Goose Dyllan, shipper
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Goose Dyllan, shipper

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Goose Dyllan, shipper Empty Goose Dyllan, shipper

Post by Goose Dyllan Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:23 am

Goose Dyllan, shipper Giphy
shades of green in an unexplored world
Augustine “Goose” Dyllan

Family used to be an elusive word, and now it’s
become tricky again. The Dyllan-Morrisons had
once been the word for Family, but now one
part of the equation is gone and its left Goose
feeling a little out of sorts.

Goose Dyllan, shipper Bryce-Dallas-Howard-bryce-dallas-howard-32095342-100-100
Jack Dyllan – guardian, played by Jackles
Jack is very likely the reason he is alive. He
knows she’s not really a mom, and neither
try to play those roles, and that’s just fine.
He doesn’t need a mom. He needs a Jack.

Goose Dyllan, shipper 5d50c0de04ce26cf49cbaec8a12bfc03
Maximus Morrison – former guardian, played by Em
Goose enjoyed Max, as he was quieter than
the rest of their clan. Goose doesn’t share
Sunny’s beliefs that Max is ever returning.

Goose Dyllan, shipper 030
Sunny Dyllan-Thomas – adopted sister?, played by Jackles
In any other circumstance, Goose would have
found Sunny’s optimism and excitement too
much for this tastes. But as a sister, he’s learned
to love Sunny and appreciate her tenacity.

Goose Dyllan, shipper 1605510
Charlie Dyllan – adopted cousin?, played by Em
He doesn’t see much of Charlie nowadays,
but he likes that there is a mystery to her.

Goose won’t admit how nervous he is about
making friends, as he’s always had more interest
in intellectual pursuits than social. But he knows
he will need them to have any chance at some
normality, so he’s got to try.

Goose Dyllan, shipper Quvenzhan-wallis-people-in-film-photo-u2
Lise Freeman – the neighbor, I guess a friend - NPC
Lise is a neighbor, so maybe she doesn’t
count. She’s much closer to Sunny but he
Is often roped into their play.

Why would someone hate him? No one has
yet but he’s certain they could find a reason.

Um, yeah, he’s not interested. He’s a man of
science, thank you. No time for… that.


Goose Dyllan
Goose Dyllan
Second Year Slytherin
Second Year Slytherin

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Goose Dyllan, shipper Empty Re: Goose Dyllan, shipper

Post by Goose Dyllan Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:23 am


Easy! Just give me a brief little description, tell me where they fit, and I'll do the rest.

If we haven't posted before, let's talk!
Goose Dyllan
Goose Dyllan
Second Year Slytherin
Second Year Slytherin

Number of posts : 29

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