DAVIES, Dylan Marshall
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DAVIES, Dylan Marshall

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DAVIES, Dylan Marshall Empty DAVIES, Dylan Marshall

Post by Artemis R. Knox Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:55 am

DAVIES, Dylan Marshall Tumblr_mimhl8IOrC1ra6nx9o1_500



    FULL NAME: Dylan Marshall Davies

    NICKNAMES: Dyl, Marshall

    AGE: Fifteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Charms, Potions

    WAND: 11 3/4, oak, phoenix feather core, rigid wand

    PLAY BY: Johan Brolin


    HAIR COLOUR: Light Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Brown


    BODY BUILD: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Dylan has light brown hair that in different lighting is mistaken for dirty blonde. His eye color is a darker brown, almost chocolate color and he is relatively tall for his age. Though some say he has the figure of a girl, his body is just very slender. His skin makes him look almost like a Vampire in a way, with it being pale and somewhat pasty. He gives off a sort of dark personality with his looks, and his clothes preferences don't exactly help.

    The boy likes to wear dark clothes, mostly black, and they are sometimes nearly skin tight. He prefers to always wear a black vest made of fabric that is almost like leather. He does this, modtly because the music he likes to listen to's vocalists tend to have this style. His hair is pretty much always in his face, covering one eye most of the time.


    + Singing
    + Potions
    + Charms
    + Art
    + Drumming

    - Acting
    - Giving speeches
    - Performing in front of large crowds
    - Transfiguration
    - Herbology
    - Sports

    + Singing
    + Music
    + Poetry
    + Performing
    + Animals
    + Potions
    + Pumpkin juice
    + Drums

    - Acting
    - Transfiguration
    - Loud noises
    - Veggies
    - Talking
    - Disloyalty
    - Needles

    001. Graduate
    002. Learn guitar
    003. Get a job
    004. Hopefully start a band up again

    001. Hair flips
    002. Crackles knuckles
    003. Chews strands of hair
    004. Bites lower lip
    005. Makes a popping noise when bored

    BOGGART: Being left for dead

    PATRONUS: First performance with his band

    DEMENTOR: The band dispersing

    VERITASERUM: Even though he's performed before, he always gets really nervous and makes up excuses to not have to perform on stage

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To get his band back together and perform again

    PERSONALITY: Though sometimes he might not seem like it, Dylan is a very intelligent boy. He excels in Potions and always likes to have his work done. However, he cant always keep track of it. Being an unorganized person, Dylan tends to lose things easily. He can also be forgetful, but it doesn't take away from the fact that he is a good person and even though he can be a pain, he is a lot of fun and enjoys being around others.

    Dylan is also a singer, and he likes to express himself through the music he creates. He's always trying to find new inspiration, and writing new songs. He likes having challenges, which is why his current challenge is learning to play the guitar. Dylan loves to perform, but only in front of family and friends, new people tend to scare him and he will try all he can to get out of performing kn front of big crowds. He feels they'll critique him badly and will say he isn't any good. He's trying to get rid of that fear though.

    Along with those things, Dylan is also protective. Not of possessions - okay maybe a little - but of friends and family. He might not seem like he can do much, but he'll always do whatever he can to protect those he cares about, even if he gets hurt. Which tends to happen a lot. It hasn't made him any less outspoken though, and that's a good sign.


    FATHER: Roger Davies

    MOTHER: Mandy Davies [Nee Newman]

    Name used for NPC Purposes:
    Artemis Cassie Davies - Thirteen | Hufflepuff

    OTHER: --

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    Toad named Javy

    Silver ring - non-magical | he just likes to carry it around


    Early Years: Dylan was born to Roger and Mandy Davies, and is the oldest of two children. His younger sister is Artemis Cassie Davies. Being the first born of the two children, Dylan has a lot of responsibility on him. After Arte is born that is. But that comes later.

    When Dyl was born his parents were overjoyed, especially his father, to know that their first child had been a male. Roger had always wanted a boy, so he could take over the family once he was gone and just to play sports and such with. In the two years before Artemis was born, Dylan was given almost everything he could want. Every time he saw a toy he liked, it was bought for him. When there were things he couldn't have, naturally he got upset but ended up forgetting about it once he was preoccupied with something else. He was technically a spoiler child in some ways.

    Then, when he was two, Arte came along. This is when Dylan starts to get more responsibilities. At two, this parents obviously couldn't expect him to do much, but he was always around Artemis. Like he knew that since she was younger she needed to be protected. As they got older, Dylan started distancing himself a bit, just because he'd begun to have other friends and he had other interests that weren't his sister. Still, because of the care he'd shown as a baby for Artemis, his parents expected that same care all the time for her. So he always had to look out for her.

    Hogwarts Years: When he received his letter to Hogwarts at eleven, he was ecstatic to be going to the Wizarding school. But there was always that small fear of being away from his family. The first one that came to his mind was Arte. He had always had to look out for her and now there was a two year gap before she would go to Hogwarts with him. In a way, he was glad. He didn't have to look out for her for two years, but it was also something that came naturally to him. She was his sister after all. And now he wouldn't be able to be near her for two school years, not counting the breaks.

    Those two years went by quickly though. Dylan was sorted into Ravenclaw, made a lot of new friends, wrote many letters to his sister, and even started a band near the end of his first year. Of course, there were many conflicts and after one performance for friends, two of the members didn't want to do it anymore. The band dispersed just before the end of his second year. One year was a long time, in which they did a lot of things together, Dylan was devastated. They all remained friends, thigh not as close as they'd been with the band.

    At the beginning of his third year, Artemis was finally eleven and she got to board the Hogwarts Express for the first time with him. Like anyone else, she was excited. Dylan seemed calm and almost indifferent toward it all, but he was excited about it all as well. Artemis was sorted into Hufflepuff and even though he was a bit sad about it, he was glad that she was in a house where she would make friends. Not much happened after that during his third year, well nothing important that is.

    His fourth year was fun, with his band coming together again, just once with Artemis' help to play again. Dylan was excited and they all remembered all the good times they had. They didn't become a band again, but he's hoping to have them together again by the end of this year. Hopefully, what he has planned works.

    Adulthood: Not there yet


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Kimberly


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Been a member

    MAIN CHARACTER: Hit Higurashi

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: It's hard to explain ._.


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Artemis R. Knox
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DAVIES, Dylan Marshall Empty Re: DAVIES, Dylan Marshall

Post by Artemis R. Knox Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:10 pm

Artemis R. Knox
Artemis R. Knox
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DAVIES, Dylan Marshall Empty Re: DAVIES, Dylan Marshall

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:25 pm

ok. he looks good to me.

but what's with the "its hard to explain..." LOL

accepted and sorted into ravenclaw
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DAVIES, Dylan Marshall Empty Re: DAVIES, Dylan Marshall

Post by Artemis R. Knox Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:09 am

Heh, I just have a complicated plot going for him cx

Anyways, thanks!
Artemis R. Knox
Artemis R. Knox
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Fifth Year Hufflepuff

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DAVIES, Dylan Marshall Empty Re: DAVIES, Dylan Marshall

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