Maura Goldstein
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Maura Goldstein

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Maura Goldstein  Empty Maura Goldstein

Post by Maura Goldstein on Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:38 pm

NAme:Maura Angela Goldstein
Hair color: Maura has long brown hair that cascades down the middle of her back, it's either straight, wavy or curly depending on her mood or the way her hair acts.
Eye color: chocolate brown
Height: 5'2
Body Type:Petite and short
General Appearance: Maura stands about 5'2 in height with long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes.  Maura has a bit of a egg like shape face and a bit of a small button nose that matches her face.  Her skin is a bit tanned from over the summer and her skin looks like a porcelain doll that might break at any second. Maura has a scar on her elbow where she fell off her bike when she was seven years old.  Maura fashion senses is alittle girly girl with a mix of tom boy on top of it.  Maura wears anything that she's comfortable in but cute at the same time, she hates the color pink with a passion. When Maura is in school she wears her hufflepuff robe but when she's on holiday or weekends she wears her muggle clothes.  Her favorite colors are blue,yellow and purple but she wears any color but pink. She wears a bit of jewelry but only to dances or special occasions but she does wear earrings and her golden locket her parents gave her ALL the time.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Facts Known About Character:
Was almost a Ravenclaw
Name really Mauranna
Has a crush on Ryo Hiroku

Rumors Known About Character:
She made a love potion in her 3rd year for Ryo.

Good Traits:
good listener
good at keeping secrets
obedient to her friends and family

Bad traits:
A loner
short tempered
REALLY shy if she doesn't know you

Winter Time
Animals magical or normal
rainy days
being a hufflepuff

back stabbers
people who judge others
summer times

Maura is a VERY shy girl who a bit of a loner and very much to herself at time. Although she can be very down to earth and out-going once you break her shell and she lets you in. Maura is very loyal and obedient to her friends and family and will do anything to protect them.  Maura can be very stubborn at times,  she strongly stands with she believes and no one can tell her else wise. Maura tends to flip off the handle at times about small and stupid things with no meaning.   Although you really won't see this side of Maura unless your her friend or you make her REALLY mad.


Early Years: Maura Angela Goldstein was born to Anthony and Carrie Goldstein on Feb. 13.  Maura is only girl and the oldest out of the two Goldstein silbings born by Carrie and Anthony Goldstein. Before going to Hogwarts Maura went to a muggle private school, she was quite popular due to her out going bubbly attitude.  She also was in Gymnastics before she quit the summer before her first year.

Hogwarts Years:
At the age of eleven Maura was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly.  Once it was Maura's turn to try on the sorting hat she was automatically sorted into Hufflepuff the minute the sorting hat touched her head.

2nd year: Once a second year knew the school like the back of her hand, and became a bit of a know it all more then she was. Turning beetles into buttons to cheering Charms she mastered  it all.

3rd year: this is the year she learned what feelings were and started crushing on Ryo.  She also mastered Exelliarmus and Stupefy.

4th year: wasn't a good year,  her cat died and she her cousin died in a car crash who she was very close with.

Playby: Laura Marano.
Maura Goldstein
Maura Goldstein
Fifth Year Hufflepuff
Fifth Year Hufflepuff

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