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YORK, Alana Grace

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YORK, Alana Grace Empty YORK, Alana Grace

Post by Alana York Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:36 am

YORK, Alana Grace Troian%2BBellisario%2BtyltqUZ86KE

FULL NAME:  Alana Grace York
NICKNAMES:  Lana, Lana Banana
AGE: Twenty-seven
WAND: Holly, pheonix feather, 15"
PLAY BY: Troian Bellisario


HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown
EYE COLOUR: Chocolate brown
COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Slightly taller than average, around 5'7
BODY BUILD: Quite thin for her age and height
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Alana has always been the type of girl to present herself with modesty- no huge amounts of makeup, no outrageous hairstyles, and absolutely no revealing clothes. While her fashion may have changed with her age, everything about her is largely the same as she was when she was a teenager. Her hair falls in natural, beachy waves which hang just at her breast, and frames a thin face with a prominent cleft chin and small, yet supple lips. Her eyes can pierce one's soul with a gorgeous, yet typical, chocolate brown colour and dark eyeliner. Her long eyelashes and perfectly structured brows can make just about any man fall into a lust. For Lana, natural beauty is enough, with a few exceptions. Because of her slender core, Alana likes to wear clothes which show off her feminine curves, skinny jeans and low-cut tops included, though the skin she bares is never shown with bad taste.


+ Judgemental
+ Opinionated
+ Argumentative
+ Devoted to her beliefs
+ Intelligent
+ Aloof
+ Instinctive
+ Sensitive
+ Meddling
+ Reading
+ Horseback Riding
+ The Dark Arts
+ Smoking cigarettes
+ Drinking
+ Small talk
+ The "less fortunate"
+ Rules
+ New people
+ To marry a pureblood and have a family
+ She often sticks her nose in other people's business
+ She judges people too quickly, causing a crumbling social life
+ She is very anti-social and she does not easily trust others
+ Talking quickly and babbling when nervous, angry, and saddened
+ Loneliness
+ The birth of her daughter, Averie
+ The death of her daughter
+ A family
Alana holds many different personality traits, many of which clash with one another. She was once a kind and soft family woman, but since the disappearance of her daughter, Averie, everything in her life changed. Now, she is very cold and distant to others whom she does not trust. She is very quick to judge others, and is highly opinionated, which both lead to a deteriorating social life. She is not fond of small talk, or conversation at all with people she does not deem worthy of her valuable time. The only people she craves conversation and attention from are her fellow Death Eaters. She always had dreams of marrying young and becoming a housewife; while most of those dreams have dissipated with her daughter, she still fears being alone. Nearing her thirties, Lana is still eager to find a worthy husband, but will certainly never settle for anything but the best. She adores books and reading, and horseback riding is her favorite physical activity- anything that calms her can bring her to a positive mental state. She has a short-temper and is very argumentative, making her the perfect person for others to avoid. While she tries not to carry so many negative traits, it is difficult for her to be herself after such a traumatic early adulthood.


FATHER: Robert Eugene York, Age 62, Pureblood, Presumably deceased
MOTHER: Genevieve Rose Lewis-York, Age 56, Pureblood
Averie Rose Wilkes, Age 6, Daughter, Missing/Presumably deceased, Pureblood
Alen Michael Wilkes, Age 37, Ex-Boyfriend, Father to Averie, Pureblood
(OOC: I do not/will not have plans to bring back Averie or Alen, so hopefully their presence in Alana's story is not a problem)
BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood


Early Years: Alana lived a very privileged life, especially in her earlier years; her parents were extremely wealthy and high-status citizens of the Wizarding World. Her father worked for the ministry, while her mother was a high-class Auror. They lived in a modest, yet expensive, home just outside of London in a quiet, suburbia. Lana never met her father, as he disappeared after a bad experience with the Death Eaters, being one himself. Her mother was broken without her husband, and always made it a point to Lana to never go down the wrong path in her life, and stick to "what women are supposed to do." She was always taught to act like a lady; including napkins on the lap, tea serving and etiquette, cooking, baking, cleaning, and acting like an average British housewife at the earliest age of five. Her mother was always so caring, and easily fit the "feminine, motherly" stereotype of the times. She looked up to her mother as a role model, and aspired to be just like her one day and have her own home and family to take care of.

Hogwarts Years: Alana was very excited to start her years as a student at Hogwarts School, just like both of her parents. Her parents were very straight edge Ravenclaws, and did not get into any trouble while at school and always focused on their schoolwork- much like Alana. She was sorted into Ravenclaw, and followed in her parents' footsteps for the first four years at school. Approaching her fifth year, Alana befriended a group of Slytherins, all in their seventh year. They often toyed with the Dark Arts, and convinced her to join in as well. So began her interest in the Dark Arts and the Death Eaters. Lana began to study curses and dark spells, all while hanging out with the older Slytherin boys who adored the craft. Though she never actually got into trouble, and she still always did her schoolwork, Alana began to get more than simply interested in the Dark Arts, an unignorable crave to join the Death Eaters grew upon her. She regressed the feelings, not wanting to upset her family, and kept her interest in the Dark Arts a secret throughout the rest of her time at Hogwarts, and for many years after graduating.

Adulthood: In her early twenties, Lana was seeing an older Death Eater, named Alen; he was her happiness and her life, and she often dreamed of herself marrying young and starting a family after her mother's close teaching. Still keeping her love for the Dark Arts a secret from her family, Lana grew close to Alen, mostly because he was a Death Eater, and she figured that he was her closest option to being a Death Eater herself. They got a flat together and lived as if they were a married couple, and Lana always treated him as if he were her husband. Alen, however, often slept with other women while he was seeing Alana, and had a fear of commitment. And when Lana discovered she was pregnant, Hell broke loose in her life. Alen was profoundly upset when he heard the news, and detested the thought of keeping the child. Alana broke off the relationship with him, and moved back in with her parents; little did she know how strongly he felt towards his unborn child. Months later, Alana gave birth to a little girl with blonde, curly ringlets, similar to her father's, and she named her Averie Rose. One night while she was at work, Alana had discovered her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, stole the one thing that she thought was more precious than her own life: her daughter. Through years of searching, Lana began to change, and certainly not for the better. Now, she is a cold and bitter woman with a black aura and a hunger for power. She disregarded her mother's hatred for the Death Eaters and enlisted to join. She is now living an antisocial and angry life, with little to no social life outside of her faction.


HOW YOU FOUND US: A looong time ago, been on the site for 5 years!
MAIN CHARACTER: Well it used to be Julia, but I guess I don't really have one now?
PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Wanted to start RPing again, and was tired of making the same goody-good type of charrie
Alana York
Alana York
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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YORK, Alana Grace Empty Re: YORK, Alana Grace

Post by Darren Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:10 pm

Welcome back =))

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YORK, Alana Grace Empty Re: YORK, Alana Grace

Post by Alana York Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:19 pm

Thanks Darren!! I missed it here! Very Happy
Alana York
Alana York
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate

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YORK, Alana Grace Empty Re: YORK, Alana Grace

Post by Alana York Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:49 pm

Also, could I have my profile changed to Ravenclaw graduate instead of Slytherin? Thanks!  Smile 
Alana York
Alana York
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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