MONTEZ, Cecilie Emilia
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MONTEZ, Cecilie Emilia

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MONTEZ, Cecilie Emilia  Empty MONTEZ, Cecilie Emilia

Post by Cecilie Montez Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:04 pm

MONTEZ, Cecilie Emilia  Tumblr_mgqohq2B1l1r308ppo1_500

   Cecilie Emilia Montez

   FULL NAME: Cecilie Emilia Montez

   NICKNAMES:  CeCe, Cemi, Em, Emili, Lie. Most of time just CeCe or Cece.

   AGE: 16

Potter's Army
Montez Family
Santiago Family
Gryffindor house

   HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

   CLASSES: DADA, Charms, Potions, Transfiguration.

   WAND: Ebony, Unicorn, 10 3/4 inches, Slightly Springy.

   PLAY BY: Im Yoona

   HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

   EYE COLOUR: Brown



   GENERAL APPEARANCE: Cecilie has long dark brown hair, what are curly most of times, since curls are natural for her. She actually can have them straighten too, it happens nowadays barely since she doesn't really wanna mess with it, it just too much effort for her. Also she likes the curls in her hair. She has brown color eyes, it has been always her eye color, it has never been anything else.
She is about 168 cm and she herself says she is short for sure, everyone in her family are even taller than her. She is thin one, she eats like every other normal girl but she doesn't gain weight very easily actually. So that's why she can eat sweets and chocolate when ever she wants. She isn't also that much into sports but she still keeps her fit well, since she sometimes takes a walks outside in morning when she feels like she needs to lose weight. She could even go jogging but that's too much effort for her.
She isn't really picky about clothes. She wears everything what she will like and suits to her. Of course at class times she will
uniform for sure, but when she has free time you can see her wear mostly dresses and skirts. She wears jeans and other pants barely, she doesn't hate these but she likes dresses and skirts more. She would like to wear all the time high heels because she thinks she is too short so apparently she has to wear them. She wants to look taller than she is.
Make up isn't really her think that much of times. She likes it to be natural if she uses it. She usually puts on just lip gloss, mascara and that basically all. She in times paints her nails too. She has lots of jewellery but she loves to wear one necklace what she got from her boyfriend when they didn't even date yet, they were friends back then. She also wears the rings what he have given to her in times when they have been together. She wears earrings too but those are from her parents usually.  


01. Friendly
02.  Calm
03. Trustful
04. Loyal
05. Brave
06. Smart
07. Patient

001. Doesn't show her feeling all the time
002. Hate criticism
003. Can be mean too sometimes. Only then when people are mean with her.
004. Doesn't show her emotions out always too.

L1. Reading books
L2. Strawberries
L3. Chocolate
L4. Sleeping
L5. Rain
L6. Good grades
L7. Cats
L8. Nature
L9. Color pink
L10. Color Green
L11. Starwberris
L12. Animals

D1. Spiders
D2. Bad grades
D3. Criticism
D4. Bullies
D5. Mean girls/boys
D6. Being alone
D7. Nightmares

1) Graduate Hogwarts with good grades.
2) Have her own family one day.

1) Playing with her hands when nervous.
2) Biting her nails when nervous if she doesn't have her nails painted.

   BOGGART: Being alone (Middle of nowhere)

   PATRONUS: Getting a cat, who she named Celly, when she was 13. + Having her first boyfriend when she was 16.

   DEMENTOR: She lost her dog named Nessa, she died because she was already very old, it was her mothers originally.

   VERITASERUM: Secret now.

   MIRROR OF ERISED: She wants to be like her mother, who is good witch and also is good mother to her children.

   PERSONALITY:  Cecilie is usually friendly and kind but lately she is quite shy around people who she doesn't know. There was time when people pushed her away and after that she has kind of trust issues. She still trusts people but not everyone, she can talk with people but doesn't always say out very much personal stuff. She can be mean too if you are really mean with her or hurt someone about who she cares much. Cece still likes to help people when they are in trouble, she just is very helpful one. Then when she needs help from others then there isn't no one around or then they don't care about that she needs help. She wants to change it very much, now there is one person at least who is there for her, it's her boyfriend John. Cecilie have ended up not showing her emotions very much. It's been like that already few years and no one isn't sure why it's like that, even herself. Even if she smiles usually then she doesn't mean it, that all depends about people, if she trusts you she shows more and more emotions and also feelings out. You can say she is brave enough for a girl, she still likes do try out new things but not so much as in past. Actually she is trustworthy person, she always keeps her promises. She is very loyal one to her friends even if yeah she herself has a little bit of trust issues. Oh and she is smart one too actually, she have always liked to read much and probably that's why she knows quite much about things.


   FATHER: Micheal Montez 39, Muse Montez (music shop) owner, Muggle

   MOTHER: Cecilia Montez (nee Santiago) 38, Healer, Ex-Ravenclaw, Halfblood

Little Sister: Carola Andrea Montez 11, Ravenclaw, Halfblood
Little Brother: Carlos Sander Montez 11, Slytherin, Halfblood
   OTHER: Aunts, Uncles and their children and so on.

   BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

   SPECIES: Human

   SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

   PET/S: Cat named Celly.



   EARLY YEARS: Cecilie was born in Korea, Seoul in 19th May. Her both parents are half Korean and half British. She did live there like 5 years. These were good years in her life. At home she did speak in English but outside home most of times Korean, so she knows both languages well, she is fluent in both. When she was 5 then her family moved to England. Few months later she had her first siblings, twins Carlos and Carola. Yes brother and sister.
She did get along with them quiet well, she had wanted already siblings for years. Most of times she and her sister did get along better since they had more things what they liked to do or play. Even if they did play all together a lot.
When Cecilie did get 11 she got letter from Hogwarts. She at first didn't get it, so she asked from her parents what that means. So her mother explained that she is actually witch like she is, it also came surprise to her father, he had no idea about it. Her mother even told there that there is muggleborns, halfbloods and purebloods - she did learn much about Hogwarts history in that summer and also she searched up history of magic. She did even went to Diagon Alley to buy all necessar things for herself.

   HOGWARTS YEARS: When the first day to go to Hogwarts came she was very excited. She was sorted into Gryffindor house and also she herself wanted to be in that house or then Ravenclaw even. She liked these both house. Gryffindor mostly because she had many traits from that house and Ravencalw because it was her mother house.
In her first year she didn't had that many friends at first. Since she didn't know before much about magic then at first she had friends who were just muggleborns but later one came some halfbloods too. She even made friends with purebloods. She could even got good grades there, mostly since she had read already her books. She even helped other out at studying when they needed it.
Her second year was already so much more fun. She still could keep her grades good. There didn't happen very much, so does in her third year.
Her fourth year was pretty good, expect her friends began to keep distance. She had no idea why that happened. She couldn't tell what she did wrong and she still has no idea.
At end of her fifth year all her friends ignored her for sure, they did even forget her birthday what they never didn't. And few days after b-day she met John, her current boyfriend and they became quite good friends back then. She even for some reason back then already began to trust him easily. She hopes she won't get hurt now. She passed her NEWT's. She has mostly E's, one A and even one O.
Now it's her sixth year and so far the best thing what have happened in that year is that she has boyfriend now.

   ADULTHOOD: Not there yet.

   ALSO KNOWN AS: Krissu aka Kissu aka Kris aka Kiss

   RP EXPERIENCE: Two years now.

   HOW YOU FOUND US: Friend told.

   MAIN CHARACTER: Jessica Wendorf now. Used to be this.

   CHARACTER PURPOSE: I just did rewrite it.


Cecilie was sitting on her bed and was reading her favorite book, what she took with her every where. She likes reading very much, without it she can't imagine her life. She had been reading it already for three hours and she just needs read one more chapter and book is finished.
Some minutes later she finished the book and put it on her bed. CeCe lied down on her bed and closed her eyes, because she wanted get some sleep. - Taken from old app.

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Cecilie Montez
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MONTEZ, Cecilie Emilia  Empty Re: MONTEZ, Cecilie Emilia

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:31 pm

Nice job Krissu!

Accepted and re-filed for Cecilie.
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Anabelle Mulciber
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