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GRAY, Gordon

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GRAY, Gordon  Empty GRAY, Gordon

Post by Gordan Gray III Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:48 am

GRAY, Gordon  Dane-dehaan



FULL NAME: Gordan Maximillion Gray III


AGE: Sixteen

ALLEGIANCE: Neutral for now.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor or Ravenclaw

CLASSES: Charms, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions,

WAND: Cypress, Dragon Heartstring, 11" + firm

PLAY BY: Dane Dehaan





BODY BUILD: Middling

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The first thing to notice about Gordan is an almost strange sense of being completely normal about him. It doesn't feel natural but rather tacked on with looks to him that would suit a general majority and not really himself. He often wears clothing that does not stand out, his robes are almost always up to code and he doesn't ever do anything different in terms of hair...or facial motions. He always keeps the same tacked up smile on whenever he talks to someone, and even that just feels unnatural.

His facial features are rather defined, but they do not truly overlap with each other in terms of standing out. His chin is rather broad and draws most of the attention from his face, which he often gets teased about if he hangs with the wrong people. His hair is rather short with a bland coating of brown that is almost always swept to the side to keep his bangs out of his eyes. His ears are also relatively big, but they are not very noticeable due to the fact they orbit close to his head rather than going out.

He has some muscle from experiences in climbing and doing numerous work that involved heavy lifting, but there isn't a lot of it for him to be considered intimidating. One noticeable thing about him however is his eyes, his eyes always seeming to be piercing everything he looks at. Whether or not it is someone he recognizes, it always feels as if he is trying to kill someone with his eyes.


TRAITS: Loner, Optimistic, Obnoxious, Disrespectful, Self Centered, Sly, Adventurous.

LIKES & DISLIKES: Gordan prefers time alone as one of his major likes, but he also has a strange plethora of different tastes as well. He enjoys being outside and looking for different types of adventures, much like a little kid would as they explored the world. Besides that, Gordan never really had an opportunity to truly discover what he likes. His dislikes however vary. He doesn't like manipulative or distasteful people and he doesn't like stuck ups. He always hates being in a large crowded area because he feels something unexpected always happens. There are a lot more to go on, but those are just ones that he oftens feels indifferent about in the next couple of minutes, so they aren't worth mentioning.

GOALS: Gordan simply wants to find a place he belongs in, the only two places he's ever truly been were in his home and at Hogwarts, he still has a lot to learn about people.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Often times, Gordan will brood about things like the meaning of life, how the world began, things like that. This normally happens when he's completely alone, as being around others requires constant brainpower.

BOGGART: A younger version of himself.

PATRONUS: Being told he would leave his home for Hogwarts

DEMENTOR: Falling down a tree and nearly dying in the process.

VERITASERUM: He can often read people very well, to the point where he usually knows where they're thinking. He's not sure if it's some sort of ability or if he's just good at reading lies.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Finding a grand adventure of his own and securing a name for himself.

PERSONALITY: Gordan is often depicted as a general loner, and for good reason. He prefers to be alone and actually feels bothered by anyone attempting to get to know him. Often times he will begin to insult the companion he is with if they stay for too long, his remarks rather cold to the touch. Beyond that, Gordan displays an overwhelming sense of optimism, he often would rather completely look at the bright side of a situation than consider any realities of a situation. He always believes he can get out of anything because of this attitude, which often gets him into trouble. He is considerate of others, but only to a point where it seems to steer the conversation away from him and towards others. Despite the general attitude he exhibits on a day to day basis, he deals with numerous doubts in his mind, often ignoring trouble in his own mind and shelving them off to the side. Because of this, he usually gets more quiet and will actually begin to ignore people outright.


FATHER: Gordan Maximillion Gray II

MOTHER: Renee Mary Gray (nee. Kline)

OTHER: Estranged family members living in France.

BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood


SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy (but he has access to none of the funds or privileges.)


Early Years: Gordan's early childhood was something he never really likes to talk about. He was born in a rather strange time in his parents life, his father had managed to make an architectural discovery that secured his wealth and had recently married his mother, who just wanted to have the benefits of being married to a rich man. Ultimately, they weren't very compatible and just ignored each other most of the day. They stayed together for both how they would look in a social standpoint and for the legal drama they would face if they tried to get divorced, they would both fight hard to secure the wealth. The first thing that Gordan can remember as a child was being taken to the local fair with a nanny that watched over him, confusing her as his mother.

As he grew older into his childhood, he began doing many stupid things to try and gain his parents favor. He realized they liked people who had potential for great things, so he would often try to find some dangerous feat to accomplish. Climbing up things that were too high and dangerous for him, coming up with new things that he and his parents could do, he even tried getting involved in his fathers work by digging holes all around the surrounding forest areas, trying to find something of remarkable value that would impress his father. Never worked however, they never paid any attention to him, instead deciding to throw more nannies and other servants at him. When he realized his efforts weren't taking place, he even had an idea to try and force his parents to listen. One day, he climbed a large oak tree in his backyard and sat on one of the branches for a few hours, thinking they would have to notice his absence.

The people who arrived however were just the staff in the house. His parents never even bothered to check. A few misplaced steps coming now and Gordan took a fall that nearly killed him, giving him several broken ribs and a nasty hairline fracture. That was the last attempt he tried to gain their favor, becoming miserable and depressed as time wore on. When the owl came that told him he would be going to Hogwarts, he considered this could be another chance to gain their favor. He would become a powerful wizard and ultimately prove his worth. With that in mind, he made his journey, practically alone, to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Years: First arriving at Hogwarts, Gordan made a complete mess of things. Classes were very simple to him and he managed to keep a decent grade, but in terms of being a socialite, he was a train wreck. He often made people mad and often got questionable gazes from everyone, even people of his own house. Whenever someone tried to help him, he would oftentimes just throw snide remarks their way without even realizing it. This time period was very difficult for Gordan, mainly because he thought things would change completely, that everything would become better in this new world of his. He felt incredibly betrayed by this sudden turn of events and became more withdrawn for the first year that he stayed there. Strangely enough, his studies never really faltered, but he never was really exceeding expectations either. By the time his second year started, he had started to make a few friends here and there, but they were manipulators, people who took advantage at his ignorance towards social attitudes, and often times used that to tease him immensely. Breaking off from them after a while, he became more bitter and less charitable towards others.

Introspection and time helped heal a lot of the wounds he sustained, and with the encouragement of some teachers, became more involved with help around the classrooms. He learned a lot on how to take care of himself and deal with dangerous situations that involved magic, every second he could spend went into this learning period. He never talked to anyone, and still had malice towards everybody he met, but he could at least learn from other people on how to prepare himself for the life ahead of him. Eventually, he became more confident about himself and actually started opening up to others with kind words, he at least managed to repair some of his reputation by apologizing to those he had hurt and even got a few perks along the way. Because these people respected him to a fault, they never really talked about him around others in a negative way. This helped secure a more shadow like figure for Gordan who often stayed away from others because he was too busy learning and studying. This didn't satisfy him however.

He experimented more with learning about who he was, where he could go without the necessity of his parents, and who he could truly become. This led him down a path of learning more about the nature of others, analyzing their movements and presence around others so he could try to mimic them. He got good at it, started using it for his own mannerisms combined with a rather cynical touch as well. It was odd seeing him in a good mood because he would be more likely to insult you slyly rather than say anything nice to you up front. The time spent pushing himself had paid off eventually, and people actually began to laugh at his attempts. Now hitting his final years in Hogwarts, he figured he should try to start making friends, for the more obvious benefits that came along with having a close associate. Now his new story begins as he tries to take the final reigns of control on his life.



RP EXPERIENCE: Years now, probably seven years now.

HOW YOU FOUND US: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To start roleplaying, no other characters to speak of. Except the other dozens that I made before, but that was also a while ago.

Gordan Gray III
Gordan Gray III
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Sixth Year Ravenclaw

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GRAY, Gordon  Empty Re: GRAY, Gordon

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:21 pm


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Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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