GOLDSTEIN, Maura Angela
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GOLDSTEIN, Maura Angela

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GOLDSTEIN, Maura Angela Empty GOLDSTEIN, Maura Angela

Post by Maura Goldstein Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:16 am

GOLDSTEIN, Maura Angela Tumblr_static_f0w8z3q86rs44040sg44k4co_640_v2




AGE: 23


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff graduate

WAND: Willow, 10 inches, nice and supple good with Charms.

PLAY BY: Laura Marano


Maura stands about 5'7 in height with long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes.  Maura has a bit of a egg like shape face and a bit of a small button nose that matches her face.  Her skin is a bit tanned during the summer but during the winter months her skin looks like a porclein doll that might break at any second. Maura has a scar on her elbow where she fell off her bike when she was seven years old.  Maura fashion senses is alittle girly girl with a mix of tom boy on top of it.  Maura wears anything that she's comfortable in but cute at the same time, she hates the color pink with a passion. When Maura is at work she wears her healer robe but when she's off work she wears muggle clothes.  Her favorite colors are blue,yellow and purple but she wears any color but pink. She wears a bit of jewelry but only to dances or special occasions but she does wear earrings and her golden locket her parents gave her ALL the time


Maura is a bit of loner and keeps to herself most of the time, and doesn't trust people easily, although once you get to know her she's very sweet and caring.  Although she's very cocky and sarcastic and doesn't put up with crap from anyone, she's very bluntly honest and tells it as it is is and doesn't care. As I mentioned before, deep down she's very sweet and caring as well as loyal, but she has trusting issues due to getting bullied in her younger years as well the first three years at Hogwarts, but once you crack her she's very loyal and obedient to her friends and family and will do anything to protect them. She's very brave and clever and always put others before herself, but if she doesn't know you she's very reserved and a bit of a loner.

+hard working
+good listener
+good at keeping secrets
+obedient to her friends and loved ones

-doesn't trust people easily
- bit of a loner at times
-blunty honest

+winter time
+rainy days
+animals magical or non
+helping people

-summer time
-people who judge others
-death eaters

•travel the world some more
• become more closer to her family
• becoming more open to others


FATHER: Anthony Goldstein

MOTHER: Carrie Goldstein

SIBLING/S: Seth Goldstein, 28





EARLY YEARS: Maura Angela Goldstein was born to Anthony and Carrie Goldstein on Feb. 13.  Maura is only girl and the youngest out of the two Goldstein silbings born by Carrie and Anthony Goldstein.  At a young age Maura was always shy and quiet girl for she was always made fun of by other girls.  Before going to Hogwarts Maura went to a muggle private school, but it didn't go well for she was picked and made fun of which lead her to become shy and kept to herself.  Before she started private school Maura was very out-going and down to earth but her self esteem seem to vanished when she started muggle school.

At the age of eleven Maura was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly.  Once it was Maura's turn to try on the sorting hat she was automatically sorted into Hufflepuff the minute the sorting hat touched her head. Thinking that she was finally in a place that she belonged her shyness would go away, but it nevered did seeing how she was to afraid to open up to people the first few years, she was to shy to open up to people.   After getting bullied for the past three years at school Maura had enough and stood up for herself and became very sarcastic, arrogant and very reserved.  Years passed and Maura passed her OWLS with four outstandings and four acceptables and two trolls in Divinations and History of Magic.  As her last year at Hogwarts came, she passed with the same grades as her OWLS but made an acceptable in History of Magic.

ADULTHOOD:. After graduating at the age of eighteen she decided to take a gap year and go explore the world, going to places like America and Australia and many more, she learned how different other places were from London,  and learned that a lot of places have they were different, in culture as well as living and money wise.  At the age of twenty she decided to follow her dream to become a Healer for St.Mungo's, after years of studying, Maura became her life long dream of helping others.  Deciding to become closer to her parents again after she went to explore the world,  Maura lives in a apartment not to far from her parents, she's slowly building up her relationship with them after being away for awhile.  On the side Maura volunteers at a animal shelter during the weekends, her love for animals never decreasing.


ALSO KNOWN AS:Maura (Mars)

RP EXPERIENCE: about eight years

HOW YOU FOUND US: old member

MAIN CHARACTER: Maura Goldstein

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Maura Goldstein
Maura Goldstein
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Sixth Year Hufflepuff

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GOLDSTEIN, Maura Angela Empty Re: GOLDSTEIN, Maura Angela

Post by Maura Goldstein Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:29 am

I changed it, sorry copied some from my old app

I don't understand why I have to make her tall, that's my height in RL but I changed it.
Maura Goldstein
Maura Goldstein
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Sixth Year Hufflepuff

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