Dylan Marshall Davies
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Dylan Marshall Davies

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Dylan Marshall Davies Empty Dylan Marshall Davies

Post by Dylan M. Davies Thu Jul 25, 2019 2:32 pm

Name: Dylan Marshall Davies
Age: 16
Appearance: With freckles garnashed all over his features, Dylan has piercing blue eyes that seem like they can look right through a person. He's just shy of 6 feet and tends to slouch so it takes off another inch from his height. He maintains his fiery red hair long and often puts it up in a ponytail as a way to try to make himself different from most of the well groomed male students that are around the castle.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Facts Known About Character: 
•is not particularly fond of his parents
•has a sister who has not shown signs of magic(squib)
•wants to be in the dept. of magical creatures upon graduation
Rumors Known About Character: 
•has a thing with a professor(false)
•going to drop out(undecided)
Bio: Life for Dylan started out as any other child's life would. Normally. He was the first born to Roger and Elizabeth Davies, after a few years of being married and wanting to have children. His younger sister was born not too long after him, a two year gap between the two. Dylan and Cassie were very different and as they grew up the difference in personalities was astounding, Dylan being very calm and quiet while Cassie was loud and energetic. This didn't mean that Dylan didn't get fed up sometimes, and picked fights with his sister over somewhat trivial things, if it's looked back on. 

The two had clear favorites when it came to their parents, and of course they chose the parent that the other did not. Dylan was always very close to their father, probably because they were both male and could bond better, and Cassie with their mother probably because of the same reason.

    Hogwarts Years: First year through Fifth year were like any other years in school, normal. Dylan Davies arrived at Hogwarts at age eleven and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Though he didn't show it often, Dylan was a very intelligent boy and while he studies often and got good grades in school, he never really thought he fit into Ravenclaw. He supposed it was better than being in the other houses though. He wasn't brave the Gryffindors and he wasn't traditional like the Slytherins. He definitely wasn't.. Whatever the Hufflepuffs were but he just couldn't shake the thought that he didn't belong in Ravenclaws.

It also became increasingly obvious that Cassie would not be going to Hogwarts, and didn't possess magical abilities. She was a squib and while their parents didn't say anything negative about it, both siblings could tell they were disappointed.

Now that his sixth year started, he made friends with the transfer student from Durmstrang who already became a prefect, which Dylan thought was impressive. Caspian Ivanov was quite a character and Dylan loved the idea of being friends with him. They have become as close as friends can get and have started calling each other the others best friend.
Playby: Caleb Landry Jones
Member Name: Kim
Dylan M. Davies
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Sixth Year Ravenclaw

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