NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille
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NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille

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NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille Empty NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille

Post by Elsie Norton Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:09 pm

NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille Tumblr_m554gkdszC1r0aip7



FULL NAME: Elizabeth Lucille Norton

Elsie – the name everyone must call her because that is her name.
Elizabeth – the name her insufferably doting parents call her.
Bethy – by her brother.
Goddess Divine – the name she gives her loves to call her by.
AGE: Twenty one. January 1st, baby!

Claire Bishop
The Party

HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex-Durmstrang.

WAND: Birch, swishy, veela hair, 10 ¾ inches.
Birch  (beth) - for those born between December 24th and January 20th – although it has a reputation for weakness, in actuality birch is one of the finest Light wandwoods in existence. It is associated with both driving out evil spirits (and thus will produce a strong Patronus) and with healing magic.

Swishy – A swishy wand is more likely to bend to its user’s will, though the magic will not as strong. For Elsie, a fairly incompetent witch, she still struggles to coax magic from the spell.

Veela wands - temperamental like the creatures they come from, and are considered too volatile for a decent wand core in many circles. However, some wizards, particularly those with Veela blood, enjoy the boost it gives to outdoorsy magics, divinations, and Charms.

Ten and ¾ inches – longer than the average female’s wand, while not exceeding the norm, the best part of Elsie’s wand is the length which provides a nice balance. That had not kept her from dropping repeatedly it on several occasions, however.

Elsie is not a strong witch, partly because of natural abilities (or lack thereof) and lack of effort in school. As such, strong magic comes out only when her wand acts up. This means she often lacks control over powerful spells, and sometimes fails to cast at all. She had gotten better at every day spells.

PLAY BY: Leighton Meester


HAIR COLOUR: Long brown hair that has a natural curl to it.

EYE COLOUR: Very dark brown.

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Fairly tall for a woman, though not too much above average.

BODY BUILD: Slender.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Elsie is undeniably a pretty woman. She is taller than most females, with tanned skin from the sun. She is slender with fairly muscular limbs from her time in the gym. She had a toned core, with curvy hips are a noticeable bust. Her hair is dark brown with natural curls, especially towards the bottoms of her shoulder length hair. It naturally lightens and hightlights the more time she spends out in the sun. Her face is rather angular and she carefully maintains her beautiful eyebrows. Her eyes are dark but always alight with excitement. Her sense of fashion is changing constantly, wearing cute dresses one day, then revealing leather outfits the next. She sometimes pulls her hair up but typically prefers to keep it down. She sometimes freckles after long periods of time in the sun. Her voice is relatively versatile in pitch, usually fluctuating between low and high in her American accent. The one constant of her voice is its full volume.


+Intuitive – about people, not situations
+Wonderfully deceptive for the right reasons

-Flirtatious to a fault
-Resistant to standards of etiquette
-Often inattentive
-A tad spoiled
-Subpar magical abilities
-Curious to a fault

+Benjamin Norton
+Claire Bishop
+New York City, New York
+Big cities
+Muggle nightlife
+Having money
+Meeting new people

-Performing magic in front of people
-Following instructions
-What carbs do to her thighs
-Magical high society
-Her graduating class / classmates from Durmstrang
-Bad hair days
-Long winters
-Cold days

1. Party.
2. Meet men.
3. Not have to work.
4. Continue working with horses.

1. Never wears an outfit twice in a week.
2. Adds mashed avocado to her shampoo.
3. Always roots for a sports team, even though she doesn’t follow sports.
4. Quirks. See also : Elsie Norton

BOGGART: Losing Claire or Benjamin. Her Boggart, however, comes in the form of either of them taking her wand and breaking it.

PATRONUS: The day she moved into her New York apartment, completely surprising Claire. The look on Claire’s face was so happy that it helps her manage a Patronus. Her Patronus is a horse.

DEMENTOR: This day.

VERITASERUM: That the American Death Eaters are currently after her.

MIRROR OF ERISED: If Elsie were to look into the Mirror of Erised, she would a figure vaguely like herself, with a thick fog swirling before the glass. She doesn’t really know what she wants.

PERSONALITY: Elsie is generally considered loud and obnoxious. She’s not the brightest bulb, but she often shocks and surprises with her random bits of insight. She seems to see through the bull that people try to express and perceives the honest truth. This probbably has a lot to do with her honest natures and her inverse ability to deceive easily. She can see the difference between a lie and the truth very easily. What she cannot see, however, is the line between honest and rude. Elsie typically says what is on her mind, even if it is not appropriate - it usually is not appropriate.

Elsie considers herself a very loose person. Though high energy, she just likes to have fun. She adapts to situations with ease and loves being thrown into a strange situation. Routine is mundane to her. She prefers chaos to order, cacophany to quiet, and messes to tidiness. Her morals are typically considered loose, as she was always brought up to be a lady, but never brought up to believe that it was the right thing to be. She is fairly sexually active (a fact she will often brag about, thank you), likes to drink, and has tried a drug or two in her time.

Elsie is fiercely loyal. Being a friendly person with very few people near her for most of her life, Elsie craves the company of others. When a friend is made, a friend is kept. When an enemy is made, it is typically kept, unless the person in question can coax Elsie's pride into forgiveness. Being a fairly silly, fun-loving person, Elsie does not like disliking people unless some fun can be brought out if it.


FATHER: Gavin Norton, 54.

MOTHER: Natasha Norton, nee 50.

SIBLING/S: Benjamin “Benji” Norton, 28.

Claire Bishop – soul sister.
Julianne Short, nee Norton. Aunt, through Gavin.
Gabriel J. Short II. Uncle, through marriage.
Gabriel J. Short III. Step-cousin.
Gabrielle Short. Cousin.

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood.

SPECIES: Party-animal.


Her pureblood Arabian horse, Dante, back home.
Her owl, Lenora, with her.

optional.  magical artefacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


Early Years: Elsie is an American girl, born and raised. She was born into a halfblood family that  had earned themselves a fortune… by inheriting the money of their ancestors. Her parents, Gavin and Natasha, had never had to work very hard for anything. Both had come from money. Gavin’s family owned a highly successful law firm, and Natasha’s family had just always had money, so she had supplanted her already handsome income with the prize money she got from her equestrian competitions. Gavin met Natasha when he was twenty four and she was twenty. The two immediately appreciated each other for their charm, their appeal, and their compatible incomes. Within a year they were engaged. They married and had Benjamin Norton.

Benjamin was a naturally intelligent boy who was given everything his heart desired. So not only was he spoiled, but he was clever enough to remain charming to continue getting his way. Armed with intelligence beyond average, an appealing face, and the culminate fortune of several lifetimes, Benjamin found that he was very bored. High society did little to stimulate or challenge him, because everyone was eating out of his hand. His parents tried for years, but it was not until he was seven years old did they deliver a challenge that would continue to frustrate and enrapture Benjamin for the rest of his life.

Elsie was born Elizabeth Lucille Norton. She was fussy, emotional, and the love of her family’s life. Her parents adored her, of course, but it was her brother that became her biggest fan. After the private tutor excused him for the day, the boy would spend hours in Elsie’s nursery, talking to her, playing near her, or just watching her.

Schooling stole Benjamin away from her too quickly. Elsie was only four years old when her big brother bravely announced that he wanted to go to Durmstrang for its more expansive knowledge base. His loving parents obeyed, as they were prone to do, and he went away. For the most part, Elsie felt like an only child. She was tutored but never had much of an interest in her studies, always preferring the outdoors and exploration. Life was lonely, because her parents owned a large estate and she rarely had people her own age around. She often trailed after the gardeners and the housekeepers and the stableboys who maintained her mother’s stables. She liked to let the horses loose in the pastures and then run around among them until she was berated. She enjoyed climbing over the fences or slipping through them until a maid dragged her back inside. And every time she misbehaved, she was rewarded with her mother tearfully asking what they could do better, and then being promised a new toy or a new pet or a new something when she did behave.

The summers were especially wonderful for Elsie, because it was then that her brother visited. He was the one to coin his sister with the name Elsie, a name he called her only in private, after she revealed that she hated how stuffy Elizabeth sounded. He also called her Bethy when he was either very upset with her, or very happy. The summers were full of horseback rides, long swims, secret trips, star gazing, climbing, adventuring, putting on plays, and watching her brother perform magic when he wasn’t supposed too. Benjamin was a powerful wizard, even from the get-go, and Elsie was thrilled by him.

By the time she was able to go to Durmstrang, she had worked up in her head how wonderful it would be to go to school with her brother, failing to realize that he would not be attending. As her parents calmly re-explained graduation, Elsie began to resist, informing them that she did not need schooling, especially since her magic had not even shown itself yet. She claimed she preferred to be home with her family, but she eventually had to concede. Even Benjamin was against her. He said he would rather be parted with her so she could learn. Heartbroken, Elsie left for Durmstrang, now a family allegiance, certain she would fail.

Durmstrang Years: Elsie was not sure what to do without Benjamin. Her entire life, she had been used to either being alone, or being surrounded by people who knew her and lover her. She was not used to being treated with indifference. She was also not used to being laughed at, which was what happened in her first few attempts to make friends. As far as she knew, she was the only non-Russian speaking people in the school, and she was certain others were often talking poorly of her. She was not getting anywhere trying to be soft-spoken and kind… so she decided if she wasn’t going to make friends acting like someone else, she would rather not make friends being herself.

The young girl began speaking up in classes, always in complete ignorance, and said whatever came to her mind, if only to spite the stiffs who refused to be honest to her. She became a huge annoyance to pretty much everyone, gradually becoming the black sheep of Durmstrang, though she never tried to amend her status. All of the professors who had been expecting a female Benjamin Norton immediately wrote her off a failure. One girl in particular despised her, a girl her age named Claire Bishop, until they were paired together for a project. They kept the pairing after agreeing that it was best to give Claire the control she needed while Elsie cheered her on. Somehow, friendship blossomed, and Elsie never found a reason to seek another friend or act anything but herself.

Classes continued. Elsie continued to barely pass. Claire became a great assistant to her as the blonde girl’s morals loosened and she became more willing to let Elsie copy her work. Elsie went back home during the summers to spend time with her family, but as they all got progressively busy, she found herself more and more alone. She began inviting Claire over for long periods of time and the girl became more and more sister to her. Her parents, brother, and everyone who worked on the estate adored the polite Bishop girl. The two girls did not make many friends, preferring the quiet company of each other. As they got older, Elsie began breaking rules. The two girls tried their first cigarettes in their dormitory together (immediately deciding against them), tried their first beer, their first drink of hard liquor, attempted to pierce each other’s ears – all of it. With a partner in crime, who needed anything else.

It was Elsie’s idea to go to the party that changed it all. Robin Ivanov was gorgeous, so she could not blame Claire. Things changed when they began dating – they now had popular friends. Elsie knew right from the get-go that the girls and boys of Ivanov’s illustrious clique, but she played ignorant for Claire’s sake, not wanting to jeopardize the relationship that meant so much. Elsie did like Robin, finding she understood the wild side that Claire did not quite understand. She watched Claire become challenged and grow as a person. It was perfect. Too perfect.

Elsie never considered the time spent with the popular kids a waste. Claire had changed only slightly, becoming more and more Claire rather than the opposite. And two of the girls in the group had helped Elsie pick up her grades so she was just as average. She graduated with decent grades and her best friend. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but she wasn’t too worried – with her fortune and her connections, she could find a job.

Adulthood: During the first few weeks of summer, while arrangements were being made all around her for her friends, Elsie quietly found a job in the American Ministry as a secretary, where she knew Claire would be working. She found Claire’s housing information, forged some signatures, and sneakily moved into the apartment before her blonde counterpart could. Claire was thrilled when she moved in and found her best friend already sprawled across the living room, boxes overturned everywhere. The girls were excited for New York.

Where Elsie was a social pariah at Durmstrang, she found she thrived in the fast-paced environment of the Big Apple. Elsie spent many a night clubbing, with or without Claire. The weekends featured her friend, but on the weeknights when she needed to loosen up, she went out with her cousin Gabby. Her job was simple and easy, and she spent most of her time collecting gossip. She always felt free to pass along information to Claire, and found that she could often get more power and information by simply alluding to the information she already had. She’s hooked up with several higher ups in the Ministry and often uses the connection for her benefit.

When Claire was reassigned to the U.K. Elsie was eager to follow, but her love for New York made her falter. She stayed for a few months, apparating on occasion to spend time with her friend. However, without Claire to keep her in check, she soon cranked up her business of “networking” and finding out the gossip that could ruin careers. It was all fine and good until she found out that the American Head of the Magical Law Enforcement was the head of the American Death Eaters - though the information, at the time, hardly seemed to lend to that conclusion. It was enough to make her their enemy. It came as no surprise to anyone but the girl when Elise walked into her old apartment to find it on fire, full of strange men. The real blow did not come until she found that one of the assassins was Nash Stewart, the man she had fallen in love with. She barely escaped, managing to avoid all injuries save for that of a broken heart. She’s planning on surprising Claire once again.




HOW YOU FOUND US: I patiently waited for true love to find me.

MAIN CHARACTER: Jaquellene “Jack” Dyllan

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Claire + Elsie = Soulmates.


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Elsie Norton
Elsie Norton
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Durmstrang Graduate

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NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille Empty Re: NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille

Post by Elsie Norton Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:06 am

Complete. *shame*
Elsie Norton
Elsie Norton
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Durmstrang Graduate

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NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille Empty Re: NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille

Post by Elsie Norton Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:50 pm

Hi guys! Just a reminder that this is done. I put in the ADHD thing and then it struck me that that might go against the rules on disorders and whatnot, but it's a family trait of mine so I have a lot of experience with it, and I was trying to show that Elsie does not just act obnoxious or anything, but that she lacks control over some of her actions. If you guys still think it's too sensitive of a topic, I'm totally okay with taking it out. I'm just itching to write as her. haha
Elsie Norton
Elsie Norton
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Durmstrang Graduate

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NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille Empty Re: NORTON, Elizabeth Lucille

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:10 pm

Hey, Jack,

I think Elsie is a strong character, but then I would expect nothing less. I'd prefer you not add the adhd thing, even though I know you could do it justice.

However, in this particular case, I think its more of a hindrance than a help. I think Elsie is strong enough as she is, without you needing the adhd as a device to justify some of her compulsive behaviors. Most of us have some sort of compulsion in some way or another, whether its a caffeine addiction or an inability to avoid chocolate, or some other thing. I think she's honestly going to be a better character if you leave the adhd thing out.

And, yes, I want to see her on the boards too! I like her!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Post by Elsie Norton Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:00 pm

All edited! Totally understand.
Elsie Norton
Elsie Norton
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Durmstrang Graduate

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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:32 pm

tis all good, then.

accepted and sorted to grads!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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Post by Elsie Norton Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:54 pm

Elsie Norton
Elsie Norton
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Durmstrang Graduate

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