • Being alone
  • Nightmares


  • Nightmares
  • Being alone (middle of nowhere)
  • Darkness

General Personality:
Cecilie is a kind and friendly girl who tries to be friends with everyone even if she can be at times a bit shy around people, who she doesn't know. Just she seems to have a hard time trusting people around her since there was an incident where people just used her because of her brains or because she seemed an easy target. So these days she doesn't say out personal info very easily when she meets someone, she doesn't want it to be used against her anymore. The girl has even managed to shut down her emotions, she doesn't show them very easily. she might be smiling but deep down she might feel the quite opposite feeling actually. She just tries to live her life. She is brave when it's needed, she can stand up to herself when needed and she does take a risk in her life when it's needed. The girl is a smart girl, who loves to learn and knows more than she shows out, she just loves to read about things here and there. She loves to help others out too when she can but then not always.

Early Years: The girl was born on 19th May 2008 in South Korea to Cecilia and Micheal Montez, her both parents are half Korean and half British. The girl seemed to live in Korea for 5 years of her life. Her little siblings were even born there. Her life in Korea seemed to be pretty good, she had everything she needed. Inside at her house, she did speak in English and outside of the house, she did speak Korean. Just so she could know both languages at first she didn't understand why her parents wanted her so badly to be good at English but a few years later she knew. Cecilie has always been there for her siblings and would do anything for them.

So when she was five years old and her siblings were two her family moved to England, where her father had gotten better jobs than back in South Korea. She didn't mind the changes at first. She knew that was something her parents wanted to do already for years. She loved to able to speak more English, she loved the language. She now spoke Korean at home more than English, she still wanted to be good on both languages. The girl tried her best to be a good girl.

She learned about magic when she was six years old girl. Weird things began to happen around her, it was basically her first year in England. Her mother then explained who she was and what was happening. That she was actually witch, like her mother. Her father knew about it but she didn't seem to mind it. Her father is a muggle.

Years went past and nothing much hasn't happened in the girl's life, she has tried her best to fit in here. Even yeah she became someone who smiles all the time, even when she is sad. She just figured it's not always a good thing to show her sadness in the public, people can use it against you. She just tried to live her life the best she can.

Hogwarts Years:
When she got a letter from Hogwarts she wasn't that surprised, her mother had explained to her already all this when she was six years old girl. She was actually excited to go to this school. She had told some of her friends that she will go to boarding school now, well to those who were muggles. She was somehow sorted to Gryffindor house, she isn't sure how but the girl doesn't mind the house really.

Her first year at this school seemed to be good one, she made quite many friends and she got along with everyone. She even seemed to have good grades but she could tell something was off the end of her school year. Since there came these rumours about her what weren't always true. She at first didn't get why or who someone said these. Once her second year started she learned that girls who she thought were her friends did spread them just because they seemed to be jealous of her for some reasons. She never learned why. She didn't let these rumours destroy her, she just kept focusing more on studying and keeping her grades up. Her third year seemed to go better already since all these rumours died down but they were still there. The girl had even ended up having nightmares because of these things what happened. She tried her best to keep her grades up. At the moment it's her fourth year and things seem to go better for sure, she has made some new friends even if she doesn't share everything with them. She just doesn't want to repeat anything that happened at the first year.

After Hogwarts / Adult: Not her yet.

Alias: Krissu
RP Experience: 7 years
Other Characters: Cassiopeia Cheshire
How did you find us?: Used to be member here and back in the day friend told.
RP Sample:
Cecilie Montez
Cecilie Montez
Sixth Year Gryffindor
Sixth Year Gryffindor

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