History of Potters Army Plots
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History of Potters Army Plots

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History of Potters Army Plots Empty History of Potters Army Plots

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:10 pm


Potter's Army began as a sandbox game, with no formal plot.  Over the years, the site has been influenced by our members and administrators and an overarching "site plot" is usually in place, though whether your character participates is completely up to you.

Potter's Army takes place in an alternate reality, where Voldemort didn't die during the battle of Hogwarts and where Harry Potter is missing, presumed dead.

For your convenience when creating your character and orienting yourself on the site, below we've detailed some of the significant dates and outlined previous site plots.

• The Battle of Hogwarts.  Voldemort flees the battle after Nagini is killed, leaving his followers to die.
• Harry Potter decides to track Voldemort.

• Harry Potter goes missing, eventually presumed dead

• Voldemort begins recruiting more followers

• Vampires are granted the right to carry wands


• The Ministry of Magic allows werewolves and vampires to attend Hogwarts freely

• Muggle Prime Minister William Reynolds declares war on the Wizarding World


• Lord Voldemort is killed during battle by a stray spell cast by one of his own followers, Ne'os Emof


• The Quadwizard Tournament is held at Hogwarts.  The representatives are Aden Williams for Gryffindor, Christabelle Whittle for Ravenclaw, Abbey Dawn for Hufflepuff and Selwyn Thorfinn for Slytherin.

• The Confederacy of the Light is formed - an organisation aimed a ridding the world of werewolves and vampires. New Minister for Magic Dae Diggory supports the Confederacy.

• Lucius Malfoy takes control of the Death Eaters. He instructs his grandson to lure his peers into the Forbidden Forest where they can be more easily captured by Death Eaters. Scorpius' fondness for Rose Weasley prevents him carrying out his task and he himself ends up as one of the hostages.


• Demons attack the Hogwarts Express. After causing chaos and killing a student, they disappear as quickly as they arrived. Redacted. Otherwise known as The Plot We Do Not Mention.

• Vincent Majere is installed as Headmaster of Hogwarts. He subsequently hires Death Eaters as teachers and "security". Dark Arts is added to the curriculum.

• Naomi Greyback is kidnapped by Felix Barker. She develops Stockholm Syndrome and marries her captor.

• The TriWizard Tournament brings students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang to Hogwarts.


• Julia Traverse begins holding meetings for a junior faction of Death Eaters which becomes known as the Dark Followers.

• A hooded crime fighter known only as The Wiccan begins roaming the halls of Hogwarts.

• Sandra Archer and Thaor Elldir discover a horcrux which brings Gellert Grindelwald back from the dead.

• Sandra Archer kills a Hogwarts student, displays her on the gates of Hogwarts and turns her into an inferi.

• Acting in accordance with orders from the Dark Followers, Angelique Pyrites sets up Ariel Greyback to turn on the night of the full moon and while everyone is distracted, helps the Death Eaters gain access to Hogwarts.

• The Second Battle of Hogwarts takes place.

• James William Wilson sets part of the school alight using fiendfyre, setting up the Order to take the blame for the battle.

• Gellert Grindelwald becomes Minister for Magic.

• Hogwarts is placed under lockdown.

• Felix Barker is pardoned of all crimes and takes up the position of Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts


• March - The first reports of illness begin with symptoms matching Dragon Pox.

• April  - The illness is confirmed to only be affecting Purebloods though Half-Bloods with Pureblood relatives appear to be getting ill.

• May - The illness is named the 'Welsh Green Itch' and attempts to find a cure are made as casualty numbers begin to climb.

• June  - Record numbers of Purebloods are confirmed to be dying and the population is rapidly depleting. Inroads have been made into finding a cure.

• July  - The cure and source of the Welsh Green Itch is found. The population is confirmed to have dropped massively with nearly half of the population being infected.

• August - Article 203: Matrimonium Legem;  "The Marriage Law" is brought into action in order to bring up population levels.

  "Unmarried fe/males above the ages of 16 and below that of 50, males 70, are required to marry with in thirty days of receiving their Letter of Notice. Too many Squibs are being born and the birth rate is at an all time low. The Ministry doesn't have a choice: something has to be done."


• Ana Levski and Elijah Krum hold meetings to partner up those matched via the Marriage Law, and the first weddings to occur are between Theodore Rookwood and Hallie Cooper, and Keiran Hayes and Melissa Finnigan. The former is a massive failure, the other hailed as the Ministry's first success.

• Keiran's father is murdered for creating a potion that falsifies a person's fertility report, claiming that they are infertile and thus do not have to comply with Ministry laws.

• Another loophole is found: Those that are engaged/married before their meeting do not have to go through with the law. Purebloods still expected to do so unless already wed; engagements do not count unless between a Pureblood and a Halfblood or Muggleborn.


• James Blood and his pack become more visible in the public eye, causing mayhem wherever they go.

• Deputy Minister of Magic Gideon Pierce assumes duties of Minister for Magic while Robert Lupin is in hiding.

• Blood's pack attacks the Hogwarts Express on its way back to school, many students die while everyone tries to fend them off and the train falls into the Black Lake.

• Ministry for Magic puts out a statement, calling for the arrest of all Magical Creatures. Gideon Pierce threatens the Ministry, so Robert Lupin blows up the building to protect its information.

• Marriage Law is revoked, Magical Creatures are under less scrutiny.

• One of the leaders of the Order of the Phoenix, Audriana Swan, starts calling the Ministry into question and demanding change after the destruction of their building and the Snow Crisis.


• An accident occurs at the Department of Mysteries.

• Muggles begin to notice the Wizarding World, and both muggles and squibs begin performing small acts of magic.

• Active containment begins, with Muggles contained at the Buckley Inn at Diagon Alley. They begin training in basic magic, but none are able to control their magic.

• Audriana Swan and Bentley Pierson hold a meeting at The Leaky Cauldron to discuss magical-muggle integration.

• News of pro-muggle legislation is reported in The Daily Prophet.

• Audriana Swan attempts to poison the Minister for Magic. He is saved by the combined efforts of Lorcan D'eath and Michael Tremaine.

• The Buckley Inn is attacked and destroyed by Death Eaters in order to capture Hadley Swan, Audriana's sister.

2028 - 2029 School Year

• Audrianna Swan turns herself in, in return for the Death Eaters releasing Hadley.  She is subsequently imprisoned in Azkaban.

• All muggles have their memories modified and are returned to the muggle world.

• Magic begins to function as usual once more.

• The Department of International Magical Co-operation opens an exchange program between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny.

• Gwen Fawcett, Headmistress at Ilvermorny and sister-in-law of Robert Lupin, recruits Julian Milton as Deputy Headmaster. He is, perhaps, not the most appropriate choice.

• The ferries, which act as international portkeys between the two schools, begin to malfunction.  Hogwarts students are now stranded at Ilvermorny.

• Standards at Ilvermorny decline.  Lamps stop working at night, meals become irregular and all of the staff aside from the Headmistress and her deputy have disappeared.

• Scarlett Duffy manages to get a letter out to Ace Longbottom.

• At the end of the school year, all but one carriage of the Hogwarts Express is transported to the Ilvermorny grounds.

• Dom Weasley and Declan Arryn go searching for the kids without permission and become trapped there, calling for the aid of the Order and the Ministry to come rescue the kids - and themselves.

[As chronicled by former admin, Selwyn Thorfinn. Reprinted here with our thanks.]



IC: September 2022
Many of the characters listed above are 17 again (no movie pun intended), and living their normal life at Hogwarts, starting on the second day of school. Site Plot is a WIP as the PA Alum come back to reclaim and revamp the site. <3
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