Margo Richards
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Margo Richards

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Margo Richards Empty Margo Richards

Post by Margo P. Richards on Mon Jul 01, 2019 3:29 pm

Name: Margo P. Richards
Age: 15
Appearance: Blonde hair, busty, dark brown eyes
Margo has medium length blonde hair that she doesn’t let get too long, keeping it about shoulder length. When left untouched, her hair can be wavy and messy, but she’s also been known to straighten it, put it in braids, and clip it up. The blonde contrasts against her dark eyebrows and her dark brown eyes. She has been known to attempt to change her hair color up, taking on a brunette shade.  Her large lips are one of her more noticeable features. She has high cheekbones and pinched cheeks and a strong chin. She’s relatively pale, but tans easily and tans well when she sets out to be.

Margo is fairly fit, as she’s always had enough energy to keep her going. Despite her inherent lack of the coordination required to be athletic, she’s always tried out every sport she could. Football, lacrosse, Quidditch – her hand at rugby actually gave her some muscle she has since lost. She has a mostly toned body, but she had fairly curvy hips, she’s rather busty, and she’s incredibly proud of her caboose. She’s well proportioned. She’s not scrawny, but she’s not above average either. She looks older than she really is, having a very mature look, despite her youthful style.

Margo dresses like she is stuck in a 1990s rap video. She loves beanies and backwards caps, and she never leaves home without donning her hoop earrings. She loves high-waisted, acid-washed jean shorts and crop tops that show off her stomach. She loves cheap, goofy glasses, and anything colorful is something she likes to add to her wardrobe. Much to her friends’ chagrin, she loves wearing overall shorts. And she has tons of ugly sweaters that most people would have thrown out a long time ago.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (Somehow!)
Playby: Billie Piper
Member Name: Jackles

Facts Known About Character:
-Best friends with Molly Weasley
-Had two older brothers in Ravenclaw that were absolute babes and total overachievers
-Total flirt

Rumors Known About Character:
-Something about a threesome?! You can make up the details as you'd like
-That she has a thing for teachers
-Her parents are bribing the school to help her pass classes

Bio: Most of her old bio is still relevant. She's barely passing her classes but she's a perceptive girl with some common sense buried beneath all the nonsense. She could be clever if she had the right influences.
Margo P. Richards
Margo P. Richards
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Fifth Year Ravenclaw

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