MONTEZ, Gabriella
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MONTEZ, Gabriella

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MONTEZ, Gabriella Empty MONTEZ, Gabriella

Post by Gabriella Montez Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:19 am

Name: Nikki
Gender: girl
Age: 15
How you found Potter's Army: Andrian
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Nikki and then I am replacing Sacha as a guy.
Have your read the Plot?: Yes
Have your read the Must read threads?: I will do

MONTEZ, Gabriella Vanessa-Hudgens-celebrity-h
Name: Gabriella Montez/Gabi (sorry, I couldn't be any more creative than that)
Gender: female
Race: human
Blood Status: half-blood
Year AND Age: 20
Preferred houses: Ex-Ravenclaw
Canon or Original: original
Play-by: Vanessa Hudgens - since its used by only me from Monet, I checked with me, and me says okay for her to be used as Gabriella.

Height: short, for an adult
Hair: black and just over the shoulder length
Eye colour: dark brown
Skin: olive-ish
General Appearance: Gabriella is a small female however she is quite strong enough to protect herself - thanks to the gym. She has long fingers and doesn't have pierced ears. She has 'small' teeth - they seem to only be half the size of an adult teeth. She wears mostly jeans or short shorts with blouses/t-shirts etc. Only wears dresses/skirts to special occasions like weddings/formals and whatnot. Though she does wear alot of jewellery with everything, and only wears unnoticeable or natural make-up.

- reading
- yoga
- cooking
- quidditch
- boxing
- her emotionalness
- her sensitivity
- saying 'no'
- having fun
- animals
- partying
- fashion
- yummy healthy food
- poems
- music
- shallow people
- judgemental people
- sickness/illness
Motto: n/a
General Personality: Gabriella is reliable, honest and also trustworthy. She does get shy if things get awkward in any situation. She is easily agressive and sensitive as well as emotional. She has lack of trust for anyone except her brother. She takes every opportunity she gets offered. She is quiet and keeps to herself when she's alone and doesn't bother any one unless she is talked to first. She gets embarrassed/humiliated easily. She can have a good time if she's with the right people, she isn't a fuddy-duddy but doesn't believe in getting into trouble knowing you can avoid it.

Family Information:
Rosalie - mother/pureblood
Eunstance - Rosalie's mum/pureblood
Evan - Rosalie's father/pureblood
Lucas - Gabriella's step brother
Gabriella was born on the 4th July in Washington D.C. alongside her twin brother, Lucas. Rosalie who was their mum was only 16 at this stage who'd had sex with a 25 year old man when she was partying late one night in muggle world as her parents made her mad.

Rosalie was disowned by her parents because they were disgraced and ashamed that their only young daughter was shacking up in muggle world, late on school nights with older men.

So Rosalie moved to Washington D.C. and raised her children, got some jobs, and changed her last name to Montez. She still believed she was a life of a party and 'still had it' and dated men almost every night leaving Lucas and Gabriella with a babysitter who changed every 3 months though not as often as Rosalie bring home a new man every week.

Gabriella and Lucas were told they were "magic" and had "powers" by their drunk mother at eight years but they didn't believe her because she had always said something random or weird when she was intoxicated.

Gabriella and Lucas and Rosalie moved in with a male friend when Rosalie was unable to pay for rent for the apartment, forcing them to move to a caravan park. Another reason why Gabriella never brought over any friends, didn't have any luxuries and had an embarrassing mother and lived in small housing.

This male friend used to lock Lucas outside the caravan whilst Rosalie went out on wild parties and whatnot and force Gabriella to do things in bed and the shower. Gabriella never told anyone because she knew if she did, the guy would punish them all by kicking them out of the caravan, forcing them to live no where and Gabriella didn't have the heart to do that. Also, she was only a young girl and didn't know what to do, except believe in the guy.

After 3 years of living with the caravan park with the male friend, Rosalie had finally found out what had been happening to her daughter for 3 years after she'd come home early, seeing Lucas locked outside, crying and seeing what the male friend do to her daughter.

Upset and outraged, she took Gabriella and Lucas and ran. They ran to an underground out of use train station and Rosalie had casted some magic and they all went back to the wizarding world where Rosalie, hoping her parents would take them in.

Evan and Eunstance took in Gabriella and Lucas but still disowned their own daughter, Rosalie - forcing her to move back to America, or so the grandparents told the kids. That was the last time Gabriella ever saw her mum.

Evan and Eunstance took charge of the kids, teaching them everything they needed to know about magic and always avoided the mum subject. They treated them kindly and with respect and Gabriella felt supported, calm, loved and warmth, everything her mum was not to her.
Gabriella and Lucas attended hogwarts where she was sorted into Ravenclaw and he was sorted into Hufflepuff. Crying and begging the hat to be resorted, Gabriella embarrassed herself, as a first year on the first night.

Gabriella had good grades, because it was something that occupied her mind alot, and not thinking of the awful past she had, even though it still kept haunting her.

Gabriella didn't have many best friends..none at all, in fact..just good friends or buddies and that was okay with Gabriella because she was just happy and glad to be away from her mother and that man.

Gabriella joined the quidditch team, it was the only thing that made her feel free and alive and known. Even though she hoped so much and badly to be a prefect and head girl, she just wasn't cut out for it and in the end was glad because then she didn't have to trust anyone - a flaw she's got.

She graduated with excellent grades - studying was a popular past time with her, and it was also a "luxury" for she didn't know what it really meant to have a good time or have expensive luxuries as a youngster and didn't care because she was happy now.
Gabriella is now an auror. She wasn't planning to be anything else because they all just didn't appeal to her or she just didn't think she had the right character for it or just believed that being an auror would be best for her.

She still lives at her grandparents place however Lucas moved out when he graduated. Gabriella reckons she'll live with her grandparents forever because she doesn't think true love exists and that it is only a fairy tale like santa claus for kids.

She still cries every night before going to bed since the incident began and can't stop. She believes it helps her be calm or something - but she knows one thing for sure, she's never going back to muggle world ever again.

Gabriella's aim is to have kids, have a great husband, humble home with some pets and a garden. Oh, who is she kidding, that is all just a fantasy, a dream, doesn't exist, does it?

Short Roleplay: (Whatever your normal roleplay length is, don't do it extra-long or extra-short especially for this application. You can skip this if it's not your first character.)

Gabriella Montez
Gabriella Montez

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MONTEZ, Gabriella Empty Re: MONTEZ, Gabriella

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:12 am

accepted and sorted into grads
Khaat Lupin
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