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DYLLAN, Charlotte Emerson

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DYLLAN, Charlotte Emerson Empty DYLLAN, Charlotte Emerson

Post by Charlotte Dyllan Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:13 pm

DYLLAN, Charlotte Emerson Tumblr_inline_mn5w2wippl1qz4rgp



    FULL NAME: Charlotte Emerson Dyllan

    NICKNAMES:  Charlie, Char

    AGE: Sixteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Herself (Neutral)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Let the sorting hat choose. See personality, paragraphs 4-7.

    CLASSES: Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology

    WAND: Apple and Dogwood, Mooncalf Blood core, 10”, springy
    001. Boosts in Herbology
    002. Boosts in Care of Magical Creatures
    003. Has a subtle violent streak
    004. Extremely hard and strong
    005. Resilient
    006. Boost to Charms
    007. Leans towards light magic
    008. Proficient with Occlumency

    PLAY BY: Holland Roden


    HAIR COLOUR: Strawberry Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Hazel

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 5’3, short compared to many

    BODY BUILD: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Charlie is a small girl – both short and skinny. She has fair skin that will tan lightly in the summer and become quite pale in the depths of winter. She has almost no freckles or moles, in fact her skin is almost perfect. One of Charlie’s favorite features is her light red hair that falls midway down her back. This color is matched on her coat when she transformed into a werewolf. She has hazel eyes that look quite lovely when touched up with a dash of mascara.

    When it comes to clothes, Charlie likes to dress nicely but is forced to keep within a budget. Many of her clothes were purchased quite ugly (but at a low cost) and she has since transformed them with charms and spells into something much more beautiful and stylish. It pains her to think that anyone would spend as much as they do on a dress or shoes. When it comes to accessories she frequently wears the amethyst pendant that her mother passed on to her. She also wears various rings that hold different magical properties and powers – the only article of clothing that she justifies spending a lot on.

    Charlie has received many scars over her sixteen years but most of them have been erased with the help of potions and spells. All marks of the werewolf attack have disappeared expect for when she transformed, when they reappear. Charlie has no tattoos and her only piercing is in her ears.


    001. Enduring
    002. Strong willed
    003. Intelligent
    004. Observant
    005. Optimistic
    006. Reliable
    007. Ambitious
    008. Excitable
    009. Adventurous
    010. Honest

    001. Irritable
    002. Proud
    003. Rash
    004. Opinionated
    005. Insensitive
    006. Outspoken
    007. Inquisitive  
    008. Secretive
    009. Guarded
    010. Intolerant

    001. Hiking
    002. The Forbidden Forest
    003. Laughter
    004. Red Wine
    005. Herbology
    006. Exotic/Deadly Plants
    007. Honey
    008. Emeralds
    009. Riddles/Puzzles
    010. Stolen Kisses

    001. Wolfsbane
    002. Pureblood Society
    003. Being Stuck Indoors
    004. Being Out of Control
    005. Bookworms
    006. Substance Abuse
    007. Large Fires
    008. Werewolf Discrimination
    009. Muggle Discrimination
    010. Lightning

    001. Build tolerance towards werewolf community
    002. Unravel the mystery of her mother’s death
    003. Turn seventeen and become a legal wizard
    004. To not get tied down
    005. Meet members of the Dyllan side of her family
    006. Own her own greenhouse

    001. Bites thumbnail when nervous
    002. Flips hair
    003. Writes reminders on her inner arm
    004. Wakes up early and does most homework in the morning

    BOGGART: Charlie’s greatest fear is that she was somehow responsible for her mother’s death. As the only wizard on the Parson side of the family, it is a logical connection that she caused Diana to contract her disease. Charlie also fears having the same fate as her mother and perishing at a young age.

    PATRONUS: As she has only just turned sixteen, Charlie has never produced a patronus charm. Her best memories are coming to Hogwarts where she found a place that she was happy and belonged.

    DEMENTOR: Charlie’s worst memory is when she learned about her mother’s ‘suicide’ and realized she truly was on her own now.

    VERITASERUM: Charlie has many secrets that veritaserum might reveal.
    001. She suspects her mother’s death was murder, not suicide.
    002. She spent some of this summer on the run from the Ministry, trying to avoid being taken to an orphanage.
    003. She once injured a man while in werewolf form.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Charlie’s greatest desire is to become an adult in the eyes of the Minstry and be able to take care of herself. She dreams of owning her own greenhouse (perhaps a whole farm) and becoming a leading expert in Herbology. Although she wouldn’t admit it (and possibly doesn’t even realize it), Charlie also desires to have a husband, children, and be surrounded by people who love her.

    PERSONALITY: Charlie is an extremely strong girl. While she is still a child, she learned long ago how to take care of herself and watch her back. Her most defining characteristic is her dislike for accepting help of others. Charlie is extremely self-reliant and she will do almost anything to fix it herself rather than ask a favor of any friend. This has both pros and cons – making her more independent but also more stubborn. It takes a lot for Charlie to open up to new people and let them in. Even some of her best friends aren’t privileged to her deepest secrets. She doesn’t offer up information on her own – you have to search for it.

    Once you are let in to Charlie’s world she is quite a loving person. There is nothing that makes Charlie happier than to simply smile and laugh for no reason. She doesn’t expect grand gestures or gifts. Charlie is simply grateful for the beauty of life. She loves exploring and seeing new things and hates to be stuck in a routine or in one place for too long.

    Charlie is almost proud of her werewolf status. Between wolfsbane and her own personal will (so she believes) Charlie thinks the ‘condition’ is well under control and not a danger anymore. It irritates her when people are ashamed of who they are and makes no secret of her species. Where others see it as a hindrance, Charlie views it as yet another thing that’s made her stronger. At times she can be overconfident about her ability to control herself and this has resulted in the endangerment of others.

    Charlie has the Slytherin ambition. She is extremely confident in what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. She is self-reliant and self-serving, only ever truly loyal to herself. She has an occasional violent streak (beyond the full moon) and has ended up hurting several her peers in the heat of the moment. She is not evil but she is extremely determined and ethical lines can be blurred in her mind. For the most part Charlie listens to the Ministry but she has also been found with illegal objects (primarily plant-related), has been on the run before, and is on the watchlist for potentially dangerous werewolves. The biggest obstacle to being in Slytherin is her muggleborn blood status.

    Charlie has the Gryffindor arrogance. She is extremely confident in herself and her abilities. She is not afraid to speak out and inform the world of her opinions. When Charlie has made up her mind it is very hard for anyone to change it and she also has strong likes and dislikes. She is strong and is willing to fight for what she believes in. The biggest obstacle to being in Gryffindor is her questionable bravery. Most of Charlie’s actions are fueled by stubbornness rather than fearlessness. Given the option, Charlie would also would be much more likely to save herself than someone else.

    Charlie has the Ravenclaw intelligence, there is no denying it. She is extremely organized and is good at finding patterns. When it comes to Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology she is able to soak up information like a sponge. The mental catalogue of magical plants and their properties she has is astounding. Charlie is good when in a tight situation and is capable of solving problems, especially when they are right in front of her rather than a textbook. The biggest obstacle to being in Ravenclaw is her attitude towards education. While Charlie appreciates being at Hogwarts and the opportunity to learn, she spends very little time studying. Her homework record is not fabulous and her grades are passing, but not above average.

    Charlie has the work ethic of a Hufflepuff. She embodies the unafraid of toil perfectly and she has worked for everything she’s been given in this life. Her ambitions stretch beyond Hogwarts and she is willing to work along every step of the way to get there. Oddly enough, family is important to Charlie and she can be extremely loyal to a select few. She is strong when the going gets tough and doesn’t bother to trouble others with her struggles. The biggest obstacle to being in Hufflepuff is her occasional meanness. Charlie can be extremely blunt at times and can be quite horrible at sugar coating things. She is never cruel, but she can get quite snappish and impatient with people, especially when they complain over tiny things.

    Overall, Charlie has her good parts and her bad parts. But she knows herself well and is fast to learn, always yearning to become better. For such a young girl she has much too experience with all the darkness the world has to offer but remains, for the most part, a genuinely good person at the core.


    FATHER: Chip Martin (Dyllan), location unknown

    MOTHER: Diana Parsons, deceased

    SIBLING/S: Elliot Dyllan, half brother, deceased

    Greg Dyllan, uncle
    Raelyn Dyllan, aunt
    Jack Dyllan, cousin
    Riley Dyllan, cousin
    Sunny Dyllan-Thomas, 2nd cousin
    Minerva “Minnie” Parsons, aunt, deseased

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn, magical blood comes from her grandparents on the Dyllan side, both of whom were squibs.

    RACE: Werewolf

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class

    PET/S: None

    001. An amethyst pendant (heirloom, gifted by her mother)
    002. Small library of Herbology books
    003. Large store of Wolfsbane potion
    004. Snargaluff tree
    005. Venomous Tentacula
    006. Various other poisonous, dangerous, or illegal magical plants.
    007. One vial of Elixar to Induce Euphoria (brewed herself)


    Early Years: Charlie was born on July 15th, 2010. Her father, Chip, was married to another woman at this time and for that reason quickly disappeared out of her life. Her mother, Diana, was not entirely without her demons either. She had been depressed throughout her life and still struggled even after the birth of her one and only child. Mother and daughter lived in a minuscule apartment in a poor part of London for the younger part of Charlie’s childhood. While living was never luxurious they were always able to make ends meet with the help of Diana’s charm.

    When Charlie was four the pair moved into the guest house off of a friend’s country home. Diana got a job as a clerk in the loyal boutiques and things were looking up. Chip returned to Charlie’s life in small ways – sending her gifts around Christmas and her birthday and occasional financial settlements. Charlie entered the local public muggle school and although happy to be around the other children, also quickly got bored of the curriculum that the teachers gave. At home after school she spent as much time as possible outside, especially in the homeowers garden.
    It was in this garden that Charlie first discovered her magical abilities. She accidentally enlarged the pumpkins and tomatoes, making them award-winning size. Unfortunately she also accelerated the growth of the lawn, turning it into a jungle. Okay, maybe not a jungle, but it felt that way to the small child. Because no one from the Parsons side had any magical abilities they were unable to suspect what she was. The strange events that occurred around the house freaked the owner out enough to insist that it was time for them to leave – sending the duo jumping from couch to couch with anyone who would take them in.

    It was her absentee father that eventually figured out what her abilities meant and took her to Diagon Ally when she received her Hogwarts letter. The trip was one of their few bonding experiences.

    Hogwarts Years: When Charlie arrived at Hogwarts she finally felt like she was coming home. Each and every class fascinated her as she explored the world that she never knew existed. Charlie enjoyed being social and was not shy about introducing herself to all students from all houses. She made friends quickly with many different social circles and bounced between them. Despite being well liked and friendly, Charlie rarely let anyone see the deeper parts of her. She was not ashamed of her past, but she didn’t like sharing it either. She worried about her mother’s condition back home, especially with Charlie now gone.

    Herbology class grabbed Charlie’s attention the most and she was blown over by everything their professor said. In free time, the redhead was drawn back to the greenhouses where she examined and learned about the plants, continuing what they worked on in class. Sensing her strong interest, the professor took extra time to talk to her more and explain the care of and uses for the other plants. Eventually, by second year, Charlie had earned enough trust to have complete access to the greenhouse and all of it’s plants. She did research in the library and ordered books from foreign countries to learn more about what she was growing.

    Charlie had always been a little bit of a troublemaker when it came to following the rules and one night she ventured into the Forbidden Forest alone in search of a rare blossom that only emerges on the full moon. It was that night that she was attacked by a werewolf that had taken a bad batch of wolfsbane (allowing it to transform). She was chewed up pretty badly and lost a lot of blood. The only reason she survived was a detention group that was moving through the forest discovered her. Charlie was taken to the hospital wing and with the correct potions she was completely healed. By the next week you couldn’t even tell that anything had happened. Healers weren’t sure if she had been turned or not, but at the next full moon that she had been.
    It took Charlie awhile to adjust to her new life. At first she was, rightfully, terrified of both her fellow werewolves and herself but over time she healed mentally and grew to accept her fate. Grace, a Hufflepuff girl in her year, played a major part in orienting Charlie to being a werewolf and the pair spent many full moons in the hospital wing together.

    As years passed, Charlie became far from ashamed of her new classification. She became proud of what she was and what she had gone through. It made her feel powerful and special and her confidence and beauty convinced many of her classmates that it made no difference. She slipped back into her old popularity and life with little difficulty. Around forth year boys entered the picture and romances appeared and disappeared, none really notable enough to mention by name. She also gained a group of friends that she genuinely trusted, rather than just got along with.

    At the beginning of this summer Diana had gotten involved with a rich, pureblood man. She had been ill with a rare but deadly wizards disease for the past year and needed the man’s gold to pay for treatments. But upon learning too many old family secrets the man knew that she couldn’t be allowed to survive. Playing to her long term depression, they passed the hit off as a suicide, leaving Charlie an orphan.

    Because she was only sixteen and not able to be considered a legal adult under wizarding law, Charlie was taken to an orphanage in London. Resolved to fight her new situation, Charlie ran away and was on the run for a little over a month. During the full moon of this month she did not have wolfsbane and ended up severely injuring a young man who she came across. Because of the danger she presented the Ministry could not allow her to walk free and captured her again, placing her in a more intensive home. Over her stay in this home she caused quite a bit of fuss.
    Around this time the Ministry discovered the family link to Jack Dyllan, one of her last living relatives. Charlie is now released into her aunt’s custody until next summer, when she will turn seventeen.

    Adulthood: N/A


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emily


    HOW YOU FOUND US: No idea

    MAIN CHARACTER: Urm.. Mira Anderson? I think that’s my listed main.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: A cousin for Jack, a redhead, a Hufflepuff, and a werewolf.


Charlotte Dyllan
Charlotte Dyllan
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Sixth Year Hufflepuff

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Post by Elijah Krum Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:39 pm

DYLLAN, Charlotte Emerson Accept13

Lovely! Don't forget your claims! <3
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