CARRIGAN, Dexter Brian
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CARRIGAN, Dexter Brian

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CARRIGAN, Dexter Brian Empty CARRIGAN, Dexter Brian

Post by Dexter B Carrigan Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:48 am

CARRIGAN, Dexter Brian Kick-Ass-Aaron-Johnson_l



    FULL NAME: Dexter Brian Carrigan

    NICKNAMES: Goes by Dex. Also known as Duster, Dexturd, Poindexter, Loser, Dork...etc

    AGE: 17

    ALLEGIANCE: He is torn between the factions. He wants to be apart of one- or feels that he has to apply his abilities to one- but he has been hurt by people from both sides so he is not sure. Basically whichever one is kindest to him- or least terrible- is the one he will choose.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: 14 inches, unicorn tail, holly, inflexible

    PLAY BY Aaron Johnson


    HAIR COLOR: Dark brown

    EYE COLOR: Hazel

    HEIGHT: 6'1''

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Dexter is awkward and there is no getting around that. He is pale and skinny, too tall for his own liking. He has large hands and size 15.5 shoes, which makes him feel more awkward because it's near impossible to find shoes that fit him correctly; they either pinch or his feet slide around his shoes. He looks rather gangly and usually slouches or slumps to hope to reduce his size and to assimilate into crowds easier.

    Dexter's brown hair is curly and unmanageable, almost always left to its own devices, which usually result in chaos. Every now and then, Dexter will be told in one of his letters from his mother that he should cut his hair and he will oblige, though it does not always work out too well unless he can get to muggle London to have it done, which then leaves him looking like a pretentious git who thinks he is better than everyone. Deep down that is what he is, he is just too shy to publicly display that attitude.

    Dexter's parents took pity on him when he was fifteen and agreed to get him contacts. Unfortunately, he loses them daily and is reduced to wearing either his thick black horn rimmed glasses or circular, gold eyeglasses, both of which are incredibly dorky and incredibly embarrassing. He has a straight nose and plain lips. If some kind soul were to direct him, show him how to cut his hair, tell him to stand up straight, manage to help him keep his contacts and put him in clothes that don't look like they were from Napoleon Dynamite, Dexter could prove to be quite attractive. However...



  • Math and Science
  • Charms and Transfiguration
  • Trivia
  • Logic
  • Chess
  • Grammar


  • CoMC and Herbology
  • People and social situations in general, girls especially
  • Jolly ranchers
  • Allergies- most pet dander, grass, pollen, dust, dairy, chocolate
  • Bullies
  • Physical...anything


  • Jolly ranchers
  • Logic
  • Facts
  • Being respected- which doesn't ever happen
  • Chess
  • Reading


  • Being bullied- which always happens
  • Most people
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Anything he is not good at
  • Being underestimated
  • His headgear

  • To survive school
  • To choose a side in the wizarding world
  • Win every academic award available
  • Meet at least one person who wants him to be happy rather than successful

  • Jolly Ranchers- always has some
  • Headgear- his dad is a dentist so he wears headgear at night
  • Twitches- mostly in his eyes, though occasionally his hands
  • Grammar- Corrects people on their grammar, English, etc
  • Trivia- When not sure what to do, he spouts trivia

    BOGGART: A world where facts and logic can not save him

    PATRONUS: The last spelling bee he won where it was established he was no longer allowed to compete because of his abilities. His parents gave him a new microscope and his pet rat Duncan

    DEMENTOR: His Uncle Ted forcing him to confront some bullies... The next day they attacked him on his way to school and beat him up and forced him into a dumpster. He was not found until the next day and had to be hospitalized

    AMORENTIA: cherry, parchment, sterilized equipment

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Him surrounded by his parents, friends, and a girl who likes him for who he is.

    PERSONALITY: Dexter has never been a social master. When talking in front of people, he tends to freeze up and twitch, though he can stand shamelessly in front of hundreds of people and debate, spell, or create complex mathematical equations. A normal person's mind gets a few thoughts going and connect and apply them. A smart person's mind has multiple tracts where this happens, and the tracts line up and make insightful connections. A gifted person's mind has tracts that work like this at the same time, simultaneously creating and destroying worlds. Dex's mind is like a hive of bees, and each bee has a mind like that.

    Dexter has always been brilliant and does not seek to advertise it. He excels in his classes but does not suck up; he does not have the social skills for that. He studies when he does not need to, he reads up on all subjects, he tinkers, he does experiments, and he typically tries to stay out of everyone's way. He is the boy who skips a Quidditch match to try out an alternate recipe to a Draught of Happiness potion or to experiment with a mix between a Transfiguration spell and a Charms spell. Obviously, he is a prime target for bullying, which occurs on a daily basis.

    Dexter is not innocent in his situation. He is not bullied without cause. Unfortunately, his intelligence has convinced him he is superior to everyone and, though he is usually not one to share his thoughts, this sentiment does slip out now and then. He is quick to correct people's grammar and will spout trivia if he is unsure of what to say. All of this culminates into reasons that state he deserves to be messed with, something he is used to, but not at all happy with.


    FATHER: Donovan Carrigan, 52

    MOTHER: Nellie Carrigan, 50

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: Uncle Ted, 47

    BLOOD STATUS: muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: lower middle close - upper low class

    PET(S): Hairless rat- Duncan- Though bought from muggles, Dexter has charmed Duncan to live an extended life. He is seven years old

    BROOMSTICK(): Need I even explain that Dex finds Quidditch barbaric?

    A ridiculous amount of books
    A microscope
    A Chemistry set
    A muggle and wizarding chess set
    A ridiculously large store of jolly ranchers


    Early Years: Dexter was never the most popular, most athletic boy in school and it is very unlikely he ever will be. He was, however, always the brightest. A whiz at math and science with a knack for history, he was moved ahead not once, but twice, in muggle school. Unfortunately, this did not aid him in the least as far as social activities went. He was a master at chess, won the spelling bee seven years in a row, and received every academic award available.

    At home, he was loved like any only child, but had an enormous amount of pressure applied to him by the time he was in second grade. In school, bullying began around first grade. His parents encouraged him to continue to succeed despite the adversity, but the ever present Uncle Ted seemed to think the cure to his problems was to join a sports team. They tried everything and the closest they got to a fit was badmitton, but there were no school teams. Ted pressured the school board into creating one but, in the end, it did nothing to improve Dex's situation, and the team of one was disbanded mere weeks after it began.

    Hogwarts Years: Dexter's parents were leery of the concept of a magical school for him, but also recognized the fact that it could be a fresh start, a new field for him to excel in. He arrived and did not disappoint. He excelled in his work on Charms, Transfiguration, History of Magic, Potions, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. His theoretical work in Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, and Divination were far better than his practical work however. He found his own ways around his failings but could never seem to regain his confidence in those subjects.

    Magical students were no kinder than muggle students, and the continuation of his life as a bully's target continued on seamlessly once he entered Hogwarts. Dex instantly stood out as a genius and an overachiever, and immediately was ostracized for it; you know you are unpopular when the Hufflepuffs are teasing you. He earned an array of butt kickings (physically, he could win in a duel) and unkind nicknames that he could not pretend did not hurt. Usually he went about his way, head down, eyes averted, cheeks burning, and books clutched tightly in his hands.

    Towards the tail end of his Hogwarts years, the Order and Death Eaters began to realize that he could very well be of some use to them. As a schemer, trapper, spell creator, and informant. His mind offered so many possibilities that were not to be wasted. They both began their ways of recruiting him- subtle and not- but he mostly brushed off their advances, for fear of people. He began to realize that he would eventually need to take part in the wizarding war and that it was a waste to let his mind not take part.

    Whenever he neared a definite decision, however, a supporter of one of the sides would come along and begin to bully him and he made up his mind not to join and to try to engage the wooing of the other faction. In all honesty, he was looking for a place where he would be treated with respect and dignity, but he was learning that that did not come easily to the boy genius.



    YOUR NAME: Jackles!

    RP EXPERIENCE: two years now I think

    HOW YOU FOUND US: forummotion

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Now: Jack Dyllan, Skeeter Hudson, Elliot Cartwright, Simon McLaggen, Emmett Fisher, Peter Bellard, Marki Gordon, Naomi Quinn-Greyback, Reid Devereoux, Marla Higgins, Renny Handler, Piper Handler, Mikaela K Witte

    RP SAMPLE: You can't make me!!!

Dexter B Carrigan
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CARRIGAN, Dexter Brian Empty Re: CARRIGAN, Dexter Brian

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:56 am

Accepted and Sorted into Ravenclaw! (:

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