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Katie Knight

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Katie Knight  Empty Katie Knight

Post by Katie Knight Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:07 pm

Name: Katie Knight
Age: 13
Class: Witch

Mother: Jennifer Knight
Father: Christopher Knight
Brother(s): Kenneth
Sister(s):Emily 'Emmy' Knight |twin| Ravenclaw
Kendall Blacknight (cousin on father's side )
Terrace Blacknight ( grandfather )
Elizabeth ( Lizzie ) Blacknight ( grandmother)

Playby: Elizabeth Gillies
Hair: curly dark brown hair almost a black color, cascades down the middle of her back.  
Eyes:sapphire blue
Height: 5'3
Build:  Katie may look weak and brittle, but don't be mistaken she does have some muscle on her. Katie is slender but very athletic due to playing cheerleading, gymnastic
Skin: Soft white porcelain skin
Clothes: Katie's style is very down to earth, a mixture of tom boy with alittle bit of a girly side.
Overall Appearance:
Katie stands 5'3 in height with long drark brownish black hair and big round sapphire eyes.  Katie has like a baby like face which is good when she gives people her famous puppy pout. Katie's style is very down to earth, a mixture of tom boy with alittle bit of a girly side. Although during the holidays and weekends, you'll usually always see  Katie in a pair or blue jeans and a nice top and converses.  During school she usually wears her school uniform of course!  Katie doesn't have a favorite color, she wears any and all colors she thinks she looks good in. Katie doesn't wear much jewelry beside her heart necklace that her brother gave her and her watch and maybe a couple of bracelets and earrings but nothing to girly.    

Nationality: British
Good Qualities:
Coming up with Devious Plans
Helping/giving advice
smart as a whip

Bad Qualities:
her emotions
her temper
bluntly honest
Lying (especially to Tyler, Eva and her brother)
Hard headed
cold hearted ( at times )

Landen Lockwood
Rainy days
New Experiences
Spending time with family and friends
Being a twin

hot days
getting in trouble
death eaters
back stabbers
people who talk alot
people who judge others

Dying without telling her loved ones goodbye and she loves them
Losing her friends and her brother, she looked up to them since she was little
General Personality:
Katie is a very independent, smart and clever 13 year old girl. She's tougher than most girls and shockingly enough, her and Kenneth  don't fight as much as siblings usually do. In fact, she looks at him as a role model. She enjoys video games but really doesn't have any friends her own age but is very charismatic. She's mature for her age, considering how she takes her future into account by doing most things adult can't do. At times she can be sassy but at the end of the day, she is still loveable and cute and everyone usually goes to for help. Katie is very clever and wise for her age, but spends most of it planning devious plots against her enemies or professors that don't like her.

Katie is a very down to earth type of girl who loves having fun and doing new things. Katie is very loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect her friends and family no matter what. Like all girls, Katie is very emotional but she tends to keep it to herself due to her appearing to be a strong girl, but even strong girls break!  Katie is very stubborn and hard headed and tends to be bossy and demanding at times.

Early Years:
Katie Jennifer Jade Knight was born to Christopher and Jennifer Knight on March 17th on a cold and rainy day spring day two minutes after Emily was. After her Emmy and Kenneth's father came back into the picture for alittle bit trying to see if him and their mother could work it out, unfortunately it didn't work out leaving Christopher to leave again when Katie was two.  Before Katie went to Hogwarts she went to a muggle private school with her brother and his three best friends who turned into three brother like figures to her.  Katie didn't make many friends  which lead her to hang with her brother and friends making turning her into a tom boy.  Katie also did Cheerleading and Gymastics at her school leading her to become friends with Maura Goodstein, but the same age as her brother.
Hogwarts Years: At the age of eleven Katie was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and sorted into Ravenclaw due to the sorting hat seeing more cleverness in her more than anything.  Like any first year, Katie gotten lost alot and had to ask her brothers or her friends to help her find her way through the huge castle leading her to be late as well as them.  Into her second year at Hogwarts, Katie tried sneaking into Hogsmeade with her brother but got caught leading her to have a detention for a moth along with her brother and his three best friends.  
Adulthood: she's still in Hogwarts!  

After Hogwarts / Adult: Still in Hogwarts

Alias: Sophia ( Soph )
RP Experience: pff...years
Other Characters: Sophia Granger, Tyler Lockwood, Maura  Goldstein, Kace Lecium
How did you find us?:Long time member
RP Sample: let me find one please
Katie Knight
Katie Knight
Third Year Ravenclaw
Third Year Ravenclaw

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Katie Knight  Empty Re: Katie Knight

Post by Jack Dyllan Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:27 am

Added! Don't forget to go claim her!

Jack Dyllan
Jack Dyllan
Sixth Year Gryffindor
Sixth Year Gryffindor

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Katie Knight  Empty Re: Katie Knight

Post by Katie Knight Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:29 am

Thanks Jackles!
Katie Knight
Katie Knight
Third Year Ravenclaw
Third Year Ravenclaw

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