[OPEN] A magical menagerie mishap
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[OPEN] A magical menagerie mishap Li9olo10

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[OPEN] A magical menagerie mishap

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[OPEN] A magical menagerie mishap Empty [OPEN] A magical menagerie mishap

Post by Robbie Fairfax Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:16 pm

"Ooh, I do need new dress robes."

"Yuna, please focus."

Yuna Fairfaxes eyes were wandering, and Robbie was worried she was going to forget to help him entirely and run off to spend her hard-earned money on luxuries she would later lament had no use. He knew his sister well enough to know the trend. His plea was met with a heavy sigh, fingers trailing across the shop's window, as though promising to return for the emerald green robes, sparkles and all. She turned her head back and gave Robbie a quick up-down look, pursing her lips into a thoughtful frown.

"I don't see why you need my help."

"It's in case something happens with Donna and I need help."

"Where is Donna?"

He patted his cardigan pocket, glad the weather had warmed for a day to give his poor jackets a break from the onslaught of rain and sleet. Yuna look confused so he sighed and withdrew a large vial, in which a few holes had been drilled. Inside was a miniature rabbit, about the size of a galleon, looking quite put out at the arrangement. Yuna gasped and reached out, causing Robbie to whisper "careful, careful, careful" as she took the vial, lifting it up right in front of her face to peer curiously into the glass.

"I didn't know she could get so small."

"Smallest yet, actually, so I immediately bottled her up. Last thing I need to do is wait for a bad day to take her with me and have a dragon-sized rabbit with me."

Yuna smirked as she handed the vial back to him, saying, "You could just leave her at home."

It was Robbie's turn to look confused. "But it's her turn."

Yuna shook her head with a grin as they neared the Magical Menagerie. In truth, the siblings knew the real reason Yuna had been invited. If Donna were somehow able to escape her container and spontaneously grow or shrink, as she was known to do, Yuna would hardly be of help, having always lacked that special patience Robbie had. No, Robbie just had an issue going out on his own. There was always the possibility that he would have to talk to somebody.

So, of course, it was right as they were about to enter the shop that Yuna let out a small gasp and veered towards the neighboring store. "I do need a new quill though!" Robbie's eyes widened as she hurried away, hissing, "Yuna! Yuna!" but she was feigning deafness and disappeared into the quill shop, leaving him alone on the pet shop. He sighed and stroked the pocket in which Donna rested. She would have to be his back up.

He quickly collected the four bags of pet food he needed - Crup, duck. rabbit, and owl - and stumbled towards the front counter. That was when his foot caught a warped plank and he stumbled, causing the four bags to tumble out of his arms, the Crup kibble going spilling across the floor. He stared helplessly at the mess. "Oh, dear."
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