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Post by Merlot Margo Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:22 am




    FULL NAME: Merlot Melvina Margo
    NOTE: I am going to need my username changed to "Merlot Margo".


    AGE/DOB: 12, 00.00.0000 (I'll add this bit in later)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Homeschooled

    PLAY BY: Alisa Bachurina


    HAIR: Both Merlot's mother and father were responsible for her dark, multicolored locks. Several shades of brown could be spotted throughout Merlot's long hair, which extended below her waist and fanned out in the manner of a feline's pelt. It was often difficult to identify its true color after even the slightest change of lighting within a room.

    EYES: Just as Merlot inherited her mother’s physic abilities, she too had been blessed with a pair of lively blue eyes. Of such a pure color were her irises that they were undoubtedly a result of her gift. Surely, it was no coincidence that she and her father shared the same, impossibly blue color.

    HEIGHT: 4'9'

    BODY TYPE: Merlot is small, mouse-like child in appearance. But beneath her loosely fitted clothing and her childish demeanor she has hidden several years worth of strength, which she has obtained by working in her mother's absence.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Merlot's lengthy, disobedient hair dwarfed her already small frame, ultimately giving her the appearance of a miniscule child. Her crooked front teeth and heavy eyelids, too defied her and her appearance was completed by the air of being homeless, unkempt, and scraggly. But through these flaws her blue eyes pierced, and she was made beautiful.

    01. Colored Jeans
    02. Long dresses
    03. Crochet & Lace
    04. Band T-shirts
    05. Boots
    06. Layered tights
    07. Hemp bracelets
    08. Spinner rings


    01. Ambitious
    02. An Impeccable Aim
    03. Witty
    04. Intelligent
    05. Flexible
    06. Rhythmical
    07. Skilled under pressure
    08. Instinctual when necessary
    09. Skateboarding
    10. Slow to (expressed) anger

    01. Experiences bouts of mania & anxiety
    02. An addictive personality
    03. Excessively quiet
    04. Withholding
    05. Self-sacrificial
    06. Fiercely independent
    07. Resents her stunted magic
    08. Forgiveness
    09. Deeply emotional
    10. An impulsive liar

    01. Running
    02. Late-evening road trips
    03. Flying
    04. Approval
    05. The Country
    06. Licorice
    07. Reptiles & Aquatic Animals
    08. Willow Trees
    09. Dated rock music
    10. The smell of diesel fuel

    01. The smell of alcohol
    02. Limitations
    03. Routine
    04. The requirement that is sleep
    05. Early mornings
    06. Blood
    07. Arithmetic
    08. Her muggle peers
    09. Orange anything
    10. Remaining still

    01. To confront her father.
    02. To learn magic.
    03. To earn her wand.
    04. To become a police officer.
    05. To earn her pilot's license.

    01. A heavy reliance on her spinner rings.
    02. Nail biting.
    03. Head scratching.

    BOGGART: Merlot's greatest fear has already taken place; her father has moved in harm's way before she has had the opportunity to meet him in person. When she is faced with a boggart, this fear takes on the form of a madly ticking clock, hands dripping with blood, just out of her reach.

    PATRONUS: Merlot's greatest memory is that of the afternoons during which her uncle, a quidditch player, chauffeured her across the sky. She is, however, incapable of casting the Patronus Charm.

    DEMENTOR: Her worst memory was of the evening that she was struck with a horrid realization. After many a year of remaining oblivious the her mother's self abuse, having been exposed to it for the entirety of her childhood, Merlot experienced first-hand the means by which Annabell had acquired the scars along her wrists. She had watched, hidden around the corner of her mother's bedroom door as she'd self-harmed, before healing herself and turning, startled to meet Merlot's gaze. She had assured Merlot in her drunken state that everything was fine - that Mommy was just working on a healing project for work. But night after night the healing project continued, and Merlot cried to herself for her tortured mother.

    VERITASERUM: Despite the maturity that she displays so frequently, Merlot has developed a foolish fantasy that her father will be her escape from her mother's alcoholism, despite what her mother has told her of Nemo. In these dreams she and Nemo are the closest of friends, and she is forever learning from him. They would listen to rock music while discussing their abilities as Seers until the wee hours of the night. And she would be at ease.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: As previously stated.

    PERSONALITY: Both Nemo and Annabell have contributed to Merlot's personality, and at the age of twelve it has yet to become an easier task for the young lass to identify where her inherited traits end and where her 'original content' begins. Though, one thing is for certain; her selfless, withdrawn, lone-gunslinger nature is entirely her own.


    FATHER: Nemo Omara, 27, Head of the Department of Law Enforcement

    MOTHER: Annabell Margo, 29, Healer at St. Mungo's


    RACE: Clown Fish Decedent

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET(S): A Spectacled (messanger) Owl by the name of Buffalo.
    Two Red-Eared Sliders by the names of Cane & Abel (Appropriately named, as one has frequently attempted to kill the other.)

    01. A duffel bag, enchanted by her mother to remain bottomless, in which Merlot has packed a few months' previsions (clothing, all of her important belongings, emergency food, ect).
    02. A carved and delicately painted stick; a replica of the wand that Merlot has always wanted. She wields this wand as though she is capable of magic, always storing it in her right pocket for battle.


    Early Years: It was debatable, the proposition that Merlot's birth was a product of intoxication and self destruction. For while it surely seemed that there had been no true end game; no plan of the future child that was to be birthed, that she had been a mistake, she existed. At the age of fifteen Nemo Omara had unknowingly fathered a child, blissfully leaving Annabell Margo, panic-stricken at 16-years-of-age to make a decision that would determine Merlot's fate: Could she really birth a child? They had been Hogwarts students, she a daring Slytherin, he a wild Gryffindor.

    They're 'relationship' had lasted a week. She'd fallen in love with him. Anna kept the child.

    At Hogwarts, she had remained for as long as her pregnancy had allowed, determined to complete the education that her ambitions required. To become a healer under such circumstances was a child's fantasy at best - yet it was with determination that Annabell had struggled through her classes and the symptoms of bearing a child. Entirely alone, she had been. Her family had disowned her when light had been shed on her poor decisions and what there result had been. But she carried on.

    A month after her seventeenth birthday, Merlot was due. And a child was born. She was a miracle then, when she was small and before the truths of alcoholism or depression had been revealed to Anna. She was a flawless, blue-eyed baby. Startlingly quiet, Annabell had remembered, but never still. And she returned to Hogwarts, parting with her child for her remaining year at school to obtain her final scores.

    The awe expired when Merlot had grown to be three years old. As Merlot discovered the world, Annabell learned of weight that had settled upon her shoulders and in her soul. She had been aged by motherhood, and it had only just begun. As the loneliness and despair brewed, Annabell returned to the drink that had drawn her to Nemo. And with the heavy burden of her career of choice, it was easy for Annabell to succumb to the temptation of self abuse.

    It was this mother that Merlot knew - not the lively, restless creature that she had been at 15. To Merlot, Annabell was never present. When her occupation allowed her to return home, it was not a spirited reunion, but rather a time during with Merlot was expected to continue on; to prepare her dinner, to keep the house in a presentable order, so not to alarm Uncle, and to learn from the textbooks that Annabell had ordered; textbooks with which she had once intended to raise her child. What had been a golden dream for her mother proved to be a difficult struggle for Marlot, as she quickly discovered the difficulties of teaching oneself something entirely knew, and vitally important. It was a wonder that Marlot had ever found her edge, but she most certainly had, and from then on it was with flying colors that she learned.

    After several years, Marlot had come to understand something far beyond her comprehension. She knew of her mother's depression and of the sacrifices that she had made on her behalf, for she had witnessed the ghost of liquor in Annabell's eyes, and the glint of a razor blade against fair skin. It was much too early, when it occurred to Marlot that she was ultimately the cause of her mother's distress. And before long, she was flooded with anxiety, as well as the ability that her father had passed along to her.

    She was to be a Seer.

    It was overwhelming, and it was something which she quickly grew accustomed to. The anxiety worsened, in the absence of this gift - but the future's presence seemed to temporarily relieve the buzzing of Merlot's brain. When she could see, she could no longer see the darkness that had enveloped her childhood home. And her father was a Seer. This, her mother had told her - as well as all else that she was capable of recalling. He was a mysterious beacon of hope in Merlot's mind's eye. If he too were capable of premonitions - if they were so similar, then surely, he could provide her with some contentment. Surely, he would be her escape from home.

    At age 12, she left.


    YOUR NAME: Red
    OTHER CHARACTERS: Fish, Reindeer, Casper

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Merlot Margo
Merlot Margo

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Post by Merlot Margo Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:20 am

Merlot Margo
Merlot Margo

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Post by Sophia Granger Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:09 pm

hm... looks like a interesting charrie Red, accepted and sorted into other!

(if I'm wrong let me know and I'll change it but I don't know where else to sort her! )
Sophia Granger
Sophia Granger
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