MALFOY, Godric Delk
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MALFOY, Godric Delk

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MALFOY, Godric Delk Empty MALFOY, Godric Delk

Post by Godric Delk Malfoy Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:37 am

MALFOY, Godric Delk Charliecharle



    FULL NAME: Godric Delk Malfoy

    NICKNAMES: Sayvar in his job


    ALLEGIANCE: Ex De now Nuetral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Graduate from Durmstrang

    WAND TYPE: Blackthorn wand w/ Egyptian Asp fangs

    PLAY BY Charlie Hunnum


    HAIR COLOR: Sandy blond

    EYE COLOR:Crystal blue


    BODY TYPE: Slender but defined muscles.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Godric stands five foot nine with a slender build but very well defined muscle. His hair is all ways one of two lengths, either a crew cut, or mid neck.

    When around family, Godric is a little prince as he was taught to be. Silk button downs, Dress trousers, and soft leather dress boots. However when away from his mother and aunt, he dresses far more casually. Normally in just a shirt, cut up jeans and either converse all-stars or steel toed combat boots.

    There is another side to him however. When hunting someone he dresses in a custom made leather armor, with a silver bracer.


    Dark arts, DADA, Potions

    Divination, charms, Care for magical Creatures.

    video games/Manga/Anime, studying,and being an assassin

    Authority, Blood traitors, werewolves

    He hopes to one day be Headmaster of Durmstrang
    Godric talks more to his familiar then most people.

    BOGGART: Being a failure

    PATRONUS: His first true assassination, his own uncle

    DEMENTOR: Losing Gift. His first pet, and his first friend.

    AMORENTIA: The scent of a field of wild grass and lavender.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To run Durmstrang as it's head master.

    PERSONALITY: Godric has become distant, cold, and vindictive over the years. The only two things he trusts anymore are his pet Set, and Christy. Everyone else are expendable assets. He is excelent at hiding his true feelings though, even from himself. He is slow to anger, but deadly to cross. He holds himself to a higher stander than he does those around him.


    FATHER: Draco Malfoy

    MOTHER:Alissia Whittle

    SIBLING(S): The Malfoy Clutch

    OTHER: Christy Whittle, Cousin

    BLOOD STATUS: pureblood

    RACE: qutra-veela

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    .Albino Egyptian King Cobra

    (Completely Optional. Make sure the broomstick which you own makes sense. For example, Ron could never have owned a firebolt. For the full list of Brooms, check the ED)

    Silver bracer and the "Serpent's Eyes"


    Early Years: Godric was born and raised in Germany with his mother's family. Even before he was supposedly allowed, he was making potions. He was the Family's "little prince".
    Hogwarts Years: For most of his schooling, Godric went to Durmstrang. While there he was top of his class in all but his care for magical creatures. He was offered the chance to Graduate a year early but decided to transfer to Hogwarts instead. After the disappearance of his best friend and his uncle's murder, Godric went off on his own, becoming a wand for hire. After his return, he quickly transferred back to Durmstrang to Graduate.

    Adulthood: Godric has since been off making a name for himself in the darker side of the magical community. Pulling of assassinations world wide, under the name Sayvar. He has only failed once, and that was due to another's interference.


    YOUR NAME: Sage

    RP EXPERIENCE: A good five years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Christy

    OTHER CHARACTERS: The original Godric

    RP SAMPLE: Godric walked into his old home. He doubted any one would recognize him any more. His white blond hair had darkened to a more sand colored , his skin was tanned a golden bronze, but his eyes were the biggest change. He no longer saw the world like he had, and that gave him a cold and distant gaze. He looked to his mother and smiled impishly, faking his old self perfectly. "Gutenmagen Muti." his German accent still thick. She could only stare at the man that was once her "little prince"

Godric Delk Malfoy
Godric Delk Malfoy

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MALFOY, Godric Delk Empty Re: MALFOY, Godric Delk

Post by Darren Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:48 pm

Accepted! Welcome back Smile

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