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Scott Fenwick

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Post by Scott Fenwick Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:38 pm

Name: Benjamin “Scott” Fenwick

Age: 55. Born 1976 to Tina and Benjy Fenwick.

Appearance: 6’1”, thin and lanky, dark hair, grey eyes. Favors casual classic clothing rather than faddy colors or wizard robes. He tends to be agile and fit for his age. He’s energetic, and is a passionate lover of life and adventure. He is impulsive by nature but he can reel it in when necessary—most of the time. Well, sometimes. Well, he’d like to think he can. He likes to be optimistic, and so he tries to be that way and tries to behave as if he’s optimistic even when perhaps he isn’t. He’s intelligent and logical, and that logic sometimes collides with his impulsive love of fun and adventure, and he usually ends up tossing caution to the wind. He’s wondered if that was why the sorting hat made him a Gryffindor.

Hogwarts House: Former Gryffindor (of course—what else would I pick?)

Facts Known About Character: He goes by Scott because he would like to distance himself from the notoriety about his father, who was murdered. He has a lingering slight superstition that since only little bits and pieces of his father was found, which was why anyone remembers Benjy Fenwick, Scott would rather not be found in little pieces, so he secretly feels that distancing himself from Benjy Fenwick might insulate him a bit from the same fate. He is keenly aware that some people, particularly his paternal relatives, believe he “abandoned” not only his wizarding heritage but also his otherwise proud Fenwick roots. The truth is that it is more painful than he wants to deal with.

He is addicted to smoking and to caffeine. He prefers an organic type of cigarette from America because he feels it is immensely better flavor than British cigarettes. He periodically smokes a pipe, and has a small collection of pipes. He likes his coffee black and strong, and lots of it.
He indulged in a fascination with muggles after he graduated from Hogwarts and left the wizarding world for the muggle world after his father’s death. It provided him the ability to further his own muggle studies and allowed him to escape the trauma he experienced due to the violence of his father’s demise. He still keeps a flat in muggle London, but he prefers his country cottage within walking distance of Lairgs, Scotland. It was a place that had lain abandoned for some time when he bought it, and it was in poor condition. He is rather handy and has done most of the work himself to restore the cottage to its former glory, as if such a place ever really had any glory. He uses a small barn on the property as a workshop and restores old furniture there these days.

He was gifted with Defense Against the Dark Arts but has had no desire to have to use those skills. He’d rather shut that away because it triggers more painful memories. He is a metamorph, and it was really handy in providing him a way to fit in to many different muggle places and situations. It has also caused him to develop a love of theatrics and disguises.

He has an Akbash named Max, and Max is a frequent companion just about anywhere he goes. He also has a female Spotted Owl named Dot, because he’s always been drawn to her large dark dot-like eyes, and she frequently follows him, even if at a bit of a distance. He believes she just doesn’t like to be left out. He did find it a bit of a struggle to justify a pet owl in a downtown London flat so being back in the wizarding world does make him worry less about having to explain Dot.

Rumors Known About Character: One rumor is that Scott actually was one of the people involved in finding bits of Benjy and that it is part of why he has “abandoned” his heritage. He was only five at the time, but he was outside with his mum and he accidently came across some of his remains. The horrific memory stays with him, and he sometimes has nightmares of it yet. He avoids sleep to avoid dreams, and is a well-practiced insomniac.

Some believe he is a Master of Disguise. Yeah, that’s overstated. He enjoys it, but he’s not a master. It started as a bit of a lark but if it works for him, he’s not beyond using it.

Someone started some nonsense that, since he’s 50, he must surely have a secret wife and children in the muggle world. Barmy old busybodies. The truth is that although he has been in love a few times, he has never married. He has a fear that since he is a Fenwick, any child he might have might also suffer the same trauma he has had to deal with, so he is reluctant to commit.

It’s said that he has some muggle possessions. Fact check: True. His London flat is for when he’s trying to live in the muggle world, so that flat is almost entirely muggle, including a muggle sportscar. He loves speed, and broom riding in London is risky business, so satisfying his relentless need for speed with his sportscar seemed to be a compromise to keep him out of Azkaban.

It is rumored that Scott has acquired a vast collection of vintage Zonko’s items, and he’s been often told that his collection is one of the largest most people have seen. It reminds him of happy times. Frankly, most people wonder why anyone wants any vintage Zonko’s items, so it isn’t something he’s ever been sought out for, and as far as he knows, it wouldn’t take having many to have a large collection.

Bio: Scott was born to Benjy and Tina Fenwick on St. Andrew’s Day, November 30th, 1976, making him a Saggitarius. His parents were on a holiday to Scotland to visit some friends, and were looking forward to spending the holiday going to some local parties in a little tiny coastal town when Scott apparently decided to dash their plans entirely by arriving a month early, forcing his mother to give birth to him in a bed and breakfast there, making him Scottish by birth, and British by blood. One would think that would be a happy combination, but it depends on which side of his family one is on. His mother’s family was simply happy to have a healthy baby boy, and his father’s family was incensed that he wasn’t properly born British. Scott remembers that when he was little, some family member who had had a couple of pints too many at a summer party telling Scott that he’d buggered up his own birth by choosing to be born in the wrong place and buggering up the family tree. Scott remembers he felt he had to fix it, so he somehow got hold of a pair of scissors and cut himself out of the family tree to try to make it right. Benjy found the family tree with a hole cut in it, and Scott remembers the subsequent conversation between himself and Benjy as one of the most warm and loving moments of his life. It forged a tight relationship between him and his parents, and he remained close with them as long as his parents lived.

His parents were part of the Order of the Phoenix, and Scott was too young to know much about it. His father’s death has had a sharply negative effect on his entire life. What he does remember about his father’s death is that his father did not come home one night, and his mother grew quite concerned. She packed a hasty bag for the two of them and took him and went to a holiday cottage near Brighton where they sometimes had gone for a couple of weeks in the summer. The night they got there, he was tired and fidgety after a long train trip, so she had taken him outside for a bit of a walk. He dashed off from her into a small woods and came across bits and pieces of a human body. His screaming brought his mother, and he vaguely remembers that hours later, their holiday cottage was filled with their “family friends.” Years later he was to realize the truth that they were Order members who had come to Tina’s assistance. The Order took them into hiding for awhile in a small wizarding village where they were in amongst the presence of friends and supporters so that Tina had the help she needed to raise an rambunctious little lad as a single mother. He remembers having no lack of friends, whether they were children or adults, and he grew up to get along with just about anyone.

He did fairly well in Hogwarts but he did have a penchant for “bending” the rules to suit his need for speed and mischief sometimes a notch or two past Dumbledore’s patience. It was usually just harmless hijinks. Two years older than Fred and George Weasley, he had the same love for Zonko’s and pranks as they did.

After Hogwarts, he breathed a sigh of relief that he could make his own choices. He was immediately pestered about whether he would or would not turn out to be the “great man of courage” his father had been. The fact was that few people ever really knew whether Benjy was courageous or not. The myth about Benjy was often greater than the man himself, and it was part of what propelled him to further his interest about muggles. He managed to get an entirely different set of papers giving him a new muggle identity, Miles Cassowary, a professor of history, specializing in mythology of witchcraft and magic. Well, one does need to depend on what one knows, right? He hopes he isn’t asked about muggle history because it isn’t at all a strong suit for him. He’d have to wing it and hope whoever asked him anything was less enlightened than he is. Anyway, it gave him a living, and when he wanted to go back to the wizarding world, he could always go on sabbatical or simply take a leave from university. It allowed him to travel the world, and he has many souvenirs from his travels in his flat and in his cottage. He speaks French, Italian, and Spanish and is usually studying some additional language on cold or rainy evenings.

He returned to the wizarding world to care for his aging mother who is starting to experience some senility now, and he has managed to set her up well in the home of her next door neighbors in the village where he grew up. The neighbors are quite fond of her. He provides for her well, visits her regularly, and always takes her banoffee pie because it is her favorite.

Playby: Jeremy Brett.
Scott Fenwick
Scott Fenwick
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Scott Fenwick Empty Re: Scott Fenwick

Post by Keiran Hayes Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:01 am

Ooh, he sounds quite interesting! I'm sure we'll find lots of ways to integrate him with the Hogwarts folks. I wonder if maybe Muggle Studies would be appropriate - even as a guest lecturer sort? Gonna be fun!
Keiran Hayes
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Scott Fenwick Empty Re: Scott Fenwick

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:16 am

I had halfways thought of that for him, actually. It just struck me how ironic that would be. Teach muggles about the myth of magic, and then teach witches and wizards about muggles. He might do that, really.
Khaat Lupin
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