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Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.

Daphne Morgenstern

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Post by Daphne Morgenstern Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:04 am

Name: Daphne Morgenstern
Age: 24
Appearance: Blue eyes. Brunette, but often gets highlights done. Would be average height if not for the heels she usually wears. Holds herself like she's from money, which she was, but dresses a bit more uniformly and casually because of her profession.
Hogwarts House: Former Ravenclaw
Facts Known About Character: She abandoned her family fortune for a life with someone she loved but was badly burned by both him and her family when they didn't stay together. She couldn't fix herself, so to speak, and she wanted to hide out where few people could judge her for it, so she took a turn at Hogwarts instead of staying at St. Mungo's, and will be working there for at least this year.
Rumors Known About Character: Students may have their own beliefs about her, because she's uptight and a bit overdramatic about their misbehavior, and is almost never seen with other adults outside of the Hospital Wing.
Bio: Daphne grew up expecting to have a wonderful life, full of wonderful and undoubtedly expensive things. She thought she would marry well, and perhaps have an illustrious career that others would be rightly jealous of. Undoubtedly, though she wasn't a pureblood, she would come off as being just as important as any of them. Needless to say, she thought highly of herself from the beginning.
At Hogwarts, she found an interest in curative magic - and the aforementioned ex-boyfriend. They weren't in the same house, and he was the sort that didn't take know for an answer. Emmett was a Gryffindor with a temper that didn't make itself known in front of her. He was determined to win her over, thinking she would take on her inheritance and he would get his own share of it. But he wasn't wealthy like he claimed, and when the news came out, her parents told her it was too much, and that she had to end things.
Daphne refused; by then she was stuck on him. Sold regardless of his monetary failures, she wanted him. Why wouldn't she be the breadwinner? Feminism, right? Well, once they graduated and moved into their own place, she was disowned, and that wealth was all but gone. She was set up for a job at St. Mungo's, which was good for the money problem, and he had taken a job at the Ministry so she thought things would be fine. But he was frustrated and had that temper problem - this time in front of her and to her detriment.
Needless to say, they didn't last very long, and in fact broke up in a disgustingly public fashion - at the Ministry. In the Atrium. In front of Merlin knows who. After that, she dove into her work and became much more closed off, and this year is assisting at Hogwarts in the Hospital Wing.
Playby: Elizabeth Gillies
Daphne Morgenstern
Daphne Morgenstern
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate

Number of posts : 70
Occupation : St. Mungo's/Hogwarts Healer

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