[OPEN]Too bad, I didn't get to her first.
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[OPEN]Too bad, I didn't get to her first. Li9olo10

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[OPEN]Too bad, I didn't get to her first.

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[OPEN]Too bad, I didn't get to her first. Empty [OPEN]Too bad, I didn't get to her first.

Post by Freyja Podmore Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:09 am

Freyja was getting tired.

She'd spent the last couple of hours looking for her friends. Well, two of them. She knew where Evander was, studying in the library like he usually did nowadays. Trying to be the perfect little Raven like always; meaning he would be no fun to be around for the next few hours. She'd managed to get him to answer a question, and got a clue as to where Hit and Cronis might be.

Obviously in completely different areas.

She was more concerned about Hit, for once in a really long time. She didn't see the other girl after the party, but she had assumed she was just in a bad mood and would get over it the next day. She'd been wrong, it'd been a few days now, she'd seen Hit and she was starting to wonder if the other Gryffindor was just avoiding her. Freyja didn't like that thought, but it was entirely possible. Which meant she definitely had to find her.

Hit had a bad habit of making bad decisions when she was in one of these moods. In her attempt to find the Mulciber girl, Freyja ended up running into a Mulciber. Another one, the other Mulciber girl. Who hated her sister. Naomi.

"Oh. Hi."

Freyja tried sounding as casual as possible but the dislike in her tone of voice was far too obvious and Naomi laughed.

"What? Not who you were expecting? Guess not, you'd probably like it if I were my sister right now, am I correct?"

Naomi sounded so.. different from when they were younger and it never ceased to amaze Freyja that she changed so much. She sounded and acted more like a Slytherin now and it would seem strange to anyone that the Hat sorted her into Gryffindor. This was bad for the Hat's reputation. But that wasn't the problem at hand.

"Of course I would. I prefer the likable Mulciber."

"I am the likeable one. My sister doesn't know how to be likeable."

"You mean she doesn't know how to be a hypocrite, like you. Which is a good thing because otherwise she'd mix in with the trash and no one would be able to see the diamond she is."

A smirk spread across Freyja's face and she turned on her heel to leave Naomi to whatever she'd been up to before they'd crossed paths. She didn't think it was very likely that she'd get anything done now. But her question still remained the same, where was Hit?
Freyja Podmore
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