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ZOGRAF, Olesia Li9olo10

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ZOGRAF, Olesia

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ZOGRAF, Olesia Empty ZOGRAF, Olesia

Post by Olesia Zograf Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:13 pm

ZOGRAF, Olesia Tumblr_o9m9kd78g31uz66poo1_1280
They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense

   Character's Legal Name: Olesia Zograf

   Age: 22

   Hogwarts House: former Slytherin

   Blood Type:  Pureblood

   Species: human

   Face claim: Lesley-Ann Brandt

...Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel - Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig

Olesia is one of those women who can be recognized instantly – she is tall, above average, and quite muscular. As she is rather fond of people being frightened by her looks, she also wears high heels so that the dark skinned woman often towers over anyone else.
She is quite fond of fashion, although on some occasions she has to wear men’s clothes as she can’t come across to women’s suits/dresses due to her build. There are two types of outfits Olesia can be seen in: one of a rather formal (suits, heels and a suitcase), especially because of her work, or in more of an alternative-style take (leather jacket, jeans, boots and many accessories).
She has a brown skin that glows in a healthy manner. Her brown eyes are big, but she makes them look a bit smaller with a large amount of make-up (namely black eyeliner); usually her lips are painted red, but that is most often done when she is busy with work and she has to leave an impression of herself.
Her hair reaches down to her chest and it’s wavy. As with her skin tone, it is also dark brown, however, if she is out in the sun for far too long, it is easy to bleach and during summer she has several lighter stripes in it.
Olesia has a scar on the right side of her face that runs across her eyebrow and her eye. Although it is not visible at all times (she uses concealer to hide it), her eyebrow is still “cut in half”.
Gold is something she wears at all times. Earrings, rings, necklaces, nose piercing and other accessories are made of an expensive material. Those are often framing many gemstones and she is quite fond of the fire opal.

......If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him

There are two ways how Olesia acts around people, each separated by specific occasions.
On one hand she acts like a professional – she never curses, never drinks and does what she has to do to get her job done. Out of respect, she does not question the authority and fulfils the tasks given to her, even if they might harm someone.
She is one of those women who has to have everything under her control and things set in perfect order, thus bringing out her dominant nature. She does not tolerate leisure during the work hours and as of that, she almost never takes any breaks when active.
Once outside, Olesia relaxes a bit and she manages to drop the “workaholic” attitude for a while. Although she does not necessarily have friends, she does have the “acquaintances” with whom she can be seen quite often around in the city or, on some occasions, even bars or clubs (though she is not exactly a party animal, but she knows that one has to relax and drop the pressure somehow).
She is a woman who aspires to be bigger and greater one day. She has a lot of ambition in her and strives to fulfil her dreams, be it through contacts, working together with someone or manipulating with people. Either way, Olesia desires to get things done to make things “right” for herself.
Submission is not one of the things she is good at. Being used to having control in every aspect of her life, she does not accept anyone who’d try to order her around simply for their own pleasure. She is a fighter – both in physical and magical form, and at times she does not keep herself back to show it off.
She does not fall under the category of being “kind” to strangers, but she does what must be done in order to keep someone from collapsing. Although she participates in charity, Olesia does not consider herself a good person or, in any other way, a helpful being of the blooming society. Technically, she does not even know why she, occasionally, helps people as it does not give her any form of satisfaction. Nor does she feel as if she has done a good deed to someone.
She doesn’t have many friends and that’s for a reason – Olesia has never been a person who’d keep a close contact with people. Even in school she did not approach anyone unless it was really necessary. Those whom she deems useful (at some point) she keeps in her horizon.
Befriending her isn’t an easy task either as she is rather avoidant of those who are trying to get close to her. In general she doesn’t even care about the problems many have, and yet for some reason people approach her and speak to her – thus she holds many details of the private citizens in her hands. It is easy to make a foe out of her though, since as she keeps everyone at a distance from her. She can throw sharp comments at people’s direction, glare and if not left alone – insult.

..................Hey! My eyes aren't 'glistening with the ghosts of my past'!

   Early Years: Olesia was born as a second child to the Bulgarian pureblood family which was managed by Lev Zograf.
Her mother was a woman from the eastern lands from whom she also inherited her rather dark skin tone.
As a child she was always active and eager to explore the world. As it was her mother’s job to raise her, Olesia did not know much about her father until she grew older and he began spending time with her as well.
With both parents being strict, Olesia had to learn the meaning of a word “No” at a very young age. It was explained to her that if she truly wanted something, she had to work hard in order to achieve this. Although she did not understand that in the beginning, especially because it was clear that they had the money to afford her the expensive toys Olesia wanted, she soon began cherishing that idea. This way she was never lazy and tried to please her parents in any way possible. As a child this also gave her an impression of being better and more mature than the other children around her. With that idea she also began practicing ordering them all around by promising them many things (most of which were never fulfilled), gaining this way both popularity and fear among the others, although the latter could be affected by her looks.
Olesia had never been a small girl. Ever since she was born it was clear that she had a heavy bone and by the time she learned how to walk, she had outgrown her other siblings by far. Not only that, but she managed to lift things other kids her age found too heavy.
Until the age of four there were no extraordinary happenings in her life that would’ve hinted at the magical heritage. It was in the middle of the night, however, when her first experience with magic occurred. Olesia had had a hard day before: she’d been helping her mother with the household and by the end of the day she was extremely tired; not only that, but she also had nightmares haunting her for days and sleep, although welcomed, did not come without it’s price. As she tossed and turned in her bed, Olesia finally woke up with a loud scream that sent things flying in her room. The scream affected the glasses and mirrors, shattering half of them on the second floor.
Although she frightened her parents, she had never seen her father to be so proud of her. After that Lev considered it to be his job to teach Olesia about magic and the world he was in and her enthusiasm and desire to learn only drove him forward. Although she could not cast abilities yet, she was introduced to many different spells among with history of magic, herbology and potions which she could brew at home on her own by the time she reached the age of seven (Lev was very considerate when it came to practical part with Olesia as she was also known to be rash and irrational at times and do things her own way; it took time for him to trust her with such things), and though she was not exactly strong with Lev’s passion, he was patient and waiting for her to advance.
In the meantime, as Olesia herself expressed the desire to learn martial arts (especially because her other siblings knew how to manage themselves and, when they were visiting, she saw boys playing and fighting), she was sent to train with other kids her age, although there was a small detail that made her different than the others – children were all muggles. That factor bothered Lev a lot, but Olesia’s mother did not see the wrong in it. As a matter of fact she thought it was a good idea to raise her daughter among the other, “normal” children just to make her see the world as it truly was.
Before she could even attend her second grade in Bulgaria, her father announced that they had to move due to his work; they found their way to the Great Britain where, instead of settling in a city, the family built themselves a large house in the countryside, not exactly far away from London. There Olesia, among her other siblings, spent years learning how to speak in English while they were taught at home by personal teachers.
On her eleventh birthday, the 17th of May, Olesia got her letter from Hogwarts.

   Hogwarts Years: Before she was sent to Hogwarts, Olesia’s parents spent weeks discussing about different possibilities of their daughter’s education. Lev wanted her to attend Durmstrang – he graduated from there and the idea of her learning there was more than delightful for him while her mother insisted on Beauxbotton’s. They only reached the agreement when they realized that she’d be stressed out by constantly running around from one location to another, especially if she’d study abroad and they had just settled in in the Great Britain.
Olesia’s first year amazed her – she had never expected a school to be so grand, even if magical, and the Sorting Ceremony was what left a lasting impression. She was sorted into Slytherin where she found herself among other ambitious students who all knew what they wanted and what was their worth. She learned fast that making friends in this place was impossible – it was smarter to gather followers and make ties with other students and apparently she was good with doing this. She did not become popular, but she was very well known. Like before, the dark skinned maiden stood like a tower above the other students and thus many who knew that she was actually a “safe” person remained close to her.
She was not one to bless people with showing them her emotions. Even during her conflicts with other housemates, or Gryffindor students, Olesia’s face remained always calm and her eyes gleamed mean.
Despite being known as the muscle in the Slytherin, she was quite often considered dumb, but Olesia loved to prove people wrong. As her father insisted on such things, she had read many books on the subjects taught at Hogwarts and as she was also quite fond of learning new things, she got excellent grades on most of the subjects (though she still remained rather average with her potion skills).
During her years at Hogwarts Olesia never managed to gather the strength to beat her fear of height. Despite several invitations by the team captains, she refused any positions offered to her in the Quidditch teams. Her fear left her feeling quite vulnerable on several occasions, even when studying in the astronomy towers.

   After Hogwarts: Once Olesia graduated, she spent a year and a half helping her parents, specifically mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Both remained at home where the young alumni felt more like a prisoner than a caring daughter. Even though she loved her mother, she was motivated to go and become successful rather than sit and waste her years there, thus she spoke with her father who, after several arguments, agreed to have a personal caretaker for his wife.
That was when Olesia found herself a tutor. She was very into politics and interested in what was going on in the world around her. Despite her being of a pureblood family, she also found interest in relations with the muggles (although she found the subject at school to be quite boring).
With the help of her tutor, she eventually got a position as a trainee in the Ministry of Magic where she worked for a while before realizing that this was exactly what she wanted to do. Being surrounded by people of power intrigued her more than anything in her life.

Out of Character
I'm Harry's half-sister, Dumbledore's daughter, Voldemort's niece, Sirius' cousin, Snape's daughter and Lupin's great grandmother...

   What should we call you: Keiu

   RP Experience: Years

   How you found us: I don’t remember anymore.

   Main Character (we'll PM you on this account): Luxanna Gwendolyn Hale

Olesia Zograf
Olesia Zograf
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Slytherin Graduate

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ZOGRAF, Olesia Empty Re: ZOGRAF, Olesia

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:44 pm

she looks good to me.

Accepted and sorted into grads!
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Khaat Lupin
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