Juliet "Jet" Thruston
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Juliet "Jet" Thruston

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Juliet "Jet" Thruston Empty Juliet "Jet" Thruston

Post by Juliet Thruston Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:47 pm

Name: Juliet “Jet” Emilia Thruston

Age: 17

Appearance: Lean, athletic, just a smidgen taller than average, propensity to tan. Big blue-grey eyes perpetually lined in black. Long, thick, sometimes scruffy blonde hair. Style is casual but slightly edgy, alternative, speaks of rebellion. Cleans up nicely and will do so if asked, rarely asked. Doesn’t make an effort to fit in, but it’s less a statement and more about her own comfort. Reserved demeanour, un-expressive but not un-confident.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Facts Known About Character: 

  • Daughter of Orsino Thruston, former drummer for the Weird Sisters, and Amy Baxter, troubled muggle starlet who gained fame-by-proxy in the Wizarding World. Mother died during her infancy in highly publicised overdose.
  • Hatstall. 2 minutes 38 seconds.
  • Taught herself to understand, if not speak, Gobbledegook.
  • History of Magic, Ancient Runes whizz. Happy to help with homework & research, if it’s interesting enough (loves a mystery, academic or not).
  • Easy to get on with, harder to befriend. Not a follower, not a leader. Equally comfortable in company or keeping to herself.
  • Pretty chill. Won’t fight you, won’t correct your assumptions, won’t rat you out for breaking rules- won’t pretend to like you, either.
  • Slytherin Chaser. Possibly the least competitive Quidditch team member around, but plays a good game.
  • Walked out of class once after an uncharacteristic fight with a teacher- thereafter didn't contribute to lessons beyond attendance and homework.
  • Has served countless detentions for sneaking into the restricted section of the library, remains undeterred.
  • Worked at Quality Quidditch Supplies over the summer.

Rumors Known About Character: 

  • Dab hand at forgery- will forge parental letters/school reports/doctor’s notes for you at a decent price (true)
  • Able to secure introductions to a whole host of magical celebrities if asked nicely enough (mostly false- Orsino’s glory days are long over, but the real obstacle is her own opposition to that entire scene)
  • Set for life financially (false- Orsino has burnt through all his riches chasing highs and her mother’s bequest was pitiful)
  • Had a privileged (false- see: unsuitable guardians, slipshod parenting, child-unfriendly home environment) and star-studded (true- see: rockstar godparents, industry parties, wizard rock hall of fame perks) upbringing
  • Shares Orsino’s addictive personality (true- a joint gift from both her parents) and is on a path to ruin like him (false- doggedly straight edge, apart from a nasty smoking habit she is struggling to kick)
  • All about the rock ’n roll life, a wild child, loose cannon, off the rails, rebel just for kicks, etc. (false- she aspires to be a historian. Will ignore any rules she doesn't like but will not go out of her way to break them)
  • Some old rumour about refusing a prefect's badge in her Fifth Year (no comment)
  • The Weird Sisters are finally going on a reunion tour and she’ll be joining them once she graduates (people still believe this?)


Orsino Thruston had long been a household name by the time Jet was born. Though the Weird Sister's break-up came after the start of his highly publicised substance abuse issues, public meltdowns, and law-skirting antics, it neither slowed him down nor lessened his notoriety. Only Amy Baxter's death a couple years after the birth of their daughter saw a retreat from the public eye, and a greater concern for privacy.

Thus Jet avoided a tabloid fodder childhood, mostly because the taboids were refused access to the more sordid details. With Orsino chronically in and out of rehab to little success and a host of unsavoury influences drifting in and out of their lives, Jet's upbringing was unconventional and unstable, and she was left mostly to her own devices as soon as she was old enough to not require constant supervision. She learnt to occupy her time with quiet, solitary pursuits, developing an affinity for history books about long-gone civilisations and a hobby collecting harmless magical artefacts that she attempted to study and decipher, a pursuit that was engrossing enough to pass the long hours when she wasn't at the local muggle school or the library.

Hogwarts came as a welcome escape that provided more resources to feed this interest, and she settled in well, long-accustomed to upheaval and strange faces. She enjoyed the learning involved in education more than the rigid school structures, but toed the line for the most part, reserved enough that she wasn't singled out for misbehaviours but independent enough that she encountered the occasional hiccup when faced with (to her mind, arbitrary) restrictions. Her OWL results proved impressive and she is hoping to replicate the success in her NEWTs through hard work and genuine interest in her subjects, though she maintains a relaxed approach to academic pressures and appears undaunted by life after graduation.

Playby: Teresa Palmer

Member Name: Alyssa

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Juliet Thruston
Juliet Thruston
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Juliet "Jet" Thruston Empty Re: Juliet "Jet" Thruston

Post by Jack Dyllan Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:10 pm

You know how excited I am. Added! Will get those pips on your profile soon!

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