ZOGRAF, Daemon
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ZOGRAF, Daemon Li9olo10

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ZOGRAF, Daemon

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ZOGRAF, Daemon Empty ZOGRAF, Daemon

Post by Keiran Hayes Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:04 am

ZOGRAF, Daemon Tumblr_mplbc4ITWX1r5lh9go1_250
ZOGRAF, Daemon Tumblr_mgsutpSDyG1s1q9i8o1_500



    FULL NAME: Daemon Dexter Kostas Zograf

    Daemon – Derivative of Damon. (Derived from Greek δαμαω (damao) meaning "to tame". According to Greek mythology, Damon and Pythias were friends who lived on Syracuse in the 4th century BC. When Pythias was sentenced to death, he was allowed to temporarily go free on the condition that Damon take his place in prison. Pythias returned just before Damon was to be executed in his place, and the king was so impressed with their loyalty to one another that he pardoned Pythias.)

    Kostas – No available meaning. Version of Kosta (Bulgarian) as well as the most popular name for men in Greece (from personal knowledge)

    Dexter – Coincides with the Latin word dexter meaning “right-handed, skilled”

    Zograf – from the Greek Iconograph of “Painter”

    His friends can call him whatever. Most people just call him Zograf. Or just his first name. Some people call him Dex, which he isn't opposed to, but isn't exactly used to either.

    15 (Fifth year starting in September)
    Birthday – October 23rd (so he'll be 16 early in his fifth year)

    Not sure yet. Will probably lean towards Dark Followers because of his parents.
    Poliakoff Family
    Higurashi Family

    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Slytherin House

    United Kingdom
    European Union (not from a founding country, but the UK is a member as of 1973)
    Wizarding World (He's not fully Anti-Muggle, but his parents are so he's cautious to befriend Muggleborns and Halfbloods)

    Ministry of Magic
    The Daily Prophet
    The Quidditch Federation
    Bulgarian National Team
    Montrose Magpies (The most successful team in the League History)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin


    Of the Options:
    -Defense Against the Dark Arts

    Muggle Studies (his parents definitely don't know about this one)
    History of Magic
    Ancient Runes

    Future Class Choices:

    Past Classes:
    -Care of Magical Creatures
    -Magical Theory
    -Ghoul Studies

    WAND: Ivy, Phoenix Feather, 12 ¼ inches, Fairly Bendy

    Ivy – appropriate for his October Birthday. While Ivy isn't a tree, it's a sacred plant of Witchcraft, revered of old by the ancients. They usually come out in the autumn if sufficient sunlight is available and the leaves look like umbrellas. The berries that grow on the plant are bitter, and smell like resin. The wood is porous and the ancients thought it had the property of separating wine from water by filtration. It was also used to make crowns for Royalty. It was dedicated to the Roman god Baccus (Or Greek: Dionysus) the god of wine. The leaves were thought to prevent intoxication and the binding of the brow. It is also popular with the Egyptian god Osiris (god of the sun, agriculture and health). Ivy would be given to newly married persons in Greek history. It is often worn by bridesmaids even today. (SEE PERSONALITY for why this is important)

    Phoenix Feather – said to be one of those proficient wand cores

    12 ¼ inches – The average lengths for wands are 9 to 14 inches. Any less than that implies lack of ability. Larger wands are designated for larger personalities when purchased from certain wand makers. In this case, it indicates that Daemon has a relatively big personality and is okay with this.

    Fairly Bendy – agrees with his uncertainty that Muggles are bad and that he's open to change. Rather than saying “pleasantly” bendy (because he's not overly friendly nor is he unassuming) “fairly” is used because he can be suspicious of motives, but tries not to be.

    Wand Traits:
    -The stem of the wand has what looks like Ivy vines curling around it
    -Assists with Healing Spells
    -Good for Defensive Spells

    PLAY BY: Nick Robinson


    HAIR COLOUR: Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Brown


    BODY BUILD: Slim, Not overly athletic (though he enjoys sports)


    HAIR – His hair is a dark brown that's usually cut short – to the ears or thereabouts. It's almost always styled with gel which pushes it back and up. He has relatively long eyelashes, and thin eyebrows. He doesn't really have sideburns except for the slightest bit (see the first gif at the top)

    EYES – His eyes are brown, but sometimes they appear black. He has a habit of tilting his head down at raising his eyebrows when he doesn't believe someone, and this makes it look like his eyes are laughing at them. He also has a sort of cheesy wink he uses to annoy people. He has wrinkles in the corners of his eyes when he smiles.

    FACE – He has particularly good smirks and glares. Glares are generally reserved for enemies. Smirks are used for those people as well, but also when he's teasing whomever he likes at the time. He has freckles all across his nose and cheeks. His ears are average sized if not a tiny bit small. Daemon likes to think he can impress girls with his looks (his physical look as well as the “looks” as in expressions he throws), which are usually sent from a distance away. When he smiles his parenthesis-shaped laugh lines show up. Also, his forehead wrinkles when he lifts his eyebrows in surprise. Otherwise, there are a few lines between his eyebrows which are apparent when he's frustrated or focused. Something interesting about his smile – he has full lips when he's serious, but when he smiles they thin. This is especially obvious when he gives his generic closed-mouth smile. The corners tilt upwards and his lips thin. His smiles usually raise to the right side of his face.

    BODY – Daemon is tall and thin, not exactly what you'd expect in an athletic guy, but there's a reason he prefers to play Seeker – he's quick and light on his feet. That's not to say he isn't strong or muscled. It's just not overly obvious.

    APPAREL – Daemon prefers to dress down when he's not around adults or people he doesn't know/want to impress. This involves casual robes, being lazy with styling his hair, and trainers. He's not really supposed to wear Muggle clothes, so he avoids it even in private.
    If he's meeting someone new, around his elders, or around someone he wants to impress (girls, etc) he's going to make sure he “cleans up nice”. This includes classes and just about anywhere at Hogwarts. He doesn't want there to be any reason for his fellow Slytherins to dislike him. He doesn't like dress shoes but will wear them regardless.


    [+] Classwork – he actually enjoys his classes a lot, because he's driven to succeed, and wants to prove himself to his classmates as much as he wants the chance to go home and tell his parents that he's doing exactly what they wanted him to do.
    [+] Wit – He's snarky. Openly so. Daemon sometimes pauses before replying to people in order to come with something particularly interesting to say. This doesn't really apply to his best mates because he knows them well enough to just fly by the seat of his pants.
    [+] Bravery – Not always a Slytherin trait (much like his surprising loyalty), but he takes challenges in stride.
    [+] Ambitious – This includes both his class rank as well as his life goals.
    [+] Athletic – Likely thanks to his father, Daemon finds that sports aren't as challenging for him as they are for others. Being brilliant at Quidditch is practically genetic; he started learning before he could even remember. It's like he's always known it.
    [+] Creative – Generally refers to his snark or ability to lie when he has to.
    [+] Respectful – His parents instilled this necessity into him at an early age. It likely won't change as he ages.
    [+] Charming – He likes to believe that he could charm anyone into doing what he wanted. It doesn't exactly work on everyone, but he sure wishes it would.
    [+] Bright
    [+] Decisive
    [+] Mature
    [+] Fairly Open-Minded – All things considered.
    [+] Skillful
    [+] Humorous – He thinks he's funnier than he is, sometimes, which gets him laughed at rather than with. He usually doesn't catch it, though.
    [+] Rational
    [+] Confident – Not overly so, but enough that he can trust himself to do what he believes is right, and to trust that he's smart enough to pass tests, etc.
    [+] Potions
    [+] Herbology
    [+] Healing Spells
    [+] Judging Character

    [+/-] Flirt
    [+/-] Sarcastic
    [+/-] Good Liar
    [+/-] Competitive

    [-] Jealous
    [-] Secretive – This is directed at his hiding things from his parents and mates about his beliefs.
    [-] Being Obedient – He wants to do as he's told usually, but he's a bit stubborn sometimes and once he's set his mind to something it's hard to change it.
    [-] Over Protective – This seems odd, considering he has an older brother to look out for him. But they aren't very close, especially as of late, and he's come to realize that he has to look
    [-] Cautious
    [-] Idealist
    [-] Restless
    [-] Calculating
    [-] Fools Love – This means that he is almost always into girls he can't have.
    [-] Thinks He's Awkward
    [-] Not Emotional
    [-] Vengeful – Only if someone gets on his bad side will Daemon ever do anything to them. It doesn't exactly take a lot to put you there, but he tries to remain open minded in regards to others.
    [-] Proud
    [-] Rebellious
    [-] Skeptical – After learning about his parents' beliefs being skewed, Daemon's far more curious and introspective.
    [-] Allergic To Routine
    [-] Serious – It's not that he can't have fun. It's that he's not overly “smiley” or anything and comes off as serious. He is quite serious about his goals, though.
    [-] Impatient

    [+] School
    [+] Potions
    [+] Quidditch
    [+] Girls
    [+] A Challenge
    [+] Cold Weather
    [+] Music (classical, modern, pretty much anything except rap)
    [+] Reading
    [+] Learning new spells – specifically healing spells. Ironic for a Slytherin, perhaps, but did Snape not invent spells that could be used for good as well? Regardless, he knows what he's good at, and intends to continue being good at it.
    [+] Herbology
    [+] Using inside jokes – He remembers things he finds interesting or funny better than other things, so it's easy for him to pull them up for use.
    [+] Memorizing facts he can use to both seem smarter and confuse his “opponents”
    [+] Traveling – it would be more accurate to say he loves traveling. After doing it so often, it's become like a habit for him.

    [-] Playing Pranks - he thinks they're a waste of time.
    [-] Drinking - never mind that he's too young. He just doesn't want to. It makes people fools, not that people aren't already.
    [-] Two-faced People
    [-] People who aren't driven – Those who lack conviction bore him, and he doesn't intend to spend time around people like that.
    [-] Small children
    [-] Dancing – He's good at it, but can't stand it anymore.
    [-] Seafood
    [-] Needing Help
    [-] Being Judged/judgmental – His parents have done that enough, and he's seen where it's gotten them. He doesn't want to be like them.
    [-] Being told off

    1. Avoid the fate he's been assigned (see Possessions – Broomstick)
    2. Find a career to do with Potions (see the same thing)
    3. To show his parents that Muggleborns aren't all bad (Without being killed by said parents in the process)
    4. To Get past his picking girls who aren't right for him and find someone to have a family with down the road (not in the near future)
    5. To succeed without help from others. (he wants to know he can do things for himself)

    1. Pinches the bridge of his nose when he's tired or frustrated.
    2. Brushes his nose (see gif at the top) when he's lying or doesn't believe someone.
    3. Usually has his hands in his front pockets if he's wearing pants with pockets, or crosses his arms over his chest.
    4. Flies around the practice Quidditch pitch when he needs to clear his mind, or is just plain frustrated.

    BOGGART: While he's not sure if it would actually happen, Daemon is afraid that he'll either fall in love with a Muggleborn, or have one for a best mate and have his parents do something to them. (whether that be scare them off or something worse) He's not sure what, exactly, they would do, so he doesn't mention it.

    PATRONUS: Daemon's favorite moments are the following two:
    1. When he made the Quidditch team. He knew his father would be ridiculously proud, and his competitive side was pleased.
    2. When the Muggleborn beat the guys who were Daemon's mates back in Third Year and proved everyone wrong.

    DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory: Optional)

    VERITASERUM: He doesn't want to be what he's told he should be. This includes his dad pressuring him to be a Quidditch player. Also, he doesn't want to be that pureblood guy that goes to the parties and dances and is a good host when it's at his home. Or the guy who avoids certain people because he's told to.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To quote a song,
    “Then I look into the eyes
    of a creature I'm meant to despise
    And that's when I realize
    that they're really something different

    And it's time to take my life
    into my own hands
    I've gotta look inside
    to truly understand

    My destiny, my enemy,
    my past, and the world around me

    It's time for something different.”

    He wishes that even purebloods could understand that people are all the same. Because of what happened in his third year (see Hogwarts Years) he isn't so sure they're all bad. His greatest desire is that he could somehow prove to his parents that they're alright. He enjoys spending time with his pureblood friends, but he doesn't see why the Muggleborns are any different.


    Regarding Daemon's wand wood: The bit about their coming out in autumn if they have the appropriate amount of sunlight reflects Daemon's ability to befriend even Muggleborns and Haflboods if given reason. He's friendly enough if people are nice to him in return, or first. However, with his elder brother, it's very much a game of negotiation like the plant would have with the sun.

    He's protective, which reflects the umbrella-esque look of the Ivy leaves. He can sometimes be over protective of people – especially his best mates, family, and whatever girl he's infatuated with at the time.

    The berries of the Ivy plant represent his cold streak. If someone were to betray him, pick a fight with him, etc, he wouldn't forget it. The smell being resin points out his surprising loyalty for a Slytherin. Resin is a sticky substance often used for instruments with horse-hair bows (Violins, Cellos, Violas, Basses, etc) which keeps the strings together and helps them pull the string to make the music. Daemon likes to be a sort of glue for his mates, keeping their group together, be it in Quidditch or in his group of best friends.

    “Filtrating wine from water” is rather what Daemon does when he gets to know someone. He's a very good judge of character, though he won't let his first instincts bar him from becoming friends with someone. He will almost always give someone a second “first impression” provided they didn't do something he disapproves of right off the bat. Once you're on his bad side, it takes a lot of effort to come back.

    Though Daemon doesn't like drinking – it made his father rather problematic – the god of wine in most cultures is also the god of music and both of these make for “a good time” in most peoples' books. That said, Daemon is rather serious but when he allows himself to have fun he's great to be around. He loves music and it puts him in a good mood.

    The fact that Ivy is said to be important for Osiris and other gods in charge of Agriculture is fitting, because Daemon is very good at Herbology, and healing spells as well as potions intended to help others.


    Daemon has a habit of liking girls his parents wouldn't approve of – be that girls who aren't pureblood, or those who are but aren't as well off. It really doesn't matter as much to him, but he knows it does to them so if he realizes it's happening, he'll try and stop thinking about it, or avoid the girl in question. However, if he eventually found someone he didn't want to give up, he would probably just tell his parents to shove it.

    As a child, Daemon's parents taught him the “proper way” to act around both elders and purebloods. They forced him into dancing lessons among other things. He despises hosting parties at their home, as well as attending parties. If there are people his own age there, it's not so bad. He'll put up with a lot if he can be around people he likes. While he's not overly optimistic, he tries to be.

    Daemon isn't totally socially awkward, but he has certain habits that make him think he's awkward. He laughs randomly sometimes, makes jokes when he feels awkward, or reverts back to the way he's supposed to talk at home when he's around adults.

    If Daemon doesn't really know a person very well, he's better at hiding his emotions. Someone who truly knows him – his closest friends, family – could probably read him even if he tried to hide how he felt. The only thing he won't do is cry. Unless something astoundingly dramatic happened, he would refuse to show that kind of emotion to anyone even if he felt like crying. Pain doesn't make his eyes water, either. Even when he was younger it didn't seem like an option. His father was always saying that “Pain is Weakness”. Rather than saying “pain is just weakness leaving the body,” he implied that it was essentially off limits, and Daemon trained himself to pretend it didn't matter.

    Rather than have serious conversations, Daemon makes jokes or changes the topic. If he needed to tell someone he liked them or cared about them somehow, he'd be brilliant at wording it, because he's very articulate. However, he would also, in his speech about how he felt, point how that he was probably “crazy” or something like that. Something to take the seriousness away.

    Even if Daemon knows he's going to fail at something, he has to go down swinging. He refuses to accept the idea that he might appear not to care or to give up easily. He's very determined and competitive. Added to his high hopes for his future, this makes him desire to prove himself to be skilled at anything and everything he can manage.

    Even though he has an older brother and both of his parents still around, Daemon is protective of anyone he cares about. He has seen what other pureblood families have become over the years as they have fallen apart and wants to avoid that at all costs. His relationships mean about as much to him as his goals do.

    Daemon sees no problem with holding grudges. Like the Ivy wood of his wand suggests, he could crave revenge for years without problem. This also includes the fact that he could be jealous of anyone who either has or goes after someone or something he wants. There is little that he will allow to stand in his way. Well, he thinks as much. He's probably not as successful or great at things as he thinks he is or could be.

    Daemon Is:
    -Into Girls
    -Supposed to follow in his father's footsteps
    -Invested in his classes

    Daemon Is Not:
    -Overly Forgiving
    -Easily frightened
    -Good at expressing gratitude or speaking the actual words “I love you” (his family doesn't do that)

    Daemon Can:
    -Be persuaded to forgive certain people
    -Have fun and goof around
    -Be jealous sometimes
    -Act anxious

    Daemon Cannot:
    -Admit defeat easily
    -Stand indecisive people
    -Accept compliments well (He likes them, but doesn't know how to act. His parents were more the gripe-at-you kind)

    Daemon Will:
    -Hold grudges
    -Pretend to be the perfect pureblood
    -Show affection if he's particularly smitten

    Daemon Will Not:
    -Hurt those who've done nothing to him
    -Share his secrets (except with a select few)
    -Be pessimistic if he can help it

    Daemon Wants:
    -To be his own person
    -To achieve his goals without assistance
    -To get past the prejudices his parents put in his mind

    Daemon Prefers:
    -To be excused from Pureblood gatherings
    -Motivating himself and others rather than sitting around and waiting.
    -Change to idleness

    Daemon Avoids:
    -Apologizing, though he would to people he cared about
    -Lying, but will do it if it helps someone

    Daemon Does:
    -Love Quidditch
    -Take most everything seriously
    -Love music
    -Have leadership qualities
    -Have sayings he loves to use

    Daemon Does Not:
    -Want to play professional Quidditch
    -Do that whole “talking about feelings” thing
    -Go “By the book”
    -Like feeling guilty

    Daemon Always:
    -Wants the girls/life he can't have
    -Searches for the easiest solution (even if it could go wrong)
    -Hates seafood

    Daemon Sometimes:
    -Talks to himself
    -Says the wrong thing without realizing it
    -Spends all day on the Quidditch Pitch (exercise clears his mind)
    -Backs the guy/team/etc he knows will win

    Daemon Never:
    -Lets his parents see the truth about him
    -Allows people to persuade him to change
    -Appreciates sympathy

    Fatal Flaw: Hubris (Greek word for “pride”)
    Favorite Food: Saganaki (Greek dish. Basically oil-fried cheese known as Kefalatori. Best food on the planet. Seriously.)
    Favorite Place: Salzburg, Austria
    Favorite Color: Forest Green (like the trees outside of his home)
    Favorite Animal: Mantis Shrimp (These are the coolest things ever. Not even kidding.)
    Favorite Book: “Brave New World” - Aldous Huxley, 1932
    Favorite Subject: Potions
    Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon
    Favorite Time of Year: Winter
    Favorite Family Trip: Greece. Daemon's mom loves traveling, and has instilled that love in her family. They went down to the coast the second time they visited the country, avoiding the tourist traps. It was, basically, the most relaxing time Daemon has ever had. Her love of the country explained his name.

    Favorite Smells (Amorentia):
    1. Boxwood – they remind him of his time in the woods outside of his home with his older brother. It was often his escape place. He once considered asking his father to make a treehouse – he'd seen one in the home of someone in rural England when they'd been on vacation, but decided that would seem far too mundane.

    2. Cinnamon – The house elves in their estate often baked desserts with cinnamon, and he grew to enjoy cinnamon in his hot chocolate and other chocolate dishes.

    3. Tangerine – Acidic smells like citrus are something that, in most people, triggers a positive reaction. It implies cleanliness as well as draws you in as it's noticeable.

    4. Toasted Marshmallow – It was only once, but Daemon and his Muggleborn and Halfblood (as well as a few Purebloods who were of the same mindset as himself) mates had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and the like. It was surprisingly pleasant and now he loves that smell. Probably because he doesn't exactly smell it very often, so when he does it takes him back to that night.


    FATHER: Aleksandar Zograf (Acclaimed Bulgarian National Team Keeper at the World Cup in 1994) (half Bulgarian, half British)

    MOTHER: Ivanka Zograf (nee Angelova) (housewife) (Fully Bulgarian)

    SIBLING/S: Elder Brother (Slytherin, 7th year. Unnamed/unclaimed Canon)

    OTHER: As your average pureblood family, Daemon and his family are close to their grandparents as well as other pureblood families

    BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET/S: Long-Eared Owl (native to England, but it's very elusive and hard to find. It nests in old stick nests of other birds. The average clutch size is 4-6 eggs. It hunts by night over open country. Long-winged, it glides slowly. It normally lives in conifer forests, but also loves Box Trees which are in Southern England only, so it's happy on the Zograf estate.) named Galen. It was named for the father of medicine and anatomy.

    1. Broomstick – He's been brought up to play Quidditch like his dad. He'd much rather be a Potions Master or work on new Potions to be used for Healing.
    2. Student supplies
    3. Wand
    4. Pictures and souvenirs from his family trips


    Early Years:
    Daemon is the second son of Aleksandar and Ivanka. Ivanka never, apparently, wanted to do much with her life besides marry for money, which she accomplished. Not that Daemon sees it that way. But those are the facts. Aleksandar played Professional Quidditch for the Bulgarian National Team when they won the World Cup, among other years before marrying Ivanka and settling down. Since he retired, they've been able to live off their fortune without worry.

    Their home is a two-story estate on 14 acres in southern rural England. There is a patch of Box Trees on their land which makes up part of a small forest. Box Trees are only native to England in the south, so they feel lucky to have them. Their family owls rather like the trees as well. One of the owls, Galen, is technically Daemon's personal owl, which will move with him when he gets his own place after Hogwarts and University.

    Daemon's relationship with his parents never had any troubles before his third year at Hogwarts. When he was young, they ingrained in him the traits they believed an “upstanding, Pureblood boy” should have. They're not exactly the same as other pureblood families, which didn't help him form solid ideas in his mind. Daemon just found it all extremely boring. The rules were as follows:

    1. Muggleborns and Halfbloods are weaker, likely stole the magic they were given, and aren't as talented.

    2. Dancing is required at family events, as well as at the events of prominent social figures. Daemon had to take lessons like his elder brother, but grew tired of it. He felt it made him both look and feel awkward.

    3. There is a right and a wrong way to talk to people. When around elders or superiors (this includes Professors, even if they may not be “worthy of their position”) everything was very formal and polite. When around mates, he could be pretty much however he liked. His parents, however, obviously hoped that if he spent enough time around his superiors, his mannerisms would just stick. No such luck.

    4. There is no such thing as failure. Either you do what you've set out to achieve, or you don't even bother. Failure is/was punishable in their household. If you fail at something simple or silly, you'd just be ridiculed. But something big? Trouble is coming your way, my friend. Run.

    5. Purebloods should never show fear, but should know when they can't be beat. In that case, they shouldn't take the challenge – it would just make them seem weak. This translates to Daemon's desire to “go down swinging” if he knows he can't accomplish something. He sort of breaks Rule #4 by doing that, but he doesn't really care.

    6. The idea of “purging” the world of the lesser beings, to the Zograf family, is ridiculous. (“Why give up the power you were given when these underlings were born?”) Instead, they should show said underlings their place. Daemon pretty much laughs this off.

    7. Even if you do not actively discriminate against Muggleborns, Blood Traitors, or Halfbloods, you should at least realize your superiority and refuse to allow someone to take that from you – whether that means challenging them or proving them wrong by.. “other means”.

    8. Just because other pureblood families claim that arranged marriages make sense, the Zograf family does not. “There is not need for such things when they know their sons will make intelligent decisions.” Basically, it's a warning that they had best choose wives who are appropriate.

    Daemon's relationship with his brother was relatively strong before his elder brother went off to Hogwarts. They would play Quidditch with their father, who taught them regularly. That, or Daemon would invite his brother to participate in his adventures in the forest of their large estate. When Daemon joined him at school, things got better until the “Incident” in Third Year. After that, his brother didn't seem to want to spend time around him. Daemon still isn't sure if his brother is aware of the ideals he now holds because of it.

    In their free time, the family would practice Quidditch as usual, or take trips around Europe. They never really traveled much farther, thought Daemon loves the idea of seeing every continent (except maybe Antarctica..). Aleksandar also took them to professional Quidditch matches like the World Cup. The family has a box at the main stadium, as well as tickets to Bulgarian National Team games.

    Hogwarts Years:

    SUMMER BEFORE FIRST: The family took their first trip to Austria, staying in Salzburg and Vienna. Salzburg quickly became his favorite place in the world for the food, music, and the views. The people, too, were very welcoming and he enjoyed the two weeks they spent in the country before returning to the UK

    FIRST YEAR: He came into Hogwarts knowing he would be in Slytherin, if not because he was a pureblood then because his parents were and he knows well how ambitious and cunning he can be at times. He's been told as much, after all. He clung to his family friends who were older than himself.

    His favorite classes were immediately Flying, Potions, and Herbology. He couldn't explain why he was so skilled in those areas, but he was. This probably made him like them more, all things considered. This didn't keep him from studying hard in those subjects as well, though. Once he knew he had some talent in those areas, he didn't want to lose the gifts he was given, nor did he want to let someone beat him in his best/favorite areas.

    By the time the end of the year came, Daemon had made a lot of friends. He was outgoing enough, for a Slytherin, that he had friends from multiple houses. He realized later that he hadn't been asking what his new friends' blood statuses were. He just didn't care all that much, apparently, for he wasn't ever curious or worried about it. Those he befriended, Daemon assumed, were good people and blood wouldn't matter. It wasn't until one of the Slytherins a few years above him got on him about it that he started worrying again.

    SUMMER BEFORE SECOND: A few of Daemon's friends who weren't the “type” he was supposed to be around drifted away when he didn't keep up contact. This summer was their second trip to Greece, where they avoided the tourist parts of the country. Instead, they stayed on islands and small towns along the coast. They spent a month traveling the area, meeting locals, loving the food, and relaxing.

    SECOND YEAR: Daemon was particularly disappointed that there wasn't a class in Flying after first year. It made sense, of course, but he found that he missed it. He hadn't exactly needed the class, but he found that it was relaxing. This is what led him to start spending his time on the practice Quidditch pitch when he was frustrated or needed to think. This is still a habit of his.

    The friends that drifted away didn't all come back – only a couple. This bothered Daemon a bit, but not enough to question his parents. He had grown up assuming they were right and wasn't about to up and drop everything he knew without good reason.

    By now, his brother was openly teasing him and making fun. Daemon didn't mind too much aside from the pranks that the older Slytherins would pull on him. They got tiring very quickly and he realized that he was far more grown up than the other students were his age – or even older, based on the boys how pulled the aforementioned pranks.

    SUMMER BEFORE THIRD: More pureblood training was in order, it seemed, as Daemon was once again thrust into classes. As it turned out, he was to be introduced to some particularly influential families in the hopes that he might fall for one of their daughters and vice versa. He did not, and is glad of it. The parties were dull, the lessons drove him crazy, and the people he met weren't interesting.

    THIRD YEAR: For the first few months, he stuck to the Purebloods he knew from family relations. A couple weeks after his birthday (late November) he was watching his mate challenge a Muggleborn to a duel – they were a few years up so they knew enough spells to actually make it plausible – and the girl beat him fantastically well. He suddenly realized that his parents were a little mental if they thought that Muggleborns were bad at magic or “stole” it or whatever they did. He was floored by that, and since then he's been struggling with the idea that everything he's known is wrong.

    That Christmas, he stayed at school for the holiday, wanting to do some thinking without family influence. Daemon knew that something like this couldn't be spoken about with his brother or parents. They wouldn't understand and he didn't want to see what would happen should they find out the truth regarding his opinions.

    This year, he also joined the Slytherin Quidditch Team. He didn't get the position of Seeker first try, instead playing Chaser. He didn't mind that much, except for having to avoid getting whacked by the Beaters every two seconds.

    SUMMER BEFORE FOURTH: This summer was spent with both sets of grandparents – one each of the summer months. Daemon isn't particularly fond of either side of his family, but he knew that he had to do as they asked, and avoid talking about school. The summer was, generally, boring and slow. Any chance he had to go to Diagon Alley or other places, he took. This was the summer he went to his first professional Quidditch match without his dad.

    FOURTH YEAR: Daemon was no longer friends with the guys who had been beaten so badly in Third Year. Instead, he began branching out – making friends both through his pureblood relationships with family friends and the like, as well as from other houses and other “blood types”.

    It wasn't until Daemon's fourth year that he started becoming more interested in the extra classes that were offered. At that point, he'd realized that he wanted to learn about anything he could, and do his best at everything he tried. Whether that meant he was the best or not, he knew his parents wouldn't look closely to see if he were “winning”. Though they probably wouldn't appreciate his taking a class even if he might not be good at it (See Rule Number 4).

    He spent his fourth year trying out classes like Ghoul Studies, Music, Muggle Studies, etc. He found he rather liked Music – he wasn't particularly good at any specific instrument, but he has been told he can sing fairly well (not that he goes around singing all the time or anything). He also appreciated Muggle Studies – though he wouldn't admit it.

    He still played Chaser his fourth year for the Slytherin House team, but decided that his goal for his Fifth year was to finally get the position of Seeker like he'd always wanted. Although he made a good Chaser, he had grown up wanting to be a Seeker, unlike his father who was a Keeper for the Bulgarian National Team.

    SUMMER BEFORE FIFTH: The current summer has been rather slow for Daemon, who's been dying to get out, maybe get a job, things like that. His parents don't believe that he needs to work at his age, which means he ends up around the house a lot unless his mates – those his parents approve of – come over. That, or he makes plans with people to meet somewhere else so that won't be a problem.

    Adulthood: N/A


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: Need I explain?


    MAIN CHARACTER: Audriana (Tris, Addie, Keiran, Carth)

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to try making a Canon, and have a boy student. It's about time.

    OTHER: Amy and I are just going back and forth stealing our favorite parts of each others' applications. Sorry, Amy. I did it again. XD


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a wonderful app, Addie. Had to take you forever. LOL.

accepted and sorted to Slytherin!
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