Mulciber, Nathanile Mulciber
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Mulciber, Nathanile Mulciber

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Mulciber, Nathanile Mulciber Empty Mulciber, Nathanile Mulciber

Post by Arabella Riley Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:36 pm

Mulciber, Nathanile Mulciber I-Am-Number-Four-Inside-Look-Featurette-alex-pettyfer-17680988-1920-1036

Nathaniel Andrew Mulciber


    FULL NAME: Nathaniel Andrew Mulciber
    AGE: 17
    ALLEGIANCE: Dark Followers
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin
    CLASSES: CoMC, DADA, and Potions.
    WAND: a finely-carved willow wand. It is just shy of eleven and one-quarter inches long. This wand's core is merfolk hair.
    PLAY BY: Alex Pettyfer


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde with some darker spots
    EYE COLOR: blue gray
    HEIGHT: 5' 11"
    BODY TYPE: Slender, tall, muscular.
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Nathaniel’s blonde hair is just long enough that it has a natural curl to it. Though he tends to spend a lot of time on his hair, or at least more time than his sister does. His eyes are a blue gray color that on most people would be described as cold and uninviting but they just seemed to fit with Nathaniel’s strong square chin. He is about 5’ 11”. He is also quiet muscular.
    Nat tends to spend a lot of time picking out his cloths getting dressed and fixing his hair. He has no need for make-up but he will spend up to half an hour in the bathrooms in the mornings. He tends to wear skinny jeans that are just a few sizes too big so that they do not look so tight. Most of the time he’ll be seen wearing a simple black or white tee with a leather jacket or something of the type.


    -Art: Drawing, Painting, Photography.
    - Charms
    - Transfiguration
    - Communication (he knows what he wants to say but doesn’t know how to say it)
    - Understanding (He doesn’t understand his sister. Doesn’t get why she pulls pranks now why she doesn’t wear make-up.)
    - Cake, he will do anything for a piece of good cake!
    -easily angered
    - Blue, he thinks it brings out the color in his eyes
    - Classes
    - Pranks
    - Childishness
    - Loud incisive noise. Like drum being played horribly.
    - Pie... it just isn’t that good…
    - To Graduate
    - To become the greatest wizard artist in the world…
    - To become the Minister of Magic…
    -He is constantly fixing his hair
    -Restless leg syndrome he must always be moving
    - everything has to be perfect.
    PATRONUS: The First time he was giving a Paint set.
    DEMENTOR: the first time his sister pulled a prank on him
    -he really does love his sister.
    -he keeps a journal
    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be the Minister of Magic
    PERSONALITY: Nat is a normal seventeen year old male person. He loves flirting with all the girls, and playing Quidditch. Those two things and art form his three greatest loves. Then comes potions, and writing. He normally can’t stand the things stupid and childish people do, and when they pull pranks on his he becomes rather angry and comes so close to hexing them. Just like any other pureblood child he can’t stand muggles and half-bloods. And most of those he hates classify him as a rude stuck up pretty boy. Most of the time he Nathanial can be found hanging around the lake or maybe once in a while studying. He wishes to be the Minister of Magic one day and for that he studies a lot. Though some things do come naturally to him like potions and his love for it does add a little bit to how special it is.
    Though he seems normal he spends way too much time thinking about how he looks. He is almost obsessed with his hair. It has to be perfect at all times. If his hair is not perfect he will refuse to leave his room or possibly even the restroom. And his hair isn’t the only thing he worries about. His cloths must look nice and expensive but the must still be simple and manly. He believes that he is the hottest thing in the world and that he has every girl dreaming about him.


    FATHER: Brandon Mulciber
    MOTHER: Liberty Mulciber [nee Douglas]
    SIBLING(S):Danielle Mulciber
    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood
    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy
    PET(S): A golden Lab puppy named champ that he left at home and a gray tiger striped cat named George.
    BROOMSTICK(): Nimbus 2001


    Early Years: Nathaniel was born to Brandon and Liberty Mulciber early in the morning on march seventeenth. He was always loved and he was completely spoiled by everyone. Then not long after his sister Danielle was born. At first he loved her but then she had dirty diapers and other gross things. As the two began to grow older they started to grow apart. By the times Danni could walk and Talk Nat no longer saw her as the perfect little sister. She began pulling pranks and he began to despise her childish ways. Even at the age of 3 he seemed to be rather mature. He would pick up his toys behind him though he would never have many toys out. At the age of four he got his first paint set. It was finger paints but that didn’t matter he absolutely fell in love with them and art. At the age of six he and his sister were already fighting like cats and dogs. Whatever that meant because his pets Champ and George never seemed to fight. And by Age Eleven he was acting like a stuck up snob he was meant to be. He was never seen around his sister unless they were out with family and if they were they were fighting.

    Hogwarts Years: When Nathaniel finally got his Hogwarts letter he couldn’t have been happier to get away from his little brat of a sister. Before getting on the train he had been kissed on the head and hugged by his mother and his father gave him an affectionate pat on the shoulder. Soon he ran off and climbed on train. He hurried and ran to one of the compartments when he waved out of the window knowing his mother would have never forgave him if he didn’t wave good bye. He road on the train with a few other first years though he didn’t really talk to them instead he wrote in his journal about what he thought his first year at Hogwarts would be like.
    Once the train arrived at the Hogsmeed station he fallowed his fellow first years toward the boats that the grounds keeper used to take them to the castle. Then into the great hall where they all stood like a herd of scared sheep. He thought somewhere more like pigs of cattle than sheep. Sheep were more pleasant of the animals. Or maybe they were like puppies. Either way he waited eagerly to be sorted. He had no clue which house he wanted to be in. he just wanted to be in a house which was supposed to be like a family away from his own. When the sorting hat called his name he went up just like his fellow class mates had sat on the stool in front of the whole school. As the hat sat on his head it began to talk and think before if finally placed him in Slytherin. He happily joined his house mates. The hat had obviously though he was going to be a great wizard.



    YOUR NAME: Cecilia
    RP EXPERIENCE: Almost five years will be five next month on the 17th
    HOW YOU FOUND US: I’ve been off and on for almost 5 years
    OTHER CHARACTERS: Cecilia, Serena, and Janelle
    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: He’s a canon what more can I say

Arabella Riley
Arabella Riley
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First Year Hufflepuff

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Mulciber, Nathanile Mulciber Empty Re: Mulciber, Nathanile Mulciber

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:31 pm

The application is good. And I will allow this, but I am anxious for you to take a bit of a break from creating characters so that you can develop well these 4 that you have. Good, sound character development is just as important, if not more so, than the initial creation itself.

I'll accept him, but I want to see what you do with these 4 now.

accepted and sorted into slytherin.
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Khaat Lupin
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Post by Arabella Riley Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:13 pm

i was planing on him takeing longer but i got plans as i talked
Arabella Riley
Arabella Riley
First Year Hufflepuff
First Year Hufflepuff

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