MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet
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MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet

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MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet Empty MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:56 pm

MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet Tumblr10



NICKNAMES/ALIAS: Ana(previously), Hitame/Hit

AGE: Sixteen | b. December 5th - going into her sixth year.

ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army


WAND: 11 3/4 Holly wand with a unicorn hair core, flexible

PLAY BY: Taissa Farmiga



There's something about Anabelle that just makes her come off as dark. She doesn't mean to be that way or anything, but maybe it's because of the way she dresses. The girl does not like light colors, she thinks they make her seem weak and girly, though it would be okay to seem girly unless you're her. Darker colors help her blend it, which is good as she does not like to stand out. She's never been good at being in the spotlight so anything that would keep her from it would always be greeted well.

She is on the shorter side of the spectrum, standing at 5'1. She dislikes her height so she wears boots that add a bit of height to her, though it is only two more inches but that's better than nothing. She has a slender figure, and disliking too much weight gain she likes to exercise. She has fairly long, brown hair that she likes to either have down or put in a side swept braid that hangs down from her left side.


001. Brave
002. Loyal
003. Ambitious
004. Honest
005. Reserved
006. Determined
007. Resourceful
008. Not very confident
009. Intelligent
010. Clever
011. Driven
012. Careful
013. Hardworking
014. Stubborn
015. Naïve
016. Hot headed
017. Over protective
018. Disorganized
019. Caring
020. Worrier

001. Family
002. Singing
003. Tea
004. Music
005. Drawing
006. Japanese Culture
007. Nights
008. Sunset
009. Hot Chocolate
010. Muggles
011. Sports
012. Hogwarts

001. Bright lights
002. Crowds
003. Losing
004. Not knowing things
005. Being left alone
006. Waiting
007. Others touching her stuff
008. Candy
009. Flavored water
010. Reading from textbooks
011. Big bags(like purses)
012. When it gets too hot

001. Be allowed to live her life
002. Graduate


FATHER: Alexander Mulciber - Slytherin Graduate | b.1978 | Fifty-one | Death Eater | Pureblood

MOTHER: Iris Mulciber [neé Williams] - Beauxbatons Graduate | b.1983 | Forty-six | Neutral | Pureblood

Names used for NPC Purposes
 Walter “Xem” Mulciber - Seventeen | Older Brother | Oldest sibling | Pureblood
Naomi Mulciber - Fifteen | Younger sister | Second youngest Mulciber sibling | Pureblood
Josiah Mulciber - Fourteen | Younger brother | Youngest Mulciber sibling | Pureblood

OTHER: Ryo Hiroku - Best friend | Like an older brother | Vampire
Sayuri Hiroku | Like an older sister | Vampire
Raphael Arista - Political Uncle | Muggleborn | Hated by most of the Mulciber family
Lucinda Arista[neé Mulciber] - Paternal Aunt | Pureblood | Muggle lover | Disowned




EARLY YEARS: Being the oldest in a family puts pressure on a child because a lot was expected out of them. Being the youngest in a family puts pressure on a child because not enough is expected of them and they seek attention the oldest sibling gets. But what about the middle children who don't exactly get recognition? Especially when you're a girl.

Anabelle was born on a cold December evening to Alexander and Iris Mulciber. She was the second child of the semi newlyweds, her brother Walter being the first. Shortly after Anabelle was born, she was passed over to nanny who was supposed to be in charge of her education and well being. Basically, she was passed over to another person who was meant to replace her mum. It wasn't only to Anabelle that it happened though, this was also the case for her younger brother and sister, Josiah and Naomi. The only child who was really taken care of by their parents, was Walter simply because he was the first born and he would be the heir to the Mulciber family's name. He would be the one to keep the family name going strong, though Josiah was also there but being the youngest, he didn't stand much of a chance against Walter.

Their aunt, Lucinda, didn't like the idea of her nieces and nephew being in the care of nannies and she tried her best to get them away from the nannies as much as possible. The only ones that really took to being with their aunt were Anabelle and Naomi. Josiah, while she realized that spending time with her aunt was better than spending time with a bunch of nannies, did not take to her as much being of her particular likes. Anabelle connected with Lucinda more because she had always been curious about muggle things and she had learned that her aunt was what she liked to call herself, a "muggle-watcher".

Muggles were always a somewhat.. forbidden thing for the Mulciber siblings. This made an interest in the non magical humans peak within Ana and caused her to grow very close to Lucinda. Another thing that drew both Naomi and Ana's attention was Lucinda's love for the Japanese culture. Josiah, having a very flighty personality was always changing her mind about the things she liked, which wasn't exactly strange for a child, eventually ended up losing interest in the Japanese culture and her like for muggles began fading as well. Ana's interest in both never faded, in fact it was always growing, no matter how old she got.

HOGWARTS YEARS: First Year: When she received her letter to attend Hogwarts, her parents were initially not going to let her attend. Walter had already been at Hogwarts for a year and they knew it wasn't a bad school as Alexander had graduated from said school. They wanted to send her to Beauxbatons, as well as Naomi. They thought it would be a good experience for the girls to go to school in a different area from the boys. However, thanks to Lucinda's advice, they decided that Anabelle and Naomi would not be separated from their brothers and they would all go to the same school, and that school would be Hogwarts. Her first year didn't go as planned when she learned that her parents were completely beside themselves with anger because she had been sorted into Gryffindor of all houses. She wasn't too sure what to expect of the house as she had come from a family who had pretty much all been Slytherins from her father's side. She actually quickly came to like the house and that just ended up making matters worse for herself.

Second Year: Nothing of much importance happened during Anabelle's second year, during the year itself. An important event occurred the summer of her second year, one that would change her family and her ability to see her aunt Lucinda. Apparently, her aunt was getting married that July, but to whom no one really knew. Well, everyone except Anabelle. She knew who her aunt was getting married to, however she refused to say a word because she knew the harm it would cause if her parents found out, particularly her father. Lucinda was going to marry a half Japanese, half English muggle man named Raphael whom she and Anabelle had met during a summer trip to Japan a couple of years ago, just before she started school. Anabelle liked the man very much and she thought her aunt would be happy with him, except for the part about her family disliking muffles, of course. Raphael wasn't a bad person though, he'd even started calling her Hitamé or Hit for short, a nickname that was based off of the Japanese name Hitomi(which broken down is a combination of "Hito" meaning wisdom and intellect + "mi" meaning beautiful) because he was always telling her what a beautiful and intelligent young lady she was. It quickly became a very important name to her and she would start using it more than her birth name everywhere.

Third Year: Aside from not being allowed to see her aunt anymore, she had moved to Japan with Raphael after being disowned by her father, not much happened in her third year. She began to meet new people, interact with others from different houses, she rarely saw her siblings. Xem, which she had begun to call her older brother as a joke but was now just her nickname for him, was practically avoiding her because she was a Gryffindor and he a Slytherin. It was Naomi's first year and she had also been sorted to Gryffindor like her so she spent more time with her than him because he began pushing her away as well. Josiah was still a year away from being able to go to Hogwarts and Hit had a funny feeling that he would be a Slytherin as well. So their family would be divided by what the Sorting Hat had chosen for them.

Fourth Year: This was the year Josiah was finally able to come to Hogwarts. Hitamé could feel her nervousness during the Sorting Ceremony when it was Josiah's turn. The hat seemed to take an eternity for her, and for Josiah too no doubt, but when it screamed out Slytherin, she felt her heart drop a bit because what she had thought actually came true. Xem would no doubt take Josiah under his wing, having three years over him in school and he would tell him to have as little contact with his sisters as possible. It made her sad but she knew that even without Xem's help, Josiah would eventually push the two of them away anyways. During that year, Hit had an encounter with a drug that had been given to her by a girl who was a year younger than her but she ended up befriending because of said drug. She became addicted to it, but she did not want anyone knowing, so she tried to hide it as best as she could.

Fifth Year: Her fifth year was possibly the worst year of her life. It had started out okay, this year being the one where she had gotten involved with Potter's Army. She had joined because her closest friends, ex-Hufflepuffs Ryo and Sauyri, had joined during their time in Hogwarts and she had been curious about it. She was nervous, at first, when she heard about what they were as her family fought along side the opposite faction and she thought everyone would think of her as some sort of spy or something worse. But when she attended her first meeting, she noticed that even Slytherins attended and that a couple of them were from families the same as hers. The part that made the year the worst for her was when Naomi showed up to a meeting, saying that she had also joined, and later on when there was a battle between both sides her younger sister had gone missing. She didn't want to believe that the Death Eaters had taken her, they knew she was a Mulciber.. but that could have made things worse for her. She didn't need more things to worry about now that she was still somewhat struggling to get away from the drug she had been exposed to the previous year.

As much as she hadn't wanted to ask her father for help, she knew she had to and if the Death Eaters had taken her for some reason then she would have to have been with their father at some point. But when she heard back from Alexander, he told her he hadn't seen or heard from her. Later on, Hit would find out that she had been kidnapped but not by any of the factions but by a psychotic man who got a kick out of torturing people. After Naomi's disappearance, there had been others that had gone through the same thing but those people eventually came back with horrid stories to tell. Naomi hadn't come back and Hit, along with Ryo and a couple of other friends, decided they were going to look for her. Some thought Naomi was dead already but if she was some trace of her would have been found by now.

After searching for the last few months of the school year and most of the summer, Naomi finally came back. But she was different. She seemed.. darker and angry, when she came back. Hit tried to talk to her but Naomi would always lash out at her whenever she got near her, saying she abandoned her and she hated her. Those words really hurt Hit, she couldn't handle losing her sister, especially since she didn't know what she had done wrong. She tried explaining to Naomi that she had been searching for her the entire time, but the younger girl would not believe it. Naomi left Potter's Army, and Hit had a sinking feeling that she would join the Dark Followers now, just as her brothers had. They would all follow in their father's footsteps, leaving Hit to finally be the black sheep of the family. A Gryffindor, Potter's Army member Mulciber. Hit isolated herself from he family after that, not knowing what else she was supposed to do, they all seemed to hate her. The only person she had left in that family was Lucinda, who she wasn't even allowed to speak to and she wasn't even near her anyways, she had moved to Japan with Raphael.

So really, the only people she had left were Ryo, who had graduated a few years before, and Sayuri, who had graduated two years prior. When she going home at the end of the year on the train, she found herself sitting with two other Gryffindor girls and Slytherin boy who kept staring at her. Hit didn't pay much attention to him, only talking to her two housemates and she was shaken up when she realized the train did not end up where it was supposed to.

(I included things that happened to Hit before, like the Sugar addiction and Naomi hating her and such, but if anything doesn't work, let me know. Also, she's going to be in Ilvermorny as well.)

ADULTHOOD: Close but not yet.



RP EXPERIENCE: Almost four years

HOW YOU FOUND US: Former member

MAIN CHARACTER: Kaiden? Nah, Hit.

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Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet Empty Re: MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:01 pm

Alright! I think she's done. I hope. Maybe.
Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet Empty Re: MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:13 pm

she looks fine to me. i can see where you had some difficulties in blending hitame with ana, so i'm hoping that doesn't end up being an issue as you go forward with her, but you certainly can try. don't be surprised if you find you feel like doing a bit more editing somehow or another as you go forward with her.

accepted and sorted to gryffindor!
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Khaat Lupin
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MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet Empty Re: MULCIBER, Anabelle "Hitame" Violet

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:16 pm

Okay Thanks Khaat!
Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
Sixth Year Gryffindor
Sixth Year Gryffindor

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