McKinnon, Daphne
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Welcome to Potter's Army

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Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.

McKinnon, Daphne

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McKinnon, Daphne Empty McKinnon, Daphne

Post by Daphne McKinnon Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:08 pm

McKinnon, Daphne Normal_snapshot20090401000854

Daphne McKinnon


    FULL NAME: Daphne Jean McKinnon

    NICKNAMES: Daff,Daffy, DJ

    AGE: 19

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral and trying to keep her head low

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor alumni
    CLASSES: (Students only. Please choose from Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions. 2 Minimum for Basic

    students and 2 for NEWTs, or one class and an internship for NEWTs)

    WAND: Ash, Unicorn hair, 11 inch

    PLAY BY: Taylor Momsen


    HAIR COLOR: blonde

    EYE COLOR: blue

    HEIGHT: Five feet Seven inches

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    Daphne is generally broke, so whatever she can grab on a discount rack does the trick. She prefers jeans and t-shirts but

    sticks with wizarding wear when she is with older wizards who might look down on her for her background. Her hair is shoulder

    length and blond and she lets it grow during the year, only cutting it at the beginning of summer. Being just a few sickles

    short of a decent hairdresser has led to some interesting 'experiment's with her hair, when her mother has cut it for her, or

    when she tried to do it herself levitating a mirror and comb and shears. Overall she's casual, except at work.


    Photographic memory
    Enthusiastic about new projects

    is a terrible liar and does it a lot
    gets distracted easily
    gets in over her head

    passion fruit wine coolers, banana shakes, rare steak and low level flying

    iron tonics, most wizarding music, her bosses

    mostly she just hopes to get by, and tries to stay under the radar.

    bites her nails ragged, swings her legs under her desk, taps a pencil when she's bored. Constantly in motion she tends to

    annoy people with it.

    BOGGART: being told in front of the world she isn't good enough because of her bloodline

    PATRONUS: her fifth birthday when she got a strawberry shaped strawberry filled birthday cake
    DEMENTOR: when she was nine and her dog got hit by a car, it was pretty gruesome.

    VERITASERUM: she feels inferior because of her background

    MIRROR OF ERISED: to see herself settled and happy with a family of her own. Between the bad muggle economy and the discrimination in the wizarding world, she doesn't feel settled anywhere.

    PERSONALITY: Daphne has a deep seated insecurity about her life both wizarding and muggle. She is constantly battling to stay neutral and hide her real opinions, not wanting to offend the wrong person. She resents being belittled, yet passed on the highest workload despite it. Extremely nervous, she fidgets and is constantly in motion. She has no real attachments other than her mother, and still keeps an affection for her father, though he is absent in her life. Shy and withdrawn, nobody really sees how bitter she is until she has a few, then watch out. A chattering maniac, she is a loud ranting drunk, often giving her unwanted opinion to whoever has the misfortune of buying said drinks.
    She hems and haws a lot, trying to avoid committing to any opinion, making her seem wishy washy to casual observers, but her feelings on certain subject run deep as anyone who knows her fairly well will learn.


    FATHER: Terrence Miller

    MOTHER: Jeannette McKinnon

    SIBLING(S): none

    OTHER: none

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class


    (Completely Optional. Make sure the broomstick which you own makes sense. For example, Ron could never have owned a firebolt.

    For the full list of Brooms, check the ED)



    Early Years:
    Daphne had a rocky childhood to put it lightly. All she could remember of her early childhood was a lot of yelling. Her parents seemed to fight nonstop and it is probably the cause of Daphne's constant nerves and her nailbiting. She could not remember a single family event that didn't end in broken dishes, cracks in the wall, or hearing some four letter word she was told never to repeat. Looking back on family photos she said she didn't remember the walls being crackled, until her mother pointed out that it was just spackling from all the cracks made from things thrown at the walls. Once her parents were divorced when she was eight, things got much quieter. It seemed to her, her parents even got on better once they were apart (though that wasn't much of a stretch) Spending weekends with her dad in the countryside, until he remarried and moved to South America, was a thrill. Seeing her mom more relaxed and attentive was great too, though once her dad left things were really tight, moneywise. A card or odd tourist goofy package from time to time didn't replace a second income, and though her mother tried not to let it show, Daphne picked up on the tension.

    Hogwarts Years: Daphne's first year was spent avoiding her classmates, as almost all of her things were second hand except her robes. She learned later not to be self conscious about it, but a little embarrassment still lingered. While a few of her classmates had one or two used items, unlike her the majority of their things were new. She tried to laugh it off when her scales from potions class sometimes dropped off in the middle of measuring but inside she was mortified. She never complained to her mother though, because she knew how hard it was for her to scrape the money together just to send her to school. Her classmates didn't laugh at her, though she was pretty sure the pitying glances they sent her way were worse.

    Once she got over her shyness and made a few friends, things got better.Due to her lack of job offers after graduation, they moved on quickly and didn't keep in touch with her much. She bit the bullet and tried to do the best she could, getting a low paying job in the ministry mailroom, gradually working her way up to an assistant once her typing and spelling skills were discovered. It was still way under her ability but she kept hoping she'd eventually move up again. Every other weekend she visits her mom and gives her whatever she can once she converts part of her paycheck, though her mother tries to refuse. She hasn't heard from her dad in years by this time and gave up on him long ago. It was a shame, she often wondered what his reaction would have been to know about the wizarding world, and that she was a part of it.

    Adulthood: As above, her lack of connections in the wizarding world made things hard for her. She struggles and is more than a little bitter about her lot in life, but she tries to laugh it off. Mostly her attempts are pathetic, as people usually see through it when she's had a few too many drinks. She often feels lonely and isolated and wonders what happened to her old classmates. She never tries to contact them though, as she hears from the grapvine that many of them are successful and doesn't want to be seen as some clinging leech trying to sponge off of their good fortune. She doesn't want privileges she just wants a fair chance but has resigned herself to the futility of her situation. (hence the drinking)


    YOUR NAME: Very Happy just callme whatever

    RP EXPERIENCE: years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Silvyr

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: ? to get drunk as much as possible in rp? lol


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Daphne McKinnon
Daphne McKinnon

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McKinnon, Daphne Empty Re: McKinnon, Daphne

Post by Jess Potter Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:29 pm

Hey there, welcome to the site. Just before I accept your app I'm gonna have to ask that you quickly fill in the bit about personality. If you do that quickly I'll approve it tonight before I hop off. Don't rush or anything, I'm patient Smile

Face claim is available but you need to go claim it before someone else does! Follow the link below to file your claim.

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Jess Potter
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Gryffindor Graduate

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McKinnon, Daphne Empty Re: McKinnon, Daphne

Post by Daphne McKinnon Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:41 pm

Done, thanks for the reminder.
Daphne McKinnon
Daphne McKinnon

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McKinnon, Daphne Empty Re: McKinnon, Daphne

Post by Jess Potter Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:03 pm


Welcome welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here on PA Smile

Just a note, she didn't actually seem all that Gryffindor-y to me. It doesn't really make much of a difference, but it was just something I noted.
Jess Potter
Jess Potter
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Gryffindor Graduate

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McKinnon, Daphne Empty Re: McKinnon, Daphne

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