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POTTER, Lily Luna

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POTTER, Lily Luna Empty POTTER, Lily Luna

Post by Lily Luna Potter 1st gen Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:48 am

POTTER, Lily Luna Tumblr_m9nbarANt21rtqgyv



    FULL NAME: Lily Luna Potter

    NICKNAMES:  L.P. by Casey

    AGE: Seventeen years of age

    The Potter-Weasley clan

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor.
    “Ah, a Potter, I see. I’ve had a lot of Potter-brains in the past few years. Your father was an interesting sorting, though I’m sure you know. No? Hmmm, very curious. You know I gave him a choice?”
    “A choice? I didn't know."
    "If I'm allowed a choice... then I want to be in Ravenclaw.”
    “A Potter who does not want Gryffindor? Why, I’ve never heard of such a thing.”
    “I want to be smart, and I don’t want to hear how I have my mother's eyes or my dad's hair or their flying ability or her- I want to be different.”
    “Alas, I can listen to your reasons, but I’ll never be able to be completely swayed. You are clever, I see it, and I see your unwillingness to step out. I see a work ethic, and I see desire – I see a lot of desire. But it’s not power or reputation or control you seek, is it? You don’t consider yourself brave, do you? You’re not even sure what is right or what is wrong!”
    “-Sigh-. Nevertheless, I see what House will challenge you, which House will accept you. I’m sorry, Lily Potter, but you will have t accept your fate as a GRYFFINDOR!”

    CLASSES: DADA. Potions.

    WAND: Hawthorn, Mooncalf Tail hair , eleven inches, bendy

    PLAY BY: Astrid Berges-Frisbey.


    HAIR COLOUR: Black, long, messy hair.

    EYE COLOUR: Dark brown.

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Between average and tall.

    BODY BUILD: Scrawny. Too skinny.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: "You look like a drowned pup."

    Michael Lyle's words always haunted Lily, and ever since that throwaway comment of his back in third year, Lily has always seen herself as a drowned pup. She's tall-ish and scrawny, with all of her joints protruding and poking out of her clothes. She doesn't have many curves, but looks rather stick-ish. Her black hair refuses to curl and refuses to lay flat, so it hangs in messy strands all around her face, reaching down her back as though trying to grasp her small waist. She has both a prominent chin and prominent, high cheekbones. Her eyes are dark, deep brown, and typically hide underneath her large, thick eyelashes. The most noticeable feature about her are her lips - pink, pursed, plump, and feminine. Her lips are the only aspect of herself she's incredibly fond of - however, with more urgent matters in her head, she typically doesn't consider her appearance much.

    She wears what she can find. There's a lot of hand-me-downs from older cousins, and she went through a phase of stealing clothes from both of her brothers. Her combinations end up coming out a little grungy, but she does not really try to replicate any style. She will occasionally don a dress, but she typically prefers pants and baggy shirts, especially flannels.


    +Critical Thinker
    +Deft hands
    +Lovely singing voice
    +Memorizes easily
    +Healing spells

    -Misanthrope - typically
    -Easily frustrated

    +Casey Weasley
    +Spontaneous Trips
    +Tying knots
    +Her American school
    +Classical music
    +Her brothers' jackets/sweaters

    -Most people
    -The marriage law
    -Britain, currently
    -Her lycanthropy
    -Popular kids
    -Malfoys - they started it
    -Being compared to her family
    -Too much time on her own
    -Opening up
    -Loud noises

    GOALS: Lily does not currently have any goals. She's just trying to survive the best she can, graduate, and figure something to do for the rest of her life.


    BOGGART: That Albus or James would find out she is a werewolf and has been lying to them.

    PATRONUS: Her tenth Christmas was especially good. James got a broomstick, Albus got books he particularly wanted, and she was given Jag - a belgian sheepdog puppy.

    DEMENTOR: Her mother's death.

    VERITASERUM: She's a werewolf. Only Teddy, Casey, the Ministry, and school officials know. Her brothers don't know, neither do her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To feel normal.

    PERSONALITY: Lily's a tough cookie to figure out. She's a lot more sensitive than she would like people to know, but shows very little. The only people she tends to open up to are Casey Weasley (little is left unsaid here) and Teddy Lupin (and even with him, she holds a few secrets.) She likes to think of herself as smart, but she's of average intelligence - she just finds time to think. Her thinking typically delves much deeper than people of her age, but she's also been through a lot more than most people her age.

    She's very uncertain with herself. She's not sure if she's a good person. She's not sure if she should be proud of being a Potter, or if she should resent it. She's not sure where she fits in, or how she fits in. She has absolutely no idea about what she wants to do with her life. She rebels because that makes sense somehow. Stealing cigarettes brings her chaotic mind peace. Sneaking out to sit in trees with Casey slows her rapid breathing. She feels like she may be crazy, and she only feels normal when she acts crazy.

    Though she tends to withdraw from people, she's a bit of a lonely girl. Though she would never admit it, she is morbidly curious about this marriage law and what poor sucker is to be paired with her - this is the only reason she will not fight the law. She has not had boyfriends, but would not consider herself inexperienced. She has kissed one boy before, and has a worldly knowledge beyond that. She'd consider herself a romantic, but a twisted one. She wants a companion, but he does not need to be conventional.


    FATHER: Harry freakin' Potter, deceased

    MOTHER: Ginny Weasley, deceased

    James Sirius Potter
    Albus Severus Potter

    OTHER: A whole mess of Weasleys, Lovegoods, and Longbottoms.

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood.

    RACE: Werewolf

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class-wealthy.

    Jag, her belgian sheepdog. He remains with Teddy.



    Early Years: Harry Potter died year after Lily Potter was born, so she never knew her father. Of course, she knew of him. She knew very much of him. Somehow, knowing so much of him but never knowing him was so much worse. The constant comparison were the worst, though. It was these that hurt, these that annoyed and these that ended up defining how Lily felt about her father.

    Ginny : Lily, come in here... This is Michael Corner. Michael went to school with your father and I.
    Michael : Hell, Gin! She's beautiful. How old are you, Lily?
    Lily : Six.
    Michael : Did anyone ever tell you that you have your dad's hair? I mean, yours is longer-
    Lily : Someone told me that. Everybody told me that.
    Ginny : Lily.
    Lily : What?
    Michael : And a spitfire, just like her mum in school-
    Lily : Shut up! I'm Lily! I'm not Harry. I'm not Ginny. I'm not Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, I am Lily!
    Ginny : Go to your room, Lily. We'll talk later. I'm sorry, Michael, she's not normally like this.

    Ginny and Lily never did get along well. Though Albus was the shy sibling, Lily was the one who most lacked a relationship with a parent. Teddy took care of her, and she clung to him. Casey and Sawyer Weasley, her cousins, often frequented the house as well, and Casey became her closest of all of the cousins, since Lily felt as though she had a hand in raising her.

    Lily's magic did not appear until she was eight. She had gone to a public school, like her siblings, behaving like any, normal kid, and Sawyer often brooded to Lily that she might not having any magic at all. The magic appeared when Lily saw a cat capture a mouse. Suddenly, the cat let out a yowl and was covered in boils, allowing the mouse to run free. Sawyer immediately tattled, and everyone was relieved to find that Lily had some sort of magical ability in her.

    Hogwarts Years: Lily entered Hogwarts the year her mother died. She was sorted into Gryffindor, though she considered herself to be meek. She made friends, mostly among the female population of the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Being the sister and godsister of James Potter and Teddy Lupin (respectively) was difficult, because people expected her to be funny and talented and strong-willed. In an act of rebellion, she tried to be none of those. She ignored those who made familial connections and went on her own way.

    Her years at Hogwarts all seemed to bleed together. It was a constant cycle of taking a lot of sh!t from people who wanted to compare her to her parents, people attempting to relate her because she was 'interesting', or people who wanted to push her buttons for the sake of seeing how she would respond. She typically refused to rise, and would suddenly act out when unprovoked. She was soon found herself very familiar with detention.

    Lily was not every considered particularly talented in one way or another. However, she did develop a talent for speed in her earlier years at Hogwarts. She ran every day, getting faster and faster. In everything she did, she was quick. She was not much of a Quidditch player, but she was a fast rider. In duels, she moved quickly, stepping and slashing with ease.

    Despite this blessing, tragedy struck again, the summer before her fifth year. Lily and Casey, feeling rebellious, snuck from the family home to go camping. Their camp was attacked in the night by a rogue pack of werewolves. Casey managed to scramble up a tree and, for all Lily's speed, she could not outrun the pack, and she was attacked. It was only because Casey had the nerve to yell at the wolves and throw burning pinecones that Lily was not killed that night (the girl had been in the middle of making a fire when the attack occurred, which meant her pockets were stuffed with pinecones). It was Teddy who found them, and Lily made him swear never to tell her brothers of the incident. She did, however, beg the family's permission to transfer to Salem Witches' Academy (she felt as though she could not face her peers.) Casey begged to go as well, as she felt partially responsible for her cousin's predicament.

    The girls began attending the school, and Lily found relative peace there. She continued running, and Casey accompanied her on full moons - with Wolfsbane in her, Lily was barely a dog. She was content where she was - then the marriage law came into effect. As a British citizen, she had to obey. Casey did not want to be stranded in America alone, so the two girls returned to Britain, to find that their world has descended into chaos.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Jackles


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Clever response

    MAIN CHARACTER: Jack Dyllan

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: We need Weasleys and Potters. No one seems to want to love my other characters (you can delete Jude. Maybe Penny and Darcy too - we'll see with the marriage plot). I needed a new plaything.


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Lily Luna Potter 1st gen
Lily Luna Potter 1st gen
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POTTER, Lily Luna Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna

Post by Lily Luna Potter 1st gen Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:49 am

Could an admin change her name to Lily Luna Potter? It won't let me, as the username is already taken.
Lily Luna Potter 1st gen
Lily Luna Potter 1st gen
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Post by Lily Luna Potter 1st gen Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:04 am

Lily Luna Potter 1st gen
Lily Luna Potter 1st gen
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POTTER, Lily Luna Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:02 am

I do like her. It will be interesting to see where she shapes up with the site plots!

Accepted and sorted into Gryffindor.
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