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Cosmo Barbary

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Post by Cosmo Barbary Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:38 pm

Name: Cosmo Barbary
Age: 16
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood
Playby: Logan Lerman
Member: Jackles

Appearance: Cosmo is the striking image of his father. Tall, slim, with shaggy brown hair that he occasionally reigns in, and large blue eyes that turn knees to jelly. He likes the way a suit looks on him, and often wears his uniform even outside of classes, loosening his tie a bit to pull off that effortlessly casual look (which he, incidentally, puts a lot of work into.)

Facts Known About Character:
-His father is Heathcote Barbary, a keyboard player for The Weird Sisters. After Heathcote left the band, he cleaned up his act, went solo, and then became a producer. He's no longer a front man but he's rather well known and respected.
-Voracious reader
-Offers tutoring in Muggle Studies, his best class

Rumors Known About Character:
-Tried taking up piano but was horrible at it
Tried taking up Quidditch but was horrible at it
-Secretly an arse
-Some think he'll marry a pureblood right out of school
-Other suspect he will resist, like his father

Biography: Heathcote Barbary was a rock star. The keys for the Weird Sisters, Heathcote was showered in women, drugs, and booze at all times, and he lived it up along with the rest of them, embracing hedonism without thought. But as the other members turned to harder substances and fell on even harder times, Heathcote took the splintering of the group as a chance to rebrand. He still lived the lifestyle, but it wasn't with the same unapologetic volume, keeping it simmering below the surface. He released a few solo albums, bought largely by middle aged women, and transitioned into the role of musical producers and socialite.

Alida Fawley was one of his many fans, and she came with money and reputation. She didn't consider the ramifications of marrying a man with a troubled past, instead relying on his bloodline, riches, and devastatingly good looks to convince her family it was an excellent match. They were married and their relationship dominated tabloids, which both used to their advantage.

Alida and Heathcote shared a mind for business. They knew the value of name and reputation and carefully crafted theirs. Beyond the charade, there was tensions. A child had been easy to agree to, but the methods for raising one were not quite so easily agreed upon. Alida wanted young Cosmo at every pureblood gala, the very picture of an upstanding young man. Heathcote didn't want his son to be such a stick in the mud, his words. He wanted him to be wild and free, like himself, with the opportunity to devour the world.

What followed was lifetime of the Barbary siblings being raised as though their parents were divorced. Under Alida, they were raised to be accomplished, polite, and always keen on a proper match. Under Heathcote, the children were allowed to follow their whims, they met interesting people. The thing Alida and Heathcote did agree upon was that their kids could prosper in the limelight. And so they let them in it.

And yes, speaking of younger siblings, Cosi came three years after him. She was treated like the completion of a perfect set, though Cosmo figured out years later that she had been a happy accident. Alida seemed to think it only made sense to divide their children up, and the two were largely raised by the parent of their gender, though Heathcote could convince Alida to let Cosi come along during some of their summer escapades.

Despite the division, it was a happy home. Alida found Heathcote exhausting and Heathcote thought Alida was rigid, but they had a passion for each other that kept the spirit alive. It wasn't warm, but it was nurturing, and the Barbary children never wanted for anything.

They still don't. Now a prefect with great grades, Cosmo is turning heads and taking names. Just like his dad.
Cosmo Barbary
Cosmo Barbary
Slytherin Prefect
Slytherin Prefect

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Post by Jack Dyllan Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:04 am


Jack Dyllan
Jack Dyllan
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