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Victoire Weasley

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Victoire Weasley Empty Victoire Weasley

Post by Victoire Weasley Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:11 pm

Name: Victoire Morwenna Weasley
Nicknames: Everyone calls her either Vic or Vicky.
Age + Birthday: 22 // May 2nd
Hogwarts House: Former-Gryffindor
Facts Known About Character: Tall, blonde curly hair, bright blue eyes, Weasley freckles, the biggest smile.

  • When engaging in the "jam or cream first?" debate, Victoire stays true to her Cornish roots. It's jam all the way and she won't argue with anyone about this (lies, she'll fight to the death) because she is right, okay?
  • Victoire holds the record for taking the most amount of House Points away from misbehaving students while serving as a Hogwarts Prefect.  
  • She is a beer drinker. Bottled beer, especially. She loathes champagne and can only just about tolerate wine but she won't enjoy it. Spirits can occasionally lift hers but she doesn't have a particular favourite in that department. Gin, though. Gin she'll drink - so long as it's Tarquin's.
  • Has a mean left hook and, in that vein, is probably the quickest amongst the Auror trainees to resort to Muggle methods when dealing with suspects on the run. There is a running joke that she must have played rugby in a former life given how well she tackles.
  • She has quickly gained a reputation for being a talented investigator and, in particular, interrogator. She can usually get suspects singing like canaries by the time she's done.
  • She adores surfing - possibly more than flying, which she loves - and is most at home sat on a board waiting to catch the next wave at Fistral Beach.
  • Is probably more of a mother to James S. Potter than his mother is. She's constantly getting him out of scrapes or he's coming to find her once he's already in trouble.
  • She has an irrational - justified, in her mind - hatred of seagulls. She will never trust them, they are chip thieves.
  • She is wild for Shakespeare and most other seventeenth century playwrights. The only upshot of currently living in London is that she gets to go to the theatre all. the. time.
  • Did as well in her N.E.W.Ts as Aunt Hermione possibly - mostly - because of Aunt Hermione.
  • She is a serial dater since her break-up with Teddy - never really alone but never really committed, either. Some weeks, there's a different bloke every day to meet her at the end of Auror training. Her colleagues don't seem to see the same one twice.
  • Has been an absolute yoga fiend ever since returning from India.
  • Broke her collarbone playing Quidditch with the family when she was twelve.  

Rumours About Character:

Only the Weasleys/Potters + possibly Ministry workers know of the first two.

  • She has been quietly been looking into the disappearance of Harry Potter. True.
  • Worse, she's also rumoured to believe what Ginny Weasley-Potter has been saying. Semi-true.
  • Ran away to India to "find herself." Partly true, in fairness, but she'd deny it.
  • There are accusations of nepotism floating around due to Victoire joining the Auror trainees. There has been a suggestion that she only got on the training course because of the influence of her aunt and uncles who work at the Ministry - a war hero perk, as it were. This is not true.
  • Teddy Lupin dumped her. Sort of true. It was mutual. The breakup was mutual.
  • Some people wonder whether, based on her current dating patterns, she was wholly loyal to Teddy throughout their relationship. This is hogwash. Of course she was!
  • Other assorted rumours related to The Break-Up.
  • Some people may think her a little bit inaccessible. It's the Veela blood. It makes her look haughty. She can't help it. She's super friendly.
  • Has a bit of werewolf in her because of Fenrir Greyback's attack on her father. Not true, exactly. She has a penchant for red meat like her father does but she's not got 'a bit of werewolf' in her. That's just erroneous.


"Everything was alright until Uncle Harry disappeared."

There are two clear eras in Victoire's childhood: 'Before Harry Disappeared' and 'After Harry Disappeared.' The before was idyllic - like something out of a dream. She was the first child to be born after the war within her family. What quickly followed was a succession of siblings and cousins which made for a rowdy Shell Cottage and an even rowdier Burrow. It meant that Victoire was constantly surrounded by children her own age and younger. She was highly sociable, quick to laugh, endlessly funny, and fiercely loyal. She still is, in many ways. Summers would be spent at the beach. Winters wrapped up with her parents and siblings before the fire.

Then, of course, Harry left. Or went missing. Or whatever happened. Everything changed after that. There was a haze of darkness over everyone in the family that had not been there before. Everyone seemed to grow up quicker but grow up sadder. There was less laughter - still love, of course - but there was a distinction that Victoire was more than old enough to notice. No one was really and truly happy after Harry left - none more so than the Potters themselves. It's hard, remembering the old days, the golden days, and how good it all was but harder still knowing that there are some of them, like Lily, too young to remember just how good it really was.

"We're the new generation. We've got a chance to do it all differently. To do it right."

Victoire was a hat stall - though not for the usual reasons. She and the Hat discussed liquorice wands for a few moments before he finally plopped her in Gryffindor. She had hoped to be in Hufflepuff with Teddy - the only other member of the family at Hogwarts at the time but soon enough as the years trickled by, other members of the family joined her in her house and joined others, too. She also made friends incredibly quickly so there wasn't much for the girl to worry about.

Victoire became quite the precocious talent early on - just like her Aunt Hermione before her. Bill and Fleur nourished this talent and so did the aunt she took after. Victoire grew into a talented young witch which reflects in her N.E.W.T scores and her recent acceptance onto the Auror programme. She had a particular talent for Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts which, helpfully, persist to this day.

Victoire loved Hogwarts and she was delighted when she became a Prefect. She was, however, quite a harsh Prefect. She liked to do her rounds at night quickly and efficiently and she despaired of anyone she caught out of bed but mainly because it was just such a pain to have to deal with them. Being a Prefect didn't prevent Victoire from getting up to mischief herself, though. She pulled off some pranks in her day - don't you worry.

"Is it entirely possible that we never really worked and that
we were just together for the sake of the family?"

When Victoire and Teddy started dating during Hogwarts it was Molly Weasley's dream come true. And for a while, it sort of was a dream come true. But, then of course it all went wrong. Perhaps it was the pressure of being the hope of the family. Perhaps it was never meant to be to begin with. Maybe they were only together because it was sort of what everyone expected and what everyone wanted for them.

Victoire didn't know what it was. All she knows is that the end came and it marked a point in her life. A turning point. One that she's struggled to come back from, in truth. At least romantically, anyway. Teddy was her first everything. It's hard to come back from that when the separation is hardly separate. They're still family. Seeing each other is still enforced and strictly observed. It's harder to get over it that way. So she never really has.

"James Sirius Potter, you really are a pain in the arse."

Victoire left Hogwarts, lost her boyfriend, and lost her way a bit. She took a job in Gringotts like her father before her with a mind to train as a Curse Breaker. After a few years parked at a desk, though, she didn't really get her wish. She had a few opportunities to join the division but they were all denied by a surly manager. The pay was good, though, and the job was easy enough so she stuck at it until she could bear it no longer.

After withdrawing her savings from her account, Victoire left the bank and left the country, too. For a year, she travelled East using a variety of transport methods. She didn't get much beyond India in the end, though. She found herself at home there. The wizarding community was vibrant and exciting and she found the lifestyle very appealing. She took a little job at the local bank there and spent the majority of her down time in the local temple, meditating, hoping that it would bring her some solace.

In the end, though, any and all relaxation and chance at nirvana was stolen by the arrival of James Sirius Potter, loudly calling around for his cousin, "Vicky - tall and blonde, sometimes look super moody." In the end, James so disturbed the peace of the temple that Victoire was all but chased out. She knew that it was her time to go, though. After a year, she had worked out - if nothing else, what she wanted to do. She had quietly put in an application to join the Auror department and by the time James turned up, she had already heard back from them. She had her place.

James told everyone he rescued Victoire from a life of drudgery in India. She told everyone she'd been dragged back, having to listen to him whine the whole time. James resented that account of things.

But she settled back into English life easily enough. She shares a flat with her best friend in Diagon Alley above one of the shops and has launched herself full-throttle into training. She visits her aunt Ginny once a week to have tea and listen to her theories. She has begun to believe some of them, too, and is - on the quiet - looking into any leads the Ministry might have about Harry's whereabouts.

She has yet to see Teddy, too. Probably for the best.

Playby: Rosamund Pike
Victoire Weasley
Victoire Weasley
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Victoire Weasley Empty Re: Victoire Weasley

Post by Jack Dyllan Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:52 pm

Added! Very excited to see this new incarnation!

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