Malfoy, Godric Delk
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Malfoy, Godric Delk

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Malfoy, Godric Delk Empty Malfoy, Godric Delk

Post by Godric Malfoy Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:50 am

Out of Character:
Name: Sage
Gender: Male
Age: 32
How you found Potter's Army: Christy
Any other characters on Potter's Army: The Original Godric
Anything else:

In Character

Name: Godric Delk Malfoy
Nicknames: Delk
Gender: Male
Race: Qutra Veela
Year AND Age: 17, 7th year
Preferred houses: Slytherin
Birthday: Aug 13
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Austin Butler
Blood Status: Pureblood

Height: 5'7"
Hair: White blond
Eye colour: Crystal blue
Skin: Caucasian with a fair complexion.
Other distinguishing features: A red phoenix tattoo between his shoulder blades.

Personality: Godric is a stand offish, sarcastic, and priggish guy until he gets to know you. He doesn't rely trust any one, except after a long time of knowing them. If you're not in his inner circle don't bother trying to get him to be nice. Cunning and smart, this 'prince' of Germany knows how to work a crowd and push his own agenda. He isn't afraid to get his own hands dirty, but he will cover his tracks and shift the blame to others if he can.
Skills: Dark arts, DADA, Potions
Weaknesses: Divination, charms, Care for magical Creatures.
Likes: Muggle video games/Manga/Anime, studying, plotting against his enemies.
Dislikes: Stupidity, lack of conviction, cowardice
Motto: If you can't beat them, join them, find there weakness and then beat them.
Family Information: Godric is the son of Darius Malfoy and Alicia Whittle. Darius was a member of an excommunicated branch of the Malfoy clan. They were exiled from the main branch for plotting against the main branch to curry favor with the Dark Lord Voldmort. Cousin to Christy Whittle, who he treats more as a sister then a cousin.
Background: Godric was born and raised in Germany with his mother's family. Brought up to be a prince among even the elite. His instructions in Magic started as soon as he was old enough to talk coherently. He was tutored in all aspects of magic but with a focus on Potions, Dark Arts, and the Defense against Dark Arts, after showing an aptitude for these three fields. He went to Durmstrang for his first six years of school. Placing top of his class every year in Dark Arts, Potions, and DADA, but only taking barely passing marks in his other courses. Thinking his last name was Whittle until recently when he was told he was actually the son of Darius Malfoy, he took his father's name out of spite. Even though his mother wouldn't tell him anything else about his father. Not how they met, not if his father knew about him or not, nothing. His father died under mysterious circumstances, and Godric thinks the main line knows the truth. So when his cousin decided she was transferring to Hogwarts, he decided it was a perfect opportunity to do a little digging into what might have transpired.

RP sample:

Godric had been waiting for his potion to finish for six days now. Stamping his little foot the nine year old glared at the bubbling cauldron as slowly the smoke turned from white to a pastel blue. It was finally finished. He called out to his cousin Christy as he ladled the concoction into two vials. A metallic blue liquid that gave off a faint scent of blueberries and fresh rain. Godric's potion's tutor would be proud if it worked. When his cousin finally found her way into his workroom, he handed her one of the vials.
"One, two, three..." he counted and they took the potion together. Within seconds, the little duo began giggling wildly as they started to ascend to the ceiling. His own recipe for a levitation potion worked. Only for about three seconds before the pair fell butts first to the ground.
Godric Malfoy
Godric Malfoy
Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin

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