Jackles Thinks Thoughts : Roleplay Manifesto Part I
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Jackles Thinks Thoughts : Roleplay Manifesto Part I

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Jackles Thinks Thoughts : Roleplay Manifesto Part I Empty Jackles Thinks Thoughts : Roleplay Manifesto Part I

Post by Jack Dyllan on Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:39 pm

RP Advice: Know (at least know of) everyone & have an opinion

Hi everyone! We used to do RP Advice threads and I’ve been chatting with Alyssa a lot about my own writing philosophy so I thought I’d put it all into words.

So something we learn in improv (which is one of the closest experiences to roleplaying in my experience) is to never start a scene with people who don’t know each other. It’s not interesting for audiences to watch strangers struggle to find common ground. The rule of thumb is at least a two week acquaintance.

OBVIOUSLY this isn’t always doable. And it’s not always true. A great exception is first years meeting on the train! Not only is it incredibly appropriate for the threads to be introductory, but it’s interesting to see kids with a lot to prove and tons of nerves interact.

The point is, context adds flavor. And that context is: point of view. Having an opinion. It doesn’t even need to be a juicy opinion. But having your character regard another with suspicion, or admiration, or resentment - that’s going to add a dynamic to your thread beyond getting to know them.

And it’s okay if that CHANGES! How fun is it to have a character start a thread thinking a character is amazing, to realizing they sort of hate them? Or to start a thread with a character they deeply resent to finding they were wrong about the misconception they had and that they really like the character.

I know for a lot of people, it feels easier to just start from nothing because you as the player don’t know the character - but your characters knows a lot you don’t, and vis versa! Reading an app (especially for FACTS vs. RUMORS) gives you a great starting point. You don’t even need a lot. A name and perspective (heard rumor that he is a bully, doubts it but wary OR knows her father is a bigwig in the Ministry, thinks that’s cool) can go a long way to take “Hello how was your summer” threads to the next level.

Personally, I may even start adding a “WHAT YOU KNOW” Spoiler to my character sigs, letting you know what your characters likely know of my characters! Idk I think it might be a good way to get that info out.

Anyway, that’s something I’ve been thinking about and really believe in. Again, there are exceptions. I just wrote a thread between teachers that was an intro thread, but I tried to add as much perspective as I could. So I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll personally be challenging myself to read more apps (at least the rumors and facts) and use those to flavor my character’s perspective.


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