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Ducky Baker

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Post by Ducky Baker Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:05 am

Name: Jonah Baker
Age: 16, held back.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Member Name: Jackles

Playby: Joe Dempsie

Facts Known About Character:

  • Awful student. Take Margo's grades and half them.
  • Best friend is a dropout who lives in Hogsmeade.
  • Poor.

Rumors Known About Character:

  • He's the Hogwarts drug mule - this is true and almost regarded as fact.
  • He's been held back twice - false, only once
  • Comes from a shitty family of petty criminals - true
  • His dad's a drug addict - true
  • Everyone has theory on what his name is and why he doesn't use it.
  • Everyone's best friend - Ducky has never been unkind to anyone - true, at least at school.

Old Bio: All relevant but ages

Early Years: Ducky was doomed to fail. When he was born, his eldest brother was six and his youngest was just a year older. The four boys ahead of him were the only joys Alison had in her disappointing life. They also knew how to get whatever they wanted from her. Alison resented their father, but could not bring herself to resent the boys for their father’s wrongs. She could, however, resent Ducky, for he was the reminder that it was her mistake that had brought him into existence, not his father’s. Ducky did not know much of the hardship the family faced until after his sister Lydia was born. She was given the same name as the rest of the family for reasons Alison would not disclose, leaving Ducky as the odd one out.

He felt that influence. Alison obviously had the least love for Ducky, and the boys reveled in this knowledge. His elder brother’s teased him and looked down on him as he grew up. They were a rambunctious group when they were together, but they became horribly posh when Ducky tried to join in. They looked down on the “bastard” son, and often assured him that any poverty they ever faced could have been eased had his father been worth anything or had he not been born. Ducky faced this opposition by developing a humorous look on life, always finding a funny quip for every insult.

He went to public school the year his eldest brother went to Hogwarts. His other three brothers went to the same school, so the taunting did not end at home. Ducky, however, combatted unpopularity by becoming the class clown. He was often held after school for discipline but it worked well – he was no longer teased by his peers. His brothers changed their tactics to simply ignoring him at school. At home, they could look down on him all they wanted, following the cues of their exhausted, bitter mother.

His sister Lydia was his only ally at home. The girl resented the fact that her mother had forced the name of a man she had no relation to onto her. The dissatisfaction that the family had for Ducky could not match the dissatisfaction Lydia had for the family. She allied with Ducky to spite them all and managed to feel some love for him too.

His childhood passed in this manner. He made a fool of himself at school to keep himself from being teased, and he was teased at home for being a fool in school. He was able to stay with his father on occasion, where he would stay in a cramped apartment with the criminal and his half-brother Cain. Cain was mostly misunderstood, but all he knew was crime, and it was how he assisted the family. His paternal side of the family was another badge of shame for his mother and brothers, though. He ignored this through the usual methods : laughter.

His brothers expressed surprise when he received his Hogwarts letter. He struggled in school, and they had seen no signs of his magic. He kept that secret for his sister. He headed off to Hogwarts with an optimistic spirit.

Hogwarts Years: ”Hey! Nice socks! Quack, quack! What’s your name, Mr Mallard?”

His brothers turned red with humiliation, immediately abandoning their brother on the platform. Their mother was dealing with Lydia, and Jonah found himself surrounded by jeering students. These people that were supposed to be his solace from home, and they were already preparing to make him their target. He had to stop it now. If Jonah knew how to do anything, it was to survive and to forge a way into happiness.

He looked down at his ankles, where his trousers had ridden up, revealing bright magenta socks and with yellow ducks. His brothers had stolen all of his other socks, leaving him with no other choice. He raised his chin and gave a cheeky, almost shy smile. “No, my name is Ducky.”

The crowd howled with laughter, but it was not aimed at him. He had surprised everyone and they were delighted. He was paraded onto the train, where he was asked for his real name. He kept answering with the given name, a coy smile on his face. Eventually, everyone just allowed it.

He wore those socks for a week until his sister managed to send him a package full of duck socks. His feet would never be soiled by any other pattern ever again.

Ducky was well-loved by his peers. He made a name for himself that day on the train, again on Sorting day when the Hat took almost no time to sort him and a clever comment made the whole school giggle, and then again on his first day of class. ("Mr Baker. Do you know why Potions is such an important class?" "Um, no sir, that's why I'm taking it. So you can tell me why.") The professors had him marked early as a problem student, and expected him to follow the footsteps of his father and brother.

Ducky quickly gathered a close group of friends in his first few years there. Though he had lots of friends, his close group were the ones to accompany him on his best adventures, and they were the ones to see him at his weakest - though it happened very rarely. The most important aspect of their friendship that separated them from the rest of the school was that they kept him accountable. It was because of them that he did not follow in his father and brother's footsteps. He even got a job to help support himself.

But this year he faces his biggest challenge. OWL's. This may be the year he flunks out.[/b]
Ducky Baker
Ducky Baker
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Post by Jack Dyllan Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:44 am


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