Some Nights - Phase III
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Some Nights - Phase III Li9olo10

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Some Nights - Phase III

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Some Nights - Phase III Empty Some Nights - Phase III

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:06 am


So I'll Drive So Far Away That I Never Cross Your Mind
Nemo can't save himself anymore. So Jack does what
she can to save him. Even if it means potentially
destroying every good thing that she has going for her.
What choice does she have?

I Clothed Myself In Your Love
Jack returns to her home, a home that no longer houses
her best friend, Nemo Omara. Somehow, though, it does
not feel like home anymore.


Breaking Point
Jack runs into an old... friend from Hogwarts. She ends
up revealing all that has been plaguing her soul and he
suggests they take down the Ministry. It seems to be the
start of a beautiful friendship. ft. Albus S Potter

Move On, Move On, Before They Move On By
Jack discovers she will be taking care of her six year old
niece. She reconsiders the whole living-on-her-own,
seeing as money is tight and she knows nothing
about children.


We Should Live Until We Die
Jack moves into her new home at 1324 Layabout Lane, and
finally meets her new flatmate. ft. Maximus Morrison

Jack picks up her niece and soon finds that maybe this
whole child-rearing thing won't be so terrible. ft. Sunny


Albus' life is becoming more and more complicated, and
who should find him in his tormented state other than Jack
Dyllan. ft. Albus S Potter

Making A Stand
When they said they were taking down the Ministry, they
meant it. ft. Albus S Potter and the Rebels.


Reckless and Dangerous
Jack discovers that Max knows how to fly. Hilarity ensues.
ft. Maximus Morrison and Sunny Dyllan-Thomas.

Company is Always Desirable
Albus promised that he would try to resist the darkness
attempting to consume his soul. So why Jack spotted him
dining with one of the most lethal Death Eaters in the
country, Jack has no idea. ft. Albus S Potter and
Katrina-Carlotta Du Hunt.

Oh, And Just One Other Thing...
Jack demands answers and receives lies. Odd
circumstances lead to Albus singing her a song and her
being forced into a nice dinner with him. But at least they
were back on their way to being close friends again. ft.
Albus S Potter


Embracing Truth
Jack has nightmares. Max cures them with cocoa. ft.
Sunny Dyllan-Thomas and Maximus Morrison

Picking Up The Newest Troublemaker
Charlie Dyllan moves in because, frankly, she has nowhere
left to go, and who better than her long-lost cousin? ft.
Charlotte Dyllan.

Standing Through Storms
Jack decides to start a collection of teen werewolves. ft.
Toby Cooper


When Your Demons Return
A boggart gets in and the little family bonds over hiding
from their fears rather than facing them. Snuggling
accidentally happens and things seem pretty nice - until
Jack wakes up on the wrong side of the closet and the
little family faces their first fight. Jack storms out without
much explanation. ft. Maximus Morrison and Sunny

The Battle No One Planned
It is the night after the boggart attack. Jack wanted to blow
off some steam, but not like this. In her attempts to save
students, Jack causes the death of Alexis d'Eath. She is
shaken and goes to the Ministry to solve the mess of the
battle. ft. Alexis d'Eath and ensemble of Death Eaters and

Murder at the Ministry
Jack arrives at the Ministry in time to witness the murder
of Charlotte Topez.Despite her attempts, she cannot save
her. She explains what she can and heads home before
she is blamed for the murder herself. ft Charlotte Topez
and Death Eater ensemble.

Believe Me, I Can't Believe Myself
After a hellish night, Jack returns home, covered in blood
and exhausted to the bone. She pleads with Max to trust
her, come what may. She feels very foolish about their fight
the night before. ft. Maximus Morrison


The Almost Date
Jack goes to dinner with Albus Potter, because she owed
him a favor. She surprises herself and has a nice night. ft.
Albus S Potter

Playing for Keeps
Jack and Robin Ivanov are on the same team - but no one
got that memo. The two fight for the affections of their
personal fan bases, which causesa lot of inter-team fouls.
Whoops. ft. Robin Ivanov, Audriana Swan, Maximus Morrison,
and Sunny Dyllan-Thomas.


Broken Strings
Albus has something to get off his chest, but it's not
something Jack is ready to hear or handle. Katrina-Carlotta
arrives in time to further drive a wedge between the two,
and to heap more guilt upon Jack's already burdened
shoulders. ft. Albus S Potter and Katrina-Carlotta du Hunt.


Ready to Reboot
Fred Weasley spots his old friend drowning her miseries
(and herself) in pints of Firewhiskey and quickly reads
enough into the situation to send her off to his cousin. She
receives less than a warm welcome from Albus but manages
to leave him a memento to remind him that she cares. ft.
Fred Weasley II and Albus S Potter


Eis Estate
Jack has snapped. She's run off with Sunny to have
herself a merry little Christmas. Sunny, however, is less
than amused, and quickly calls upon Max to save her.
Max and Jack both have to face the reality that Jack is
anything other than okay and that they have a long road
before them. The important this is, though, that he got her
to come home. ft Sunny Dyllan-Thomas and Maximus

Just What Friends Do
Part of Jack's recovery includes facing those she had
unresolved feelings towards. She discovers that Albus has
gotten himself in trouble and decides to pay him a visit. They
have a difficult discussion, and Jack knows things are not
going to be hamburger dinners and happy plans of revolution
anymore. ft Albus S Potter

A Wonderful Christmastime
Jack is starting to get well again, and all in time for
Christmas. Sunny gets everything her heart desires,
Charlie is feeling more at home, the in-laws are on their
way, Gabby makes a surprise visit, and Jack and Max are
sort of starting to feel like they might actually be friends. ft.
Sunny Dyllan-Thomas, Charlotte Dyllan, and Maximus Morrison.

Claire Bishop brings Max tidings of marriage, and the two
discuss how best to maneuver these strange territory while
Jack grumbles and Sunny eavesdrops. ft Sunny
Dyllan-Thomas, Maximus Morrison and Claire Bishop.

Dark Waters
Michael Tremaine gives Jack the opportunity to save the
world by offering her a job as an Unspeakable. Planning
begins and hope rises. ft. Michael Tremaine.

Heist Is Such an Ugly Word
Inspired to be more pro-active than that blonde twig, and
fueled with typical Jack rage at the government, Jack
employs the help of Max to steal some files from Ana
Levski. Unfortunately, Max runs into Claire while doing so,
and Jack walks in on the two of them having a pleasant chat.
What she doesn't realize is that they are discussing a
potential proposal that could take place at any moment.
ft. Maximus Morrison and Claire Bishop.

Civil Communication
Jack meets with the head of the rogue werewolf pack to
discuss terms. He is hearing nothing from the mouth of
a human. ft. James Blood

I Bring You Tidings of Good News and Responsibility
Jack and Fred bicker via owlmail over who will hold the deed
toWeasleys' Wizard's Wheezes. Spoiler alert : Jack always
gets her way. ft. Fred Weasley II


Night Out At The Three Legged Pony
Gabby's such a great friend that he picked up his best
pal, got him drunk off his arse, and then took him back
home. Jack wakes up to an... interesting turn of events.
ft. Gabby Short, Maximus Morrison, and Sunny Dyllan-

Helping the Halfbreeds
It's New Year's, and already plans are being made for the
year to house and educate the hald breeds recently
evicted from Hogwarts. ft. ensemble

And So It Begins
You've never had job training quite like this. ft. ensemble

I Won't Just Buy You a Rose
So... Jack and Max get married. YOLO. ft. Gabby Short,
Charlie Dyllan, and Sunny Dyllan-Thomas.

Jack and Max are forced into a honeymoon type
situation. Things get a bit heated... with a vicious
game of Candyland. ft. Maximus Morrison

You Were Supposed To... Not Be Here
Happiness go unchallenged? Of course not!
Mere days after Jack marries, she runs into
the boy, now a man, who first awakened her
heart. ft. Ariel Greyback

We Were Almost Friends Once
Coincidences collect. Jack runs into Ariel's best
friend and they chat. It's actually sort of nice,
really. ft. Oliver Connolly.

Where Do We Go From Here
Albus spots Jack Dyllan with her wedding ring. A bit awkward,
yeah? Heated words, however, cool whatever hurt that was
left behind. And are they really back on the subject of
Ministry upheaval? ft. Albus Potter


Of Badgers and Snakes
Simply put... no one insults Jack Dyllan's husband. ft.
Sebastian Sinclair and Maximus Morrison.


The Dinner Party
Max innocently invites Claire to dinner and Jack not
so innocently invites Fred. Discussions of marital
bliss turn to the two singles. The wager is set, the
bluff is called. Is there another marriage coming? ft.
Claire Bishop, Fred Weasley II, and Maximus Morrison

Taste of Hope
Jack had made headway in her research about James
Blood. And just in time. Pregnant Khaat Lupin has
just been reported missing. ft. Michael Tremaine

The Battle for Khaat Lupin
Jack successfully leads a team in to recover Khaat
Lupin. Not only is the woman and her newborns safely
rescued, but no one is seriously harmed, and Jack is
able to deliver an ulitmatum for James Blood. The hunter
becomes the hunted. ft. ensemble

Occupational Hazards
Jack returns home after the hellish battle, looking like
hell. Hopefully, Max won't notice. ft. Maximus Morrison


Checking In
Jack goes in to check on the only injured of her crew from
the battle for Khaat Lupin. When she leaves, mischief
happens. ft. Henry Yewbeam and Lily Luna Potter

Revision vs Procrastination
Jack helps out an aspiring fan. Awww, how sweet of her.
ft. Natalie George.

The Perils of Gingers and Flesh Eating Slugs
Jack runs into a friend that she could never forget. Only
problem is, he seems to have forgotten her. ft. James Potter


Butterflies, Bees, and Filthy Cockroaches
A family outing is soured when Sunny turns up missing
and is recovered in the hands of one Felix Barker. Jack
has not forgotten his deeds, nor can she forget how mercy
once weakened her before. She makes him a promise he
will not soon forget. ft. Felix Barker, Sunny Thomas-Dyllan,
and Maximus Morrison

A Multitude of Septembers
Archer Dyllan-Morrison is entering Hogwarts, and his
parents could not be more proud. He, however, is not
sure how to feel. ft. ensemble


Laurie and Jo
Jack just wanted to come by and make sure she and Albus
were cool and things get a little... heated. ft. Albus Potter

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Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Some Nights - Phase III Empty Re: Some Nights - Phase III

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:01 am

Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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Some Nights - Phase III Empty Re: Some Nights - Phase III

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Fri May 16, 2014 4:37 am

Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 10287
Special Abilities : Occlumency
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