HARDING, Stewart Brian
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HARDING, Stewart Brian

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HARDING, Stewart Brian Empty HARDING, Stewart Brian

Post by Elijah Krum Fri May 23, 2014 5:15 pm

Hola! Right, I'm going to post Sprout's app using Eli's account so all the gifs and stuff can be seen and then when he can actually use them I'll put it up on his account. Is that alright?

HARDING, Stewart Brian Tumblr_m4jd6iwSjX1rpkyvk



FULL NAME: Stewart Brian Harding.

001. Gerhardt Schmidt,
002. Giovanni Salvadore,
003. Henry Richards,
004. Neal Forrest,
005. Vincent Tucker,
006. William Holden,
007. Graham Alexander,
008. Isaac Selfridge,
009. Caleb Browne,
010. Mark Thames.

AGE&BIRTHDAY&SIGNS: Nineteen | b. January 1st 2008

Western Astrology
Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling House: Tenth
Ruling Planet: Saturn

Chinese Astrology
Fixed Season: Winter
Fixed Direction: North
Fixed Element: Water
Associated Sun Sign: Scorpio

Vedic Astrology
Element: Earth
Ruler: Mercury
Gender: Feminine
Gemstone: Emerald

Mayan Astrology
Aztec Name: Cuetzpalin
Mayan Name: Kan
Direction: South
Qualities: Active, Dynamic, Sexual

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Colours: Purple, Lilac, Mauve
Gemstone: Amethyst
Qualities: Creative, Light-Hearted


BLOOD TYPE: Half-Blood

The Harding Family
The Du Hunt Family
Santo and Savino Gallo

The Death Eaters
The Order of the Phoenix

The Daily Prophet
The Daily Prophet Sports Section
The Daily Prophet Arts & Culture Section

The Football Association
The Italian National Football Team
The German National Football Team
The English National Football Team
ACF Fiorentina
FC Bayern Munich
Arsenal FC

The Quidditch Association
The Italian National Quidditch Team
QC Fiorentina
QC Bayern Munich
QC Puddlemere United

Florentine Youth Rowing Team
Florentine Youth Sailing Team
Florentine Youth Football Team

- Alchemy,
- Arithmancy,
- Art,
- Ancient Runes, Study of,
- Ancient Studies,
- Astronomy,
- Charms,
- Defence Against the Dark Arts,
- Earth Magic,
- Ghoul Studies,
- Herbology,
- History of Magic,
- Magical Theory,
- Music,
- Potions,
- Transfiguration.

OCCUPATION: Journalist | Feature writer for the Daily Prophet | Art Forger

WAND&TRAITS: Blackthorn and Cedar wood inlaid with Elm and Italian Olive, Cherub and Unicorn Hair with Phoenix Tail Feather, 11 inches, rigid.

- Prodigiously powerful,
- Capable at the Dark Arts,
- Capable at Hexes, Jinxes and Curses,
- Works best when the owner and the wand have been through and overcome hardship,
- No wand is more loyal than a Blackthorn one.

- Docile,
- Notable skill in Protective Spells,
- Wielders often become potent Occlumens.

- Pliable,
- Associated with the Underworld,
- Boosts water-based spells,
- Boosts Potions.

Italian Olive:
- Sleek wandwood,
- Leanings toward the light,
- Wielders are often potent Legilimens,
- Reputation for boosting wisdom and wit,
- Favours those with romantic tendencies.

Cherub Hair:
- Found in the wands of romantically inclined students,
- Found most commonly in the wand of a male,
- Gives a minor boost to Healing,
- Gives a minor boost to Divination,
- Gives a major improvement to Charms, particularly Glamours.

Unicorn Hair:
- Subtle wand,
- Compatible with Charms,
- Compatible with Transfiguration,
- Said to be ‘the best’ core for Healing as it picks up properties from unicorn blood,
- Unicorn hair has a reputation for picking gentler or more cerebral users.

Phoenix Tail Feather:
- Versatile,
- Powerful,
- Main strength in Defence Against the Dark Arts,
- Can use Hexes and Jinxes if needed,
- Common amongst Light Wizards,
- May impede Dark Spells.


HARDING, Stewart Brian Tumblr_m4jdblVRg41rpkyvk

The robust, wide frame and build of Stewart Harding can be both an imposing figure that can stand out in a crowd of people as well as a retiring form that can disappear into that same crowd as though he’d never been there at all. Unlike his father, Stewart is a good height, standing well above his mother and gliding just over 6’1. He has inherited a mixture of his parents’ eyes, his gaze a dark brown that is closer to his father’s but contains flakes of hazel which is attributed to his mother’s difficult stare; and that, too, he shares, by the way. Stewart is the picture of his father, much to the chagrin of his mother he doesn’t doubt, but he has many of the mannerisms of his maternal grandparents with whom he grew up. He has his grandfather’s harried gait and his grandmother’s airy step as well as their easy smiles and good humour. But aside from that, he is very much the collective image of his parents – though whether that is for the best or otherwise is unclear, though.

Like his father, Stewart is very particular about personal hygiene and he needs to be in control of that in order to have some semblance of control over other things, too. He was brought up in Italy, after all – appearance is very important. Nevertheless, Stewart has a penchant for suits and expensive haircuts and equally expensive watches and other paraphernalia that he can decorate himself. He has often been compared to a magpie, in that respect, although he’s probably an errant one as while he does hoard his sparkles, he’s also quite happy to spend gold here and there on what he deems worthwhile. He’s frugal one some things but he’s quite happy to splash out on paints and clothes and wine and all of the things that he considers to be important and remind him of home. It’s rare that you’ll actually find him in jeans though that is most likely going to be when he’s home and out of the sight of those he believes he needs to impress. Otherwise, business as usual is a tailored suit, thank you very much.

In terms on anything particular about him – let’s face it, tattoos – Stewart is highly dull. He does not have a piece of body art to his name and his only claim to false fame is the fact that his star sign constellation appears in dot-to-dot moles on his back. Other than that he is free of any external embellishments – mostly out of fear of what his mother would say if he dared to. She’s no angel, of course, but she does still scare the socks off of him – she wouldn’t be his mother if she didn’t, would she?

PLAY BY: Joshua Bowman


001. Accommodating,
002. Ambitious,
003. Bookish,
004. Brooding,
005. Charismatic,
006. Competitive,
007. Discreet,
008. Determined,
009. Diligent,
010. Efficient,
011. Frugal,
012. Generous,
013. Good-Humoured,
014. Hard-Working,
015. Impatient,
016. Intelligent,
017. Mature,
018. Organised,
019. Pedantic,
020. Pious,
021. Polite,
020. Pragmatic,
023. Quick-Tempered,
024. Quiet,
025. Respectful,
026. Responsible,
027. Spontaneous,
028. Unforgiving,
029. Witty,
030. Worrier.

001. Healing Charms,
002. Herbology,
003. Hexes,
004. Occlumency,
005. Painting,
006. Potions,
007. Sculpting,
008. Sketching,
009. Sports,
010. Writing.

011. Ancient Runes,
012. Astronomy,
013. Dark Arts,
014. Glamour Charms,
015. Household Charms,
016. Patronus Charm,
017. Rationality,
018. Tactfulness,
019. Transfiguration,
020. Turning water into rum.

001. Cricket,
002. Duelling,
003. Football,
004. Galleries,
005. Holidays,
006. Horse Riding,
007. Jam,
008. Movies,
009. Museums,
010. Old books,
011. Renaissance Art,
012. Running,
013. Sailing,
014. Sunshine,
015. Travelling.

016. American Football,
017. Arguments,
018. Aurors,
019. Azkaban,
020. Dark Arts,
021. Death Eaters,
022. England,
023. Examinations,
024. Family Dinners,
025. Funerals,
026. Modern Art,
027. Police,
028. Rain,
029. The French,
030. Winter.

001. Right handed,
002. Paints with his left hand,
003. Always spills is inkwell,
004. Can’t tie shoelace knots,
005. Always carries an umbrella with him in England,
006. Whistles while he walks,
007. Often stares off into space,
008. Writes notes to self on his hand and then forgets,
009. Bites his nails,
010. Hates meeting people’s gazes.

BOGGART: Losing his mother.

PATRONUS: Mass on Sundays with his grandmother.

DEMENTOR: Monday, November 13th 2026


MIRROR OF ERISED: To repair his family.


HARDING, Stewart Brian Tumblr_m4jdm2tx3I1rpkyvk HARDING, Stewart Brian Tumblr_m4jdm9A8gv1rpkyvk

For a type so caring and gentle there is a surprisingly crusading side to the INFP. When a personal value is trodden on, the INFP can become uncharacteristically outspoken and champion of the cause.

Stewart has an INFP personality:
Introvert – a shy, reticent person,
Intuitive – an instinctive feeling, knowing or sensing something without the use of rational processes,
Feeling – emotional and sensitive, often vague or irrational,
Perceptive – possessing or exuding insight.

There is a sensitive, caring side to the INFP which means they will be the interconnections between people and pick up on the verbal and non-verbal cues.

In daily life, Stewart is or values:
- Reserved, gentle, calm and sensitive,
- Values integrity and deep relationships,
- A loyal, devoted and committed friend,
- Has strongly held core values, beliefs and morals,
- Wants others to share and appreciate his dreams and aspirations,
- Curious, open to new ideas,
- Can be indecisive,
- Can become disillusioned or discouraged if he is not supported.

INFPs have a set of inner values that they adhere to without compromise. People who attempt to coerce INFPs in this area may be surprised to find that instead of kicking a soft, yielding pillow, their foot has impacted an immovable block of granite.

When learning, Stewart is/does/values:
- Dislikes rules, order and rigid schedules/deadlines,
- A determined learner who can work patiently with complex tasks,
- Likes experiencing new methods of learning,
- Quick to grasp new ideas,
- Has trouble working in competitive environments,
- Values working without interruption,
- Enjoys reading, writing and thinking,
- Prefers to acquire knowledge that is conceptual or part of a theory,
- Is loathe to be bogged down with facts and details,
- Dislikes repetition.

Deeply in tune with their feelings, they need to feel love and harmony in their relationships. As romantics, INFPs may frequently fantasize about "ideal" relationships, wondering what else is out there. However, their deep-seated love for their partners and their dislike of conflict will make them faithful and loyal.

HARDING, Stewart Brian Tumblr_n1rrn3eNdZ1tq19vmo1_400


FATHER: Balthazar Finlay Harding | b. January 17th 1987 | Partner with Harding & Sinclair

MOTHER: Katrina-Carlotta du Hunt | b. c. 1992 | Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Marc du Hunt | b. September 12th 1965 | Former-Architect
Mia du Hunt | b. October 5th 1965 | d. November 13th 2026 | Former-Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Finlay Harding | b. c. 1950-1960 | d. after-1987 | Former-Partner with Harding & Sinclair
Elizabeth Harding née Wiles | b. c. 1950-1960 | Profession Unknown

NATIONALITY: Florentine Italian with British and German heritage.

HOME TOWN: Florence, Province of Florence, Region of Tuscany, Italy.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Richmond Town, Borough of Richmond, Greater London, England.

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class.


It was a business venture and it was meant to pay well, everyone was supposed to be satisfied. Mixing business and pleasure, though, was one of those sacred commandments that everyone seemed to flout. This was not an exception to that broken rule, though. It followed contentedly, as though the script had been written and it was merely a play or a film that the two principle characters had to adhere to. They did, too, without any adlib or deviations and a rumble around between the sheets ended in the usual manner: with a child nine months later. He was as healthy as he could have been, his mother taking great pains to make sure he was born without issue. Then, there he was. Ten fingers, ten toes, a dark head of hair, bright, deep brown eyes and a loud set of strong lungs. If that was what he was known for before he could get up onto his feet and wreak independent havoc then it was his deafening, squawking cries. He was a demanding infant, hankering after affection rather than anything else and so it was really no wonder that he ended in the arms of his grandparents; not because his mother could not provide that for him but because with his grandparents, he was going to get the best chance and, after all, with parents like he had, he was never going to be a docile baby, was he?

A medieval villa buried within the vibrant, fertile Tuscan countryside just on the outskirts of Florence provided the setting for Stewart’s childhood. It was an idyll and, indeed, still is. Truly, he would never have wanted to be anywhere else. Florence was and is the only place that Stewart can bear to call home and fully intends to settle there when he marries, finally. But, nevertheless, it was under a pleasant sun and the cloudless Italian skies that Stewart grew up, amongst the fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the marshy countryside and around the heritage and sumptuous cuisine that the area boasts. There, he was raised more or less solely by his grandparents who, in an effort to make up for the estrangement that they’d allowed to fester between themselves and their daughter, threw everything they had into making sure that Stewart was a level-headed, clever and happy child and, indeed, between them it seems they succeeded.

It would be safe to say that one of the most influential figures in Stewart’s early life was his grandmother Mia. When his grandparents first settled in the Tuscan countryside in the late 1990s, out of necessity and a lifelong interest in the culture and history of the region they adapted to the society of the indigenous people, becoming quite the Italians themselves. They converted, becoming Roman Catholics, and became a part of every little piece of the culture laid out before them. By the time Stewart joined them, their lives were not a necessity and merely were their lives and so Stewart’s influences, as a result, were highly diverse even from a young age. He and his grandmother became enthusiastic patrons of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, a result of Marc completing some of the restorations on the interior of the basilica. The three often made the trip into Florence, to the Basilica, and heard Mass there on Sundays but with Mia, Marc never fully being able to commit to the regiment and rule of the religion, Stewart would hear the sermons at their local church in the village they’d settled near. Being surrounded by glorious renaissance frescos, it was no wonder that the boy grew to have a love for art and under his grandparents, that joy and passion was allowed to grow.

The presence of his parents was less. In fact, Balthazar was never actually informed that he had a son. Katrina-Carlotta was around enough for Stewart to be able to distinguish between his mother and grandmother. Her visits were weekly when he was very small but as he grew older they lessened as she, in turn, grew busier. He didn’t mind, of course, and she was always there for his birthday and never seemed to miss important landmark events like Stewart taking his first steps, beginning to form proper sentences or him beginning to read. She was always there and yet, always not at the same time and so Stewart formed an odd sort of bond with his mother, one that saw them become more like friends than she taking on an authoritarian, parenting role. That fell to his grandparents who filled the holes that would have been in his childhood had he stayed with his mother. He was safe, ultimately, and happy and secure in the home had had with his grandparents and that was all his mother wanted. He was also, interestingly, never curious about where she went or why she was away. It became such a fact of life that it did not even occur to him to wonder after his father, a man who he had never met or, indeed, never thought about meeting. It was merely a fact of life that they weren’t there – and he didn’t mind, either, not until he got a bit older.

There was no entrance into a local school, his teaching falling to Salvo and Savino Gallo, just as his mother’s had. Like her, too, he became proficient in languages – mastering Italian first, as you could well imagine, then English followed by German and Russian. He was fluent in all by ten years old and found himself sliding in and out of them depending on who he spoke to. Italian was his favourite and most used, however, though he always found himself speaking English to the flood of tourists that seemed to be an ever-present feature of Florence. Under the Gallo brothers, Stewart was taught how to hone and control the magic that had been out of all foreseeable control from an early age. He had constructed a rather crude form of management of his magic but by the time he was eight years old it had become blisteringly clear that something had to be done and so Salvo and Savino began his education earlier than they had hoped but it proved to be a masterstroke as they found themselves in regular employment once more – there was never anything better than educating someone, especially a du Hunt – and someone who could have the potential to supersede all of the hopes they had for him.

Despite not attending any of the local schools, Stewart was a popular child, the villa often filled with children that Marc and Mia had no clue who they belonged to. As a result of his charm and magnetism, Marc and Mia found their social circle expanding also and to accommodate the children’s desire to play and explore together, big dinners were held every week for all of the local families, the villa more than large enough to make room for everyone. Marc commented wryly one evening that it was like “hosting court for a King” and to a degree it was. Stewart’s desire for company was insatiable and they found that as he got older he became bolder and spoke to anyone and everyone he came across as his mind absorbed information that Salvo and Savino fed him, making him a strong, well-rounded person who, much to their delight, couldn’t and wouldn’t have hurt anyone, either, not even a fly. Stewart was, and still is, a friendly, gentle young man and it was no wonder that people were so easily drawn to him.

It might’ve been a business venture but what came of it was, really, more successful than the outcome that had been forecast. Stewart was a gift, indeed.

Stewart’s early adolescence was marked by a period of studying, in which he refined many of his skills. However, quickly after that he developed a taste for his peers, exploring all of the benefits that a romantic relationship with another person could have. His friends grew and changed in tandem with him and he found himself at more than his fair share of parties, able to burn the candle at both ends – somehow, it worked, too. He didn’t lose any speed with his education and he managed to move from partner to partner easily with no hearts broken, miraculously, in the process as everyone was exploring and trying to find out what it was they were actually interested in, and whom, too. On that front, Stewart’s best friend, Ezra Abbatelli, became his wingman, too, the pair gaining a reputation for being cads but, at least, endearing ones.

Stewart and Ezra had grown up together, just like all of the other children living on the outskirts of Florence in the Tuscan countryside. With only two months between them, Ezra being the elder, they had been two peas in a pod when they were at their youngest. That much hadn’t changed, either, when they’d gotten a little bit older and as they made their way through their teenage years they stayed firm friends, becoming each other’s confidantes and anchors. Never was one seen without the other and it became a fact of life to find Ezra on the sofa on a Friday evening, working his way through a bowl of tortilla chips and a bottle of wine. It was stranger for him not to be there in fact and it only happened if one or the other had a date – so, really, it was quite an often occurrence in that respect.

It was during his teenage years that Stewart began to pursue art as a potential career and Ezra, too, sought after an art based career, settling instead, though, for music. The pair supported each other and Stewart grew in confidence. It was Salvo’s idea for Stewart to take some of his art to an appraiser. When they did though, the response was not one that anyone had been expecting and they retreated disappointed and disheartened. Stewart didn’t let it bother him, though, or at least didn’t let it become clear that he was irked by the outcome. In short, they didn’t like his art. In fact, they hated it. In the following weeks, Stewart spent a lot of time on his own, looking at the frescos in many of the basilicas in the Florentine city centre. Then, he found himself copying them and slowly he found that his skill was in that rather than anything else. He put that to bed though, for now, and threw himself into his social life and his studies.

It was around his sixteenth birthday that after playing around for some time, Stewart finally got his first proper girlfriend. Fia Capello wasn’t one of Stewart’s childhood friends. She and her family had moved to Florence from Rome and Stewart first met her at the stables. Immediately she struck him as one of those girls he couldn’t get away with being charming to for one moment and get what he wanted. She managed to talk him into taking her out on a series of dates and before he knew it, they were exclusive and there was no more playing around. Ezra remained on his own and the two became a little estranged during this period. At the time, though, Stewart didn’t seem to mind. Fia was the centre of his universe for two years until she expressed a desire to go to university. It was then that Stewart let her go, knowing that he couldn’t hold her down together. They parted on good terms.

After separating from Fia, the friendship between Stewart and Ezra resumed as though it had never been on hiatus. The pair were inseparable once more and moved into a flat in Florence together, taking up jobs on the local newspaper writing columns in the culture sections. In the meantime, both pursued their artistic passions, Ezra joining a local band and Stewart beginning to slowly paint fresco ceiling art for one of the new churches that had sprung up in the area. They lived in relative harmony for a time, their own jobs going along as planned as well as their extra, impassioned pursuits after art and music. For a while, it was just right, then as the summer turned to autumn and autumn slid into winter, Stewart’s grandmother fell ill.

It was nothing abnormal. She’d ailed the last few winters but each time she’d recovered. This was different, though. This time, the doctors couldn’t work their magic. Then, in early November, just a month after she’d celebrated her sixty-first birthday, Mia du Hunt passed away in the early hours of that icy Monday morning. They’d all been there. Though Stewart cannot properly recall, he is almost sure that his mother was there, too. But it was no comfort; when Mia finally slipped away, her last rites taken by her priest, a bit of her grandson went with her. Then thereafter, there was no consoling the boy and, certainly, there was no seeing him to endeavour to console him. He did not lapse in his studies, turned up on time and ready, but nothing spectacular came of them anyway and he did not linger to speak to Salvino and Salvo as he once had done. His friends couldn’t get hold of him, could not make him linger long enough to properly look at him, and his grandfather, the man who he should have been around in those first few weeks and months thereafter, was at a loss as to where the boy went during the days, though he never failed to come home and have those silent, brooding dinners that Marc had come to loathe. It was Ezra who found him, finally. Perhaps, aptly, too.

It was right, in the end, that they fell into each other the way they did and became something more, fulfilling what both persons needed for themselves and for each other. It was right. But in the end, that too went wrong. After a handful of months of being dizzy, intoxicated on each other, finally understanding what it was that they’d always wanted to be, it all came to an abrupt end. For Stewart, it was the last broken heart string. He had to watch the man he was fairly certain he was in love with walk away. He had to watch his grandmother die. What this left behind was a shell of the optimistic young man that many of his contemporaries, and indeed, friends of his grandparents and his tutors, had admired so much. It ruined him. All of it. Resolved, then, he left Italy, determined not to be the dependent anymore, to forge his own existence and be stronger, braver, and all together more wicked than he had ever been before for his true, higher cause came to him when whispers of a buyer in search of a Raphael – a fresco.

It wasn’t just any Raphael, either. A profit was intended to be made and Stewart was reached out to by an old friend, Julio Sinagra, who made it his business to introduce Stewart into the underworld that he would come to make his home. Two Raphael frescos later, stolen from the Vatican, and Stewart was stood in a warehouse just outside of Rome forging these frescos onto canvas. He managed to reproduce them three times before the warehouse was finally raided. The paintings and the men inside all managed to get out and before Stewart could really register what was going on, he and Julio were hurtling through the countryside with six canvases in the bed of a truck. It was then that he was given his first identity: Giovanni Salvadore. The two managed to get back to Florence and they were fenced before the week was out. A slice of the profit was cut to the pair of them though the majority went to their commission, Julio’s stockbroker employer. However, having gotten a taste of both the excitement and the intrigue of breaking the rules, Stewart’s foray into the criminal underworld did not end there.

Some say, you can’t build a reputation in six months. Others would argue, a boy cannot become a man in twice that time. Stewart did both. Before long, he became associated with an array of different crimes, from his white collar specialities in forging, extortion and identity theft to the murder and mayhem that went along with more organised rings of marauding thieves. Needless to say, the boy certainly made a name for himself and forged a fair few others during his time on the continent. In the end, though, he had to follow in his mother’s footsteps and, after procuring information from Savino and Salvo, Stewart dropped himself down on a busy, rainy London street with an upturned coat collar and a tugged down hat. In London he established new contacts and, inevitably, made his way onto the Ministry watch list when they finally began to liaise with the Italians. Which way he’s gone since arriving in Britain’s unsteady climate, no one knows. In fact, it’s probably better we don’t know – then we’ll all be in for a surprise.



RP EXPERIENCE: A fair bit.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I have an apartment here.

MAIN CHARACTER: Elijah Krumbleweed.

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To wreak havoc, of course.


Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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HARDING, Stewart Brian Empty Re: HARDING, Stewart Brian

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat May 24, 2014 11:03 pm

He's good, Eli. I'll accept him as soon as this is on his account. Smile
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